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Nice Camp Sites at the very back

Camped here a few times over the years..most of the sites are very open with no privacy but if you go right to the back on the right there are a couple of sites off the road and the back is the mountain..36 is a good one.

But its a wonderful place to stay anyway.

A few years back me and the wife did the trek up to the viewing place..its a really rough climb so be fit..but the scene provided was breathtaking..wonderful

Nice and always available

We have camped at Alder Dunes a few times, its seems to be one of those places that always has at least a couple spots available even  at hiliday weekends

First time i camped here i had just moved to Oregon and against the advice of my wife ( a native Oregonian) decided to take off Friday on a Labor Day weekend to camp at the you can well imagine it was a 6 PM we pulled into Alder Dune ( had been on the go since 10 am)..and lo and behold they had a spot. to the highway but the dense vegetation dulls the roar.

Some nice trails, grounds well kept..the sites themselves are very varied you can get a huge comfortable site the same price as a squeezed in horrible one.

Mostly good

Family Friendly

As mostly a mountain camper i have one to this wonderful place once a year early July with my kid and her friends.

 Its a large sprawling campground..loops along a central entry road( which some goobers high from the dunes go way too fast). The staff are cool and the camp sites a good bit more private and large that up 101 at Beverley Beach.

 Good wood and good firestarters available at the welcome center, Its a great place for kids..just a short hike to Lake Woalink..which during the day has boat/canoe/kayak/paddle board rental..its not as good as before though..they also do sand board rental as this state park has the biggest and best sandboard dune.

 This is a VERY busy and noisy park but after 10 PM it quietens down..and i used to do midnight tours of the lake..were to my kids excitement we found turtles and salamanders in the flash light beam. A great park for young families

Quiet but near Florence

Largish( for a Forest Service camp) campground just north of Florence. Its just far enough off 101 that there is very little noise from the road. I got a really nice cozy private tent site on the C loop..the other loops looked to be more RV type ones. It was pretty quiet and had a nice hiking loop around the beautiful creek. Had a nice time later watching the bats do aerobatics catching their dinner at sunset..there is a large open space which makes this fun. Nice park, had not been here since my kid was a toddler..good memories

The Silence of Crashing Waves

A drive to the top of Cape Perpetua and a jaunt down to the Visitor Center is one of a view most breathtaking. Traveling down the cliffside in the summer, a crazy amount of flowers can be seen. This park is beyond serene.

Convenient Glamping Spot

After camping at damp Olympic National Park campgrounds, we decided on a more southern spot last year. Honeyman has become our go to camp ground for late-summer car Camping with the kids. The weather stays sunny and warm longer than the northern regions of Oregon/Washington coast. Nice amenities including hot showers - which are a welcome convenience after spending the day playing in the dunes ( Sand cookie anyone?). The sites are relatively small but fit our two large tents and cars. The kids enjoyed roaming in the forested stretches between the camp grounds. Best of all, the dunes and lake are a short walk away.

So Luxury

Every creature comfort possible. We stayed in a bayside RV site. Beautiful views. The pool was amazing, our kids loved the kids playroom. We even had a big dinner gathering with family in the event room. Not a single thing we would change. Fun had by all. Definitely will be coming back

Family fun

Great campground for the family! Lots to do and places to explore. Easy drive to the beach, walk to the lake for a swim, head to the sand dunes for some fun.

Restful and Relaxing

This RV resort is beautiful, very peaceful and convenient to all the activities of the Bay Area. Check-in was quick, easy and polite with an escort to your site and assistance in setting up if needed. The park is clean, quite and offers several amenities, indoor pool, exercise room, laundry room and delivery of wood, ice etc, to your site.

So...Whales live in the Bay and everything else doesn't matter.

Bullards Beach State Park, just north of Bandon, OR, is another massive RV parking lot. And if that is the kind of camping you do, you'll love it. If you tent camp, probably not so much.

But…a pod of Orca Whales lives year round in the Bandon Bay which is walkable out of the camp which makes the reality of the park irrelevant. A POD OF ORCAS!

