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Top RV Camping near Haleakala National Park

75 Reviews

If you're looking for a place to park your RV near Haleakala National Park, look no further. Find the best information on RV campsites and dispersed camping near Haleakala National Park, including sites, reviews, and tips for getting the most out of your RVing experience. Whether you're looking for a quiet location in the woods or a happening campground near the attractions, The Dyrt makes it easy to find the perfect place to park your RV.

Best RV Camping Sites Near Haleakala National Park, HI (7)

  1. Camper-submitted photo from Hosmer Grove Campground — Haleakalā National Park


    Hosmer Grove Campground — Haleakalā National Park

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    Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

    Haleakalā Volcano, on the Hawaiian island of Maui, is a massive shield volcano that rises more than 10,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, and makes up more than 75% of the island’s land mass. Its name, Haleakalā, is Hawaiian for “House of the Sun,” and is steeped in Hawaiian legend. More modern references attribute it to the spectacular sunrises observed from the rim of the summit crater. In an effort to preserve and protect the volcano’s spectacular summit crater, as well as the Kipahulu Valley rainforest on the volcano’s eastern slope, Haleakalā National Park was established in 1961. The majority of visitors to the park drive the long, winding road to the summit viewpoints and visitor center. The small number of adventurers who descend into the crater can explore an otherworldly landscape of colorful cinder cones, lava flows and other volcanic features.

    For those interested in a little primitive camping on the flank of this sleeping giant, the Hosmer Grove Campground provides close access to the summit’s viewing areas and hiking trails. The campground is located partway up the mountain, just 0.5 mile past the park’s entrance station. From Kahului, it’s only about 28 miles, but the winding road makes the drive pretty slow. Hosmer Grove offers 10 campsites in a large, grassy area surrounded by foreign and native woods. Campsites have picnic tables and cooking grills, and vault toilets are available. Campfires are not permitted, but contained camp stoves are allowed. The campground is situated at 7,000 feet above sea level, right in Haleakalā’s “cloud belt,” so it’s often cool and foggy, and overnight temps can plummet below freezing. Free camping is first-come, first-served, with a three-night limit..

    Taking in Haleakalā’s summit sunrise show requires making a long, slow, winding drive up the mountain in the blackness of night to reach the viewing areas before sunrise. In efforts to alleviate road and parking congestion at the summit, the national park has implemented a permit requirement to access the viewing areas. These can be obtained up to 60 days in advance from the website. Permits are only required for driving up the mountain between 3am and 7am. Dress warmly, as it is cold on the summit rim. Hikers will find more than 30 miles of trails that journey down into the crater for exploring its many features. There is no shade or water on the crater floor, and temperatures can vary significantly, so pack along plenty of water and sunscreen. Also, due to the soft, sandy nature of the trails, plan on spending twice as much time to hike out as to hike in.

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  2. Camper-submitted photo from Waiʻanapanapa State Park Campground


    Waiʻanapanapa State Park Campground

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    Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

    When it comes to camping locations in paradise, Waianapanapa State Park remains an unspoiled gem. Low, volcanic cliffs envelop the sparkling black sand lagoon below. Located at the end of Waiʻanapanapa Road off Hana Highway, this park offers a wide range of scenic views, tropical hikes, and tons of unique recreation opportunities. Those looking for solitude and respite from the day-to-day grind of modern life are sure to enjoy this secluded campground.

    Waianapanapa is unique in that it’s one of the few places where you can enjoy dark, volcanic sand beaches. Even cooler, throughout the year the various tide pools throughout turn a deep shade of maroon-red. Scientists attribute this to the shrimp colonies that visit throughout the year. However, locals say it’s a due to a haunting from the blood of Popoaleae, a mythical princess who was killed by her husband Chief Kaakea in a cave nearby. We’ll let you decide what you want to believe.

    The campsites here are spacious enough to accomodate any tent or van dweller, but RVers aren’t going to find much accomodation here. The campground includes bathrooms, drinking water, an outdoor beach shower, fire pits, and tons of hikes nearby. In addition, the park grants access to shore fishing, snorkelling and scuba destinations nearby. Waianapanapa is also known for it’s natural blow-holes scattered through the park, and its world-class sea-bird watching.

    Waianapanapa State Park is massive, featuring over 122 acres of unspoiled volcanic terrain. However, parking is limited and the campground itself is on the small side. If you’re looking to camp here, reservations must be made at least 3 days prior to your check-in date. For HI residents, fees are $12 per night for up to 6 people, and $2 per night for every person thereafter. If you’re not a resident, fees are $18/night, with an addition charge of $3 per additional camper. Additionally, the park also offers Cabins on reservation at $60/night for residents, and $90/night for visitors. That being said, if you’re planning on camping in a cabin be aware there is a 2 day minimum. If you’re the type to procrastinate, definitely take care of your reservations in advance as they are strict about permitting here.

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    $12 - $90 / night

  3. Camper-submitted photo from Camp Olowalu


    Camp Olowalu

    18 Reviews
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    109 Saves
    Lahaina, Hawaii

    COVID-19 regulations: we are following all local, state and federal regulations regarding COVID-19, and recommend our guests to comply with current mandates and travel requirements to Hawaii and inter-island before making a reservation.

