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Cross country camper

The worst KOA we have ever stayed. Very unprofessional and rude staff, no hot showers, weak wifi, in the middle of a run down mobile home park. Will no ever stay there again.

Holland Lake Campground

Holland Lake is in a beautiful setting with mountains, creeks and lakes. Nice camping spots for most all size vehicles. No electricity, sewer or water hook ups, There is a dump site and standing toilets.

Beautifully tree'd picnic area + frisbee golf

I'm only giving this area 3 stars because I have never seen anyone camp here before, and I'm not sure you can camp here. It is one of my favorite places to have a picnic though. A quick drive from Missoula. Nice and quiet, despite the frisbee golf course. And if you're into frisbee golf then that is a major plus!

Tent camping at RV Park

We planned on tent camping at Lola Creek campground but we were a weekend too early. It wasn’t open yet! Down the road there was an RV Park and they were very nice and allowed us to set up our tents near the river. It was stunning!

Priest Lake Living

Wonderful campground with private spots. Each one has a picnic table and fire pit. Room for campers and/or multiple tents. Group space is large enough to accommodate multiple tents with a central fire pit. Also has camping in the forest near the creek. There is a boat put-in, too, for those with larger watercraft. Not far from Elkin’s Resort if you need a happy hour or warm meal. Enjoy!

Cute and convenient

Missoula, MT

Jim&Mary's RV Park

Great RV park on Hwy 93. Some highway and train noise. Very convenient. I paid $50 for a back in.

Beautiful campground with shade trees and lots of flowerbeds. Wonderful bathhouse, clean, well maintained. Nice laundry room. Wah $2, dry .50 per 5 minutes. Adjoining lounge with TV and chairs. Free wi-fi and cable. No generators, no charcoal grills or wood fires. No tents. Pull thru and back in spots. Good amount of space between sites

 Nice green area behind sites. Really nice sports field, balls available. 

Cute and convenient

Missoula, MT

Jim&Mary's RV Park

Great RV park on Hwy 93. Some highway and train noise. Very convenient. I paid $50 for a back in.

Beautiful campground with shade trees and lots of flowerbeds. Wonderful bathhouse, clean, well maintained. Nice laundry room. Wah $2, dry .50 per 5 minutes. Adjoining lounge with TV and chairs. Free wi-fi and cable. No generators, no charcoal grills or wood fires. No tents. Pull thru and back in spots. Good amount of space between sites

 Nice green area behind sites. Really nice sports field, balls available. 

Ranger Review: Acai Berry Liquid IV At Quartz Flat Campground

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When traveling through Montana there is a portion of the state which suddenly opens up in such an inviting way as the National Forest and Mountains start to give you the first glimpse of the upcoming PNW environment.   Tall trees welcome you and on a cool fall day the crisp air produces  a beautiful fog over the mountains.

Campground Review:

As I entered into this section of the 2 million acre LOLO National Forest I initially pulled into a rest area to make lunch only to realize that the exit point for the rest area was actually also the shared entry point for the Quartz Flat Campground.

The immediate sense of comfort abounded as large campsites became visible as I drove down the entry and the opening of the 2 loops welcomed me in with open arms.   Sites were well shaded and had ample ground to spread out and get comfortable for a stay from a day to 14 days at only $10 a night or $5 for those with the Senior Access pass.

I was very surprised when I noticed that Loop C was designed for smaller RVs, Vans and Tent campers and Loop A was designed for larger units which required pull through entry.    There was attention to detail for any possible traveler, something which commonly is not considered in design of National Forest campsites.

But far beyond the size this started to reveal to me that it was not your typical campsite on National Forest land for many other reasons.    There were both vault toilets and flush toilets at the location scattered throughout camp and drinking water spigots available at central points.

For tent campers the forest bed offered a lush and soft pad for set up and with sites being quite large there was a tranquility which came from camping here.  All sites were equipped with fire rings and tables but a select few were the location of bear boxes.    After leaving Yellowstone where each site had a bear box this was bit confusing to me as to why there were limited bear boxes but this did not deter me.

Additionally there is a dump station and trash collection at the Loop C entry point, very uncommon for these type of sites.   There also was a trail which began on the C Loop and traversed 1/2 a mile with information available at the main road with free brochures.

Departing this loop, I thought I had seen it all, but boy was I wrong!!  There was an entire other campground on the opposite side of the highway, accessible by a tunnel which passed under the highway itself.  This campground near mirrored that of the A & C Loops however appeared a bit closer to the highway.


  • If you are visiting this campground make sure you bring everything with you, there is no store nearby for a quick stop.
  • Check dates of closure for this campground.   When I arrived there were signs posted at the pay kiosk of closure beginning September 16th.    

For More Information About LOLO National Forest CLICK HERE

Product Review:

Upon occasion I am given the opportunity as a Dyrt Ranger to try out some amazing new products along my adventures.   For this trip I was able to try out the Acai Berry Liquid IV, a unique product which offers hydration multiplication for those who are needing a little pick me up.