There are actually three known pods but two of them migrate for a big part of the year. However, the third has learned that the bay is a great place to feed. The odds aren't always in your favor to see them so close  in the bay (one local told me he hadn't seen them in four years), but sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you get into a staring contest with a California Grey Seal while sitting near the lighthouse on a melancholy afternoon, and when he or she decided the game is up you turn around and see five of the biggest fins you've ever seen. You may think to yourself, "Wow, those are some big f@#king dolphins!" before you realize what you are seeing.

The campground has all the amenities. Hiker/Biker sites have REI sponsored storage boxes with USB charging station. There are hot showers, and a Welcome Yurt with donation based hot coffee and tea until 8pm.

Wildlife is abundant. Despite it's location near town there are regular bear sightings. Birds flit about, and some of those birds may be gnats and mosquitos that have just taken steroids. There are also red ants, which considering how sandy the ground is are good to look for before pitching camp.

The Hiker/Biker area has shared fire pits and picnic tables, shade cover and no established sites. The main campground area is big, and some loops are literally just fields. Stick to the outside of a loop if you want a tree in your site.

The campground is fine. It's fine. It will be fine. And none of that matters because you could see a whale. The opportunity to see a whale takes this from a three star to a 4 star. Plus nearby Bandon has a great coffeeshop, some cool art, and the beginning of the glorious Oregon Coast starts getting even bigger, and even beautiful-er.

Amenities include: 

  • Hot Showers & Flush Toilets.
  • Welcome Station with hot coffee/tea
  • Storage Boxes & USB charging stations (Hiker/Biker)
  • Bike Racks
  • Kids playground, Adults playground with "bags" or "cornhole" depending on your region.
  • Active ranger programming with a nightly class, Saturday/Sunday group bike rides and organized hikes.

*Pro-Tip 1: Bandon Coffee has good coffee, and a great staff who will make you feel at home.

**Pro-Tip 2: There is a lighthouse out by the beach/dunes. It looks like a lighthouse.

***Pro-Tip 3: Plan to spend some time wandering the coast on the Bandon side of the bay. That first three miles of coastline is beautiful and has numerous spots to have a picnic lunch.

At the top of the hill. Small and overlooked.

Umpqua Lighthouse Campground is on top of a hill, which would make sense since there is a lighthouse there. If you are hiking and biking you may not want to make the effort choosing to stay at the bottom of the hill at the crappy RV/Tent camp in the wind or just keep going in either direction to a campground on more level ground, but that would be a mistake. Make it up to the top, and you'll be rewarded with an out of the way, minimally populated camp tucked into the trees just past the lighthouse, and with trails, wildlife and brand new bathrooms and showers.

The Hiker/Biker Camp is just past the entry to the camp, down the trail towards Lake Marie. It has three different areas leveled off with shared storage boxes, fire pits and picnic tables. Each little clear is open to itself but nicely private to the other clearings so if you're traveling with a small group you can take over a whole area if you choose. Unlike most of the other Oregon State Park campgrounds there were not REI branded charging stations or bike tools, but the camp hosts let us plug into their outlets as needed.

They were just finishing the building of brand new bathroom/shower facilities while I was there, but even the portable set up they had was one of the nicest ones I've seen in a campground. Deer were wandering about, and there was plenty of bird watching. 

The main campground area was divided into a loop and straight line stretch. Sites varied from open with privacy trees to entirely shaded. Despite it being a weekend during the summer the camp wasn't full, and it was easy for travelers to pull in and grab a spot.

Walk down the hill to the Lake Marie Trail for a quiet trip around the small lake. A few benches were found along the lake making great opportunities for relaxed reflection or a glass of wine. Shooting off from the LMT were trails out to the Umpqua Bay and the ocean side beaches.

Amenities include:

  • New Bathrooms & Showers
  • Fire pits & Picnic Tables
  • Trails
  • Storage Boxes
  • Firewood for sale.

Oregon State Park Hiker/Biker sites cost $7-8 

*Pro-Tip: There is a really windy, less cool campground at the bottom of the hill near the entry to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. Go up the hill. It will be worth it. Even if you've been hiking or riding all day. It is better.

The people make or break this place.

I camped here twice this year. Once in June in the Hiker/Biker area, and again in July in a regular site. The experiences couldn't have been more different.

