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Top Dispersed Camping near Wardensville, WV

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Planning a dispersed camping trip near Wardensville? The Dyrt provides you with a diverse selection of places to camp, from dispersed backcountry camping to boondocking, and everything in-between. Find the perfect dispersed campsite for your next adventure.

Best Dispersed Camping Sites Near Wardensville, WV (20)

  1. Camper-submitted photo from Shenandoah National Park Dispersed Sites — Shenandoah National Park


    Shenandoah National Park Dispersed Sites — Shenandoah National Park

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    Bentonville, Virginia

    Shenandoah National Park has 196,000+ acres of backcountry and wilderness and over 500 miles of trails to explore. Backcountry camping is, by its very nature, a primitive experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty and challenge of Shenandoah's wild side. Before you head out on your trip, however, be sure that you understand all of the information below so that you'll be prepared to safely discover a brand new world beyond the pavement!

    All sites are within 5-8 miles of Skyline Drive, starting from mile 21 in the North District. All are near creeks (runs) and completely undeveloped. Check with the Visitor Center for permits and camping regulations within the park. Many, but not all trails, allow dogs.

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  2. Camper-submitted photo from Little Fort Campground
  3. Camper-submitted photo from Veach Gap - GWNF - Backpacking Site
  4. Camper-submitted photo from Dolly Sods Backcountry


    Dolly Sods Backcountry

    11 Reviews
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    Red Creek, West Virginia

    Stay on designated trails. Do not create new trails Camp at existing campsites. These usually have a fire ring and show bare ground around them. If you camp at a place without a fire ring DO NOT create one. Use a backpacker-type stove for your cooking needs and enjoy a night without a campfire.

    Map: The 17,371 acre Dolly Sods Wilderness in the Monongahela National Forest is part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. It is located in Grant, Randolph, and Tucker Counties, West Virginia. The Dolly Sods Wilderness contains much of the Red Creek drainage and contains bog and heath eco-types, more commonly typical to southern Canada. Elevations range from 2,500 to over 4,700 feet. For more information, see Dolly Sods Wilderness Brochure, Trail Map, and Expansion Map.

    Practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics: do not build a camp within 200 feet of roads, streams and trails. Dolly Sods Wilderness has 47 miles of trails, many of which follow old railroad grades and logging roads. There are fords on some of the trails that may be a problem to cross during high water events. There may be additional small stream crossings as well.

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  5. Camper-submitted photo from Edwards Run Wildlife Management Area


    Edwards Run Wildlife Management Area

    2 Reviews
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    High View, West Virginia


    Primitive camping is provided as well as parking, a pit toilet and trash cans. Get your DNR permit and enjoy a day in the woods.

    The 397-acre Edwards Run Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is principally forested in oak and hickory though it includes approximately 17 acres of brush and scattered clearing. Deer, squirrel, and turkey are the principal species hunted in the management area. Edwards Run, a tributary of the Cacapon River, accommodates fishing for trout and is stocked from February until May. Six primitive campsites with pit toilets have been developed in the management area.

    Directions: Edwards Run Wildlife Management Area is located in eastern Hampshire County two miles north of Capon Bridge, WV. To reach the area from Capon Bridge, follow highway US-50 to WV-15 north.

    Edwards Run WMA is managed by the W.Va. Division of Natural Resources. It was formerly known as the Edwards Run Public Hunting & Fishing Area.

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  6. Camper-submitted photo from Switzer Lake Dispersed Camping


    Switzer Lake Dispersed Camping

    8 Reviews
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    Brandywine, West Virginia

    This colossal lake is a sight to behold. The surrounding forested mountains appear to just drop into the lake, making for scenery reminiscent of majestic paintings by the late Bob Ross. The lake should be checked during migration and winter for waterfowl. At other times of the year, it could host great blue and green herons and, on occasion, a bald eagle or osprey may drop in to pick out a bass for dinner. The neighboring hillsides are heavily wooded and host many woodland birds. Pileated woodpeckers can be heard as their loud raucous call reverberates across the lake. American goldfinch twitter overhead and ruffed grouse and wild turkey stalk the roadsides. Careful exploration is sure to reward the butterfly enthusiast; tiger and spicebush swallowtail, question mark, silver-spotted skipper, and American painted lady have been spotted here. There is little reason to doubt why they frequent this site as Black Eyed Susan, milkweed, wild columbine, and Queen Anne’s lace abound.

    Note that because this lake serves as the main water supply for surrounding towns, swimming and gas motorboating are prohibited. Camping is restricted to areas further down Skidmore Fork Rd/Switzer Lake Rd with less accessible sites past the second river crossing. Be sure to secure any food overnight as black bears are known to frequent campsites in this area.

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  7. Camper-submitted photo from Gravel Springs Hut — Shenandoah National Park


    Gravel Springs Hut — Shenandoah National Park

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    Washington, Virginia

    Gravel Springs Hut is 0.2 mi south of Gravel Springs Gap and another 0.2 mi down

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  8. Camper-submitted photo from Squirrel Hollow Road Camping
  9. Camper-submitted photo from Canaan Loop Road Dispersed


    Canaan Loop Road Dispersed

    6 Reviews
    16 Photos
    150 Saves
    Davis, West Virginia

    Recreation areas with activity Dispersed Camping: There are 7 dispersed camp sites Along Canaan Loop Road.

    Camping Tips Bring drinking water; otherwise, treat water from streams and springs before drinking to kill harmful pathogens. Vigorously boil local water for at least three minutes, or use a filter which is specifically labeled for removal of Giardia. Chemical treatments (iodine and chlorine) are not considered effective. Freezing temperatures and snow can occur anytime of the year, but mainly between October and April. Dress for the weather. Practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics: do not build a camp within 200 feet of streams. Light weight camping stoves are encouraged. If using firewood it must be dead AND down branches only. Keep fires small. During hunting seasons, hikers are encouraged to wear high visibility clothing.

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  10. Camper-submitted photo from Zepp Mountain Dispersed


    Zepp Mountain Dispersed

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    Maurertown, Virginia

    Many people enjoy the solitude and primitive experience of camping away from developed areas and other campers. Dispersed camping requires extra responsibilities and skills.

    Keep a pack-in pack-out camp. Amenities like water, restrooms or trash cans are not provided.
    There are no fees or permit required for dispersed camping in small groups. Group size is limited to no more than 10 people in a designated Wilderness.
    Camping stay is limited to 21 consecutive days.
    Please camp at least 200 feet from any stream or other water source.
    Contact the local District Office to see if any restrictions are in place.
    Use a good map to ensure you are not on private land.
    Be bear aware: keep a clean camp and keep food out of reach of bears.
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