How Does It Work?

Hydration multipliers work in a very interesting way.   Through adding a concentrated amount of electrolytes to your regular water they are able to make a single water hydrate your body as much as 3 waters of the same size.     The CTT technology used by Liquid IV is unique to the brand  and allows glucose and sodium to move differently in the body.  

In simple terms, if you don't drink enough water regularly, if you add Liquid IV to your intake, it allows your body to feel like it actually is getting enough water.

How Do I Use It?

Use is simple!! Servings are prepackaged and can be added to water of any temperature.    Simply tear the top, scissors not needed, and pour then shake!  I personally like adding it to hot tea in addition to plain water for a little punch of flavor.

How Does It Taste?

The Acai Berry flavor is a light flavor additive which allows you a subtle punch of flavor,   Unlike many drink additives it does not have a chalky taste and when it is fully dissolved you have no textural discrepancy from a standard water.   It just tastes like something other than water…lol

Does It Really Work?

I have been trying Liquid IV for a few weeks and have noticed a definite difference when using it versos not using it.    The product allows your body to not feel the signs of fatigue on a strenuous hike and allows you to stay hydrated, preventing muscle cramps, profuse sweating and heat related fatigue.

When using on a standard day of light activity your body just feels more energized, despite not being an energy supplement.    

I would recommend using this product for your day to day, especially if you struggle with consuming the recommended amount of water regularly.   For those who participate in strenuous athletic activity this is a game changer much better than Gatorade or Powerade.

Great Overnight Stop or longer

Campground is found driving thru rest stop and follow signs. 1st loop you will have some train noise if they’re running but drive thru 13’ tall culvert to other side for quieter spots. Has dump, water fill site, and hosts at each loop. Nature Interpretive Trail. $10 night for sight with concrete pad, table, fire ring/bbq grate. Discount with National Parks Access Sr or Disabled or Military. We then traveled onto Pallisades Falls near Bozeman Mt

Clean and well maintained

Our first time to Flathead lake. Spots were booking up quick around the lake. Found this gem, got a spot reserved for Labor Day weekend. The park is very clean and well maintained. They will pick up your trash daily. Very quiet. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because they told us there is excellent WIFI throughout the park but the site we were in (spot #14) was too far away from The repeater. So I had to walk over to the park to send a work email. But do we really need WIFI camping?? You can’t have a fire in your own spot but they have several community fire pits stocked with wood that you can use. Nice park for the kids to play. The restaurant had amazing food. The spot across the highway for the lake was also well maintained. Incredibly clear and gorgeous water. We rented a pontoon boat from the rv oark and explored the lake. The boat rental for a whole day is equivalent to a 4 hour rental near Spokane. Great prices. Will be going back yearly.

Can’t be reserved

Very nice campground all sites paved but the sites can’t be reserved whole campground is a first come first served basis so if it is a planned stop try to get there by noon.

Airplane camping

Great backcountry airstrip.  Easy to catch cutthroat and solitude.

Adult, very clean

Living in the area we have little use for a campground in Missoula, but we used this one and found it to be very nice, very clean and the people were very friendly, if we are in need of it again, it's nice to know we have somewhere to go.

One of the best sites on my toad trip

I meant to crash here one night on my way from Glacier to Yellowstone but it was so beautiful I stayed an extra day.

Most of the sites are along the water, but seem a little close to one another. Fortunately, the woman at the gate told me about sites T1 and T3. They are both walk-in sites at the end of the campground (50ft to T1 and maybe 300ft to T3) and are SO worth it. I stayed at T3 and could not recommend it more. It’s large, you get nearly 100ft of private lakeside, plenty of sun but also enough trees to provide shade. It’s just spectacular. The only draw back is that the tent site is a bit sloped, but that’s it. Everything else is magnificent. I set my hammock up over the edge of the water and just read all day with a couple dips in the lake here and there.

Truly one of the best campsites I’ve ever had.

Good spot on Seeley

Camped the last week of June here and it was one of the only places that had availability. The fee was 10 bucks and it was a nice facility. The beach and boating area was well maintained, and great for my son. The camp spots were a bit small but had a fire ring and potable water was every few campsites. Bathrooms were vaults but fairly close as well. Campsite maintenance had the wood from cutting stacked near each spot, so you could use it for fire wood. Nice spot and would recommend.

Do You Like Spash Back?

After a week in MT, we were looking forward to getting to a more established campground but this wasn't it. This campground is pricey at $33 a night, smaller, and just did not have any amenities that you would think comes with such an expensive campground. 