Hiker/Biker is fairly segregated from the rest of camp. The access point is actually before the entry to the main campground itself. My first visit left me surprised at the beauty of the camp. It feels like it is in the wilderness despite being less than a few miles from Florence's cool Old Towne.

The trees here are big, and the ground cover lush with ferns. The trails are canopied by Rhododendrons. Nature paths lead off to Cleawox and Woahink lakes. Sand dunes abut the west side of camp. They seem endless, and otherworldly. At Cleawox Lake day use area there are paddleboats, boards and water toys for rent by the day or hour. Sand boards are available from a temporary space set up in the day use parking area. 

On my first visit the entry Ranger station was closed but the Welcome Yurt was open. Maps, advice, firewood, a lending library was available. 

Honeyman Camp is huge. When I was there in early June it made for a lovely exploration, and seemingly great spaces between campers. In late July the vibe had completely changed. Each of the several hundred spaces was occupied by a seemingly large family with 5 kids to every adult, or 25 belligerently drunk RV campers who felt the need to blast Fleetwood Mac. 

That second visit, in the main campground, made it very clear that your experience here will depend on the quality of people choosing to stay in the same park. All the amenities were the same, but despite it's size, a campsite with stereo speakers set to full boar are hard to ignore even when you're on the other side of camp. Now multiply that by several campsites per loop.

One thing of note: Each campsite is issued a set of rules, including "Quiet Hours". Unlike some other sites in which hosts ignored those rules in an attempt to avoid confrontation the hosts here were on top of it. For as obnoxious as the camp was at 9:45pm, by 10:15 it was silent, and we were able to enjoy the remains of a campfire and view of the stars in the slight clearing between trees.

Amenities include: 

  • Flush Toilets
  • Hot Showers (free and some without having to keep pushing a button!)
  • Picnic tables & Fire pits
  • Welcome yurt
  • Kids playground
  • Access to lakes and dunes (Bear sitings on the path to Woahink Lake in July)
  • Nature Trail

*Pro-Tip: Stop in Old Towne Florence and buy some fresh fish or get a coffee at the local roaster.

Another good KOA

Plenty of tent/RV sites as per KOA fashion. They offer deluxe tent sites with water/electric. Fairly cheap for Tenters like myself. The campground itself is nice with tall mossy trees characteristic of the area. Pool and hot tub are also available for guests. Camp store is well stocked. They offer breakfast for $8 Sat and Sunday. Camp store also sells icecream. Laundry and showers are clean and the common area has a pool table and Jukebox. Port Orford is down the road for most any need.

Great place!

Clean campground with open sites. Easy walk to bay! Beautiful sunsets

Great family campground

Great service and a great location, this place has it all

Great sites

Site #9 Smallish site but has good access to the river. Good hammock trees Good tarp setup

Site #8 Looks much larger and overlooks river

3.5/5 - not bad for a quick getaway

The website was not kidding about not following the directions through Google Maps. The last 9 miles to the resort was really trying - the roads were narrow, twisty and winding. If you are probe to car-sickness, go slow. I took extra precaution and dabbed essential oils on myself and my children.

Our pull-through site was in the Upper Marina, #22. If you have an extra canopy for camping, I'd suggest you bring it. It got really HOT when we were there. The good news is once the sun sets behind the trees, around 6pm, it makes eating dinner at the picnic table so comfortable and cooling.

My husband and children perused the bathroom/shower facilities which was just across from our campsite. He said it was spacious - a shower + private bathroom + sink setup and wide enough for a family.

Access to the swimming beach/boat launch is just a short 3 minutes walk. You just have to exercise caution because you will be crossing a main road (cars and big logging trucks rumble along often enough during the week).

The swimming (sandy) beach is cosy (read: tiny). There are no lifeguards on duty but enough trees offering shade for parents/families to sit back and keep watch.

You would have to drive back 5 minutes down the road to visit the Lodge for supplies or ice. The Lodge also provides some light refreshments* (deli sandwiches and ice-cream).

Our site offered full hook-ups including cable (limited channels). WIFI* was a disappointment though - we had to create an account for a complimentary hour of WIFI usage every day. Together with the zero cell reception, it renders us completely off the grid. It's great really to totally relax your mind and body but it is worrisome for that what-if's scenarios.

