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Pakala Village , HAWAII

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Most Recent Pakala Village Camping Reviews
Gorgeous & remote, be careful of the river rising!

As others have said, the hike in and out of the canyon is not easy.  But the reward is being totally isolated and quiet down in the canyon.  So gorgeous!

The main thing that we learned the hard way is that the river that is near the campground can become impassable after a rainstorm.  We left our camp to go for a day hike further into the canyon, and crossed the river with no issue.  There was a downpour while we were on the other side of the river, and weren't able to cross back to get to our camp.  We had to spend the night on the other side where thankfully there was another shelter.  Luckily we had some food and our water filter and hammocks, and someone left a brand new sleeping bag that we used to keep warm.  We were able to cross back over the next morning.

Also, our car got broken into where we left it parked on the road.  Dont leave anything valuable in the car!

Despite being stranded and getting our car broken into, we also got engaged in the canyon…so this was definitely my most memorable backpacking trip.


The beauty here is unbelievable. Just breath taking. A must see!

Take a High-Altitude Break from the Beach

A beautiful, safe, clean campground, run by the State of Hawaii, that can't be beat.

This campground is nowhere near the beach, but brings you to the interior of the island. From here you can view the Kalalau Valley lookout and look out over Waimea Canyon, known as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Also you have access to hike the Alakai Swamp, which is one of the wettest places on Earth, or take a couple-mile hike up to the highest point on the island.

This campground offers indoor toilets and showers, a nice restaurant, and a gift shop.

Beautiful views by the river

The 2.5 mile hike down Waimea Canyon to arrive at this site is worth it for the views alone. The campground is rustic. There is one outhouse and a covered picnic area. Our site was directly on the river. We stayed in the river or on the rocks in the river to swim, cook and hang out as it was the only spot free from mosquitoes. The views from the bottom of the canyon were breathtaking. We were the only campers when we went to bed but woke up to 2 men with horses and hunting dogs staying there.

Charming but A Park

This wonderful campground is not at all traditional but more of a park (like many campgrounds on Kauai). The market/depot has hot meals, coffee shop, smoothies and more making for a very luxurious stay. The benefit of being atop the mountains is it cools comfortably at night, even in the summer. A lovely place to stay any time.

A Canyoned Paradise

The arduous hike in and impending brutal hike out make this campground a haven for those willing the make the trek. There’s a compositing toilet and a shelter with a picnic table in case it rains. Lots of trash from irresponsible hunters/campers near the shelter but the camping pads close to the river are beautiful. TONS of bugs that you can’t really feel biting you so bring really good (and environmentally friendly) bug spray. We took baths with bio soap in the river which flows strongly enough for fresh water (steripen that!) to drink but has small pools to sit in to cool off from the hike and wash up for camping. Lots of roosters and quail, hunters seeks wild pigs down I. The canyon. ATVs come through on occasion but this is a very private campground. Good tree coverage as it rains nearly every day in the canyon. Hikes around the area lead to various waterfalls and natural water slides. Don’t leave valuables in your car (we left our car unlocked to avoid broken windows - 8 piles of shattered window glass on the side of the road when we arrived at the trailhead (pull off on the side of the road to park and go there, no true parking lot).

The Grand Canyon of Kauai

This is one of the most beautiful and unexpected places to see on the island of Kauai. You can camp either in a tent or there are some cabins to check out as well. This is the place to go on the island if you need to get out of the heat and humidity given that its higher up in elevation. There are countless hikes that bring you to viewpoints of either the Napali Coast or the canyon itself.

One of my favorites

This campsite was probably one of my favorite places to camp. There was so much to do, and some awesome hikes! It was also super cheap to camp, like $12 a night so you couldnt really beat that. The campground was great, clean, and in a great location. I also really liked that each campsite is really well marked, and enough room in between each campsite. Each campsite does have a water spout, which made it nice to fill up our water bottles before we went hiking. There is also a restaurant on site which served great food. It was definitely very hot and muggy, but that is how it was everywhere we stayed. Thats just how Kauai is. There is some really great hikes nearby as well. I would recommend doing Awaawapuhi, Pihea and Nualo. All great hikes with beautiful viewss. There is also a great viewpoint that we saw a lot of people stopping at. It was the Kalalau Valley Lookout. Highly recommend because the views here are amazing. All in all, this was definitely the best place my husband and I stayed at during out honeymoon. Highly recommend.

First to Review
Streamside almost secluded - great hike

Wiliwili is a site at the end of the kukui trail - down to the bottom of Waimea canyon. This place is well received by hikers as a beautiful place to cool off in the stream. This is also the first site you hit if you dare to venture further into the canyon off this trail. There is a fire pit and plenty of tinder which comes in handy since the second thing you will notice after the stream is the swarms of mosquitoes awaiting your arrival. Bring bug repellent and don’t play it safe with natural remedies, get the stuff you know works. We enjoyed hanging up hammocks here and laying in the streams gazing up at the canyon and stars. Lovely place but I surely regretted the 2.5mile ascent back up the canyon walls with 20lbs on my back. Travel light and you will enjoy this place. visited in June and it was great - no rain.

so peaceful

kokee state park is a very chill easy camp ground. The showers and bathrooms and very basic and cold showers. It does tend to get cold at night so remeber to bring warm clothes. Walk over to the lodge for some yummy food and check out the museum and trail maps