First, it is located DIRECTLY next to a train track that is BUSY. We had no less than 6 trains run by the night we were staying and it was incredibly loud. If that didn't bother you the highway noise wouldn't either…

The campground is located next to a river that you can swim in and if you need to rinse off, this is your only option. Otherwise, it isn't very wooded and the high dry grasses located in the park make it a fire risk. It didn't look like there were any burns recently but it was a consideration on whether we made a fire or not. 

Also, there isn't plumbed bathrooms at this park and the pit toilets were clean but full. VERY FULL. 

Overall, you can skip the park and the price and move on down the road.

Perfect Home Base for Exploring

This is a first come, first serve campground with pit toilets and the standard set up. We found it to be perfect for tenting and set up mid week, having the campground almost to ourselves. We were told the weekend could get busy but while we were there maybe 5 people were in the entire campground. The area had a recent burn but plenty of big trees still existed to camp under. Not far off of 90, this is a great spot. The camp hosts were friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help. The plus, it was $7 a night! We were told it would go to $15 next year but this is still a bargain.


With all of the great options available, this wouldn't be my top pick but it would be an emergency overnight option. This campground is nestled on BOTH sides of 90 with a bridge underneath the road to get to the other side. It is accessible through the rest stop. Because it is literally at the rest stop and directly next to the major hiway, I would avoid it unless it is a last minute stop.

Perfect stream side campground

Just 5 miles off of I-90, this small stream side forest service campground offers you a shady retreat to rest for the night. Pit toilets, fire rings, and tables are standard here but the campground's real charm is sitting next to the stream where you can relax to the flowing water or fish. There aren't many spots here but we didn't have a hard time just pulling up and snagging a spot.

Great staff

Booked a premium tent space for our tent trailer but the space for it was too small for it and our vehicle. Upon acknowledging the issue at the desk, the ladies had a simple solution at no extra charge and made accommodations very easy for us. Facilities were clean, staff was extremely friendly and helpful, they even remembered my sons name the next morning while my husband and he went to get coffee.

Beautiful River View

This is a great place to get away for a few days with the Clark Fork River right below. The road in is gravel and nicely maintained. This is a dispersed camping area with no tables, or metal fire pits, but there is an abundance of rock-lined fire pits of previous campers,  and there is only one vault bathroom.  We have visited this place a few times and finally camped one night in our tent.  The campsites are shaded by Ponderosa pines and a few Douglas firs. There were some rafters in the water when we visited in July, 2019.

Not a destination

This koa is right in Missoula. We stayed here traveling through which it has showers and laundry room which was great, however the WiFi was horrible and the campground it self is surrounded by neighborhood/ trailer park. Spots are crammed so close together and was expensive for what you got in return. Definitely would not stay here unless you have too.

Jelly stone joke

The roads in the park are awful. Staff are very rude like they don’t wanna be there. Pool is not heated. Putt putt golf course old with rotten wood and holes are all ruined. Need about 20 foot of sewer hose to reach the sewer drain. Will not return to this park.

Spacious and beautiful

Entry fee is $12 per camp and gate closes to get back in at 10pm

I have camped here multiple times by tent and always enjoyed my stay. The camp spot at the very end of the road is by far the most private and spacious spot.

All of the camp spots are close to the river and have easy access to bathrooms and trails. I have camped with 4 tents in one space and still had room for more.

Great spot to stay

Bombs Away!!

Bombs away describes the one and only draw back to our visit, and a funny one. Pine cones dropping on the RV. Were the squirrels tossing them? I had to wonder 🤪

A quarter mile down the road that crosses the river is a grove of Western Larch, also known as tamaracks. The oldest tree is 1000 years old (see photo). Watch for signage and a tiny parking lot on the left. More:

The campground backs up to the lovely Clearwater river with water lilies. Paved. Water spigot. Put toilets. So quiet, we planned to stay one night and have been here 3 so far. Feels like home… barring those pine cones that drop and scare the daylights out of me…

Seems perfect, but a couple big design flaws

Gorgeous part of the national forest, and the lower five campsites are gorgeous and creekside. Big downer- the 70mph highway is a stone’s throw away and every passing car seems pretty impossibly loud. If this were right next to town I’d consider coming back, but for an hour’s drive I’d expect something quieter. Also the upper sites are packed into a tiny ring and in plain sight of one another.

Out of the way hiding spot

 Great little hidden gem. Just a handful of spspots to camp but absolutely beautiful!!

Private campsites, peaceful even on weekend

Plenty of open sites M-Th, even during the summer. Sites are close-ish together but very private because of the tree cover. The creekside sites are especially lovely.

Pretty Spot

This is a free campsite, we stayed on the lake loop, There is water available. Very busy place. One group of people would leave and there would be someone in the site within an hour or two. There is a loop a little before the lake which is wooded. We were there for July 4 weekend and were told to be ready for an amazing display of fireworks and they were right! Lasted about 2 hours - private fireworks but were beautiful. Husband kayaked and larger boats were in the water. For being as busy as it was the nights were quiet.