*Ice-cream was very pricey for the single not-generous scoop in a plastic cup that we bought for each of us. Because of the steep prices and WIFI availability (you have to pay if you want to get connected), I could only give a rating of 3.5/5 stars.

Otherwise, we had a great time at the RV resort. The sites are appealing for huge family reunion (we witnessed such a reunion during our trip). We will be back! 😊

We are a family of 4 (2 young boys with no pets). We traveled with a travel trailer.

First to Review
Asphalt Parking Lot with minimal RV services

Elks Lodge 357 has asphalt parking with 30AMP and water only. No swear. No wifi. 

From Elks Lodge 357 web site: State Association Edit VHP Elks Home> Local Lodges> OR SOUTH CENTRAL District No. 7480 Lodge Facilities Lodge Rv Spaces 5 Electrical and water RV spaces and up to 8 or more dry camping spaces. On Site Dump Station. Also Hi Speed Wireless Internet. FCFS Donation of$15.00 per day. We do not take reservations for RV spots but generally we have space available.

Home like

For being walking distance from the busy little town of Bandon this place is was a gem. The owners are incredibly kind and accommodating. Also very very dog friendly, which is huge for us! Bathrooms were spotless and stocked with everything you could need! For those who partake, there is a lovely little smoking shack for Cannabis use . Our van fit perfectly in the spot designated for vans right next to two little tent sites! If we weren’t on a schedule to get down the California coasts we would have stayed another night!!!


This was a beautiful place. The deluxe yurts made a really easy first camping trip for my husband and kids. The downside is there’s only 2 restroom locations and 1 shower location for the whole park and marina. There was a couple of portable potties, too, thankfully. The swim beach is small and the water is muddy, but the kids loved it. We rented a boat from the marina and spent most of one day on the water. Every single staff (office, marina, etc) here was so pleasant to interact with - that was awesome! Such a pretty, quiet and nice camp.

Close to everything!

Awesome campground. Close to the beach had bike bath all the way to the beach and lighthouse. The campground also held a bike parade around the whole park and different activities each day.

So fun!

This park is small and spaces are tight but my family and I had a blast! Caught about a dozen fish in the lake! Nice one mile trail around Lake Marie, perfect for my dog.

Love Powers

I’ve grown up going to Powers every year to camp and now I take my son and he loves it also. There’s so much to do like, fishing, swimming, hiking, big playground, or just sit and relax around your peaceful camp spot. Always clean and great people.

Some sites are small

Some of these spaces are very small. We had to camp in a different space than the one I reserved because it was so tiny it wouldn’t have fit more than 2 people. The bathrooms were clean and the camp host was very nice.

Great campground

Nice hike to the beach Close to Florence Close to the OHV Park Close to some fishing too

Nice spot for the night

Dunes are close so lots of atv peeps. Since they have trailer them out you don’t have the noise that you get at Riley or Horsfall. Overall a nice park and a good spot to set up if you want to hike, swim, paddle or ride atvs.

Good surprise

We snagged a one nighter here on a busy holiday weekend. We got a really great site with two levels, lots of trees and privacy. The grounds are well kept and it’s plenty quiet. There are lots of trails around to hike and we can never get enough of the OR coast views!

Pretty good if you don’t mind crowds

We snagged a no-show site here on the 4th of July. The grounds are well kept and the bathrooms/showers are really nice. There is a pretty lake trail and lots of recreation in the area. We had a nice night for the most part but it definitely wasn’t our style. Too many people, sites too close, lots of noise, lots of rvs and atvs. To be fair, it was a holiday weekend but I don’t think we’d like it much more if it wasn’t. If you have kids or an rv, it would be great. If you’re an adult and like to have some quiet time, not your spot.

Awesome and quiet!

Private but nice because they have a no radio rule. Right on the lake. Clean showers for $1/8min. Small kiosk onsite. $25 dry camp. Very nice area and much more private sites than the county site down the road. Highly recommend!

Sand, driftwood, rocks and small Lilies?

Great place to camp, go for a walk with whole family. Collect rocks and driftwood. Access to public bathrooms, rv area and dining areas.