    PRE-CHECK IS REQUIRED FOR ALL INTER-ISLAND AND OUT-OF-STATE RESERVATIONS! AS OF OCTOBER 15, 2020, all inter-island and out-of-state visitors must prove the completion of the quarantine requirement or provide validated Safe Travels Hawai’i/DOH quarantine exemption. Documentation must be submitted via email to, before 2PM on check-in day. Guests in non-compliance with the pre-check requirement will not be able to enter the campground. CAMP OLOWALU IS NOT A QUARANTINE SITE.

    Currently, reservations are open for tent sites, car camping, tentalows (no linens provided) and A-frame cabins. The camp store will remain closed until further notice; morning complimentary coffee is also discontinued.

    Camp on one of the 35 sites. Alongside Maui’s Olowalu Beach enjoy our campground amenities.

    Tent camping Tentalows Car Camping Cabins


    Bathrooms: toilet, sink, mirror, hand soap, paper towels & toilet paper
    Instant hot water showers
    Outdoor dishwashing station
    Wifi internet hotspot at check-in area
    Trash & recycling stations
    Private parking
    2 Charging stations
    Fire pit
    Picnic benches
    BBQ grills
    • Pets
    • Fires
    • Phone Service
    • Reservable
    • ADA Access
    • RVs

    $24 - $1600 / night

  4. Camper-submitted photo from Kīpahulu Campground — Haleakalā National Park


    Kīpahulu Campground — Haleakalā National Park

    6 Reviews
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    89 Saves
    Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

    This area offers one drive-up campground. Campers are advised that Kīpahulu is wet, remote, and far from most amenities. Come prepared - bring water, food, and a tent. There is no water available, but shared grills, picnic tables and pit-toilets are provided. Permits are not required, but campers must pay the $20 park entry fee. Camping is limited to 3 nights in any 30-day period.

    The Kīpahulu campground is about 1/8 mile (.2km) south of the Kīpahulu Visitor Center. It overlooks ocean cliffs and is a short walk from ʻOheʻo Gulch. In the evenings, the sound of the ocean waves makes this a peaceful place. The campground has picnic tables, BBQ grills, and pit toilets. No water is available at Kīpahulu Campground; However, drinking water is available at the Kīpahulu Visitor Center restrooms. There are two general stores in the nearby town of Hāna (10 miles[16km] away) where you can purchase water and basic food supplies. Be prepared for rain, harsh sun, and mosquitoes.

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  5. 5.

    Uka Hawaiian Native Camp

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    Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

    UKA – The Native Hawaiian Upland Experience

    ** UKA will be providing Hawaiian legends from owner Kukuna And A LEI WORKSHOP this weekend from 9 to 10 am Friday and Saturday

    This is in celebration of our grand opening of UKA.**

    THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE Fri and Sat night stay..

    ALOHA! On slopes of the east Maui region amidst the uplands of a native Hawaiian rainforest is the UKA experience. Nestled and hosted on an eco-friendly, sustainable farm owned by a Native Hawaiian, UKA is the only campsite that is located on lands that have been in a Hawaiian family for hundreds of years.

    A quick 15 min drive from the heart of Hana, takes you to the foot of UKA. With a rugged 4-wheel drive entrance, UKA is revealed as you ascend along steep ravines and the glorious mountain and ocean views.

    UKA has 3 smaller tented or vehicle tent area in the PIKO (main yard), and 1 separate small tented site tucked amongst the bamboos. The Bamboo Forest site, which has a partial ocean view, and requires you to park away from the car (about 50ft), though the other sites in the main yard vehicles can be parked next to your tent. The camping spots are NOT on fully flat ground.

    ONLY TWO PEOPLE PER SITE ARE ALLOWED and you will need to provide your own tent/s or a tent can be rented at arrival or order from site. IF YOU HAVE 4 PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO BOOK TWO CAMPSITES. Please understand that we have limited resources. IF YOU SHOW UP WITH MORE PEOPLE YOU WILL BE CHARGED $75.00 PER ADDITIONAL PERSON, IF THE SPACE IS AVAILABLE.

    Keiki (children) under 10 is free but we would like to be informed that there will be extra people in your party. Let us know and get permission before you arrive with the extra party.

    Currently we request quiet hours from 10pm – 6am in respect to our other campers.

    Being in the realm of the rainforests, typically it rains during the morning and evening. There are times the consistent, heavy rains may set in and campsite will not be accessible. It’s these tropical downpours that keep our ‘aina (land) so green and lush with waterfalls around every turn.

    UKA DOES HAVE MOSQUITOS, so come prepared with long garments or repellent. Here in the uplands are the area of wild pigs and cows. You can HEAR them, and might even see one.

    You will be entering into a Hawaiian village of my family members, so please be respectful while in the area and as you ascend up the hill.

    Being that we live on an island we would like you to know that all disposable refuse that you make or may have, we are asking that you take it with you when you leave to reduce the carbon footprint upon my ancestral land.

    The Hana Highway is the most stunning natural phenomena on Maui and a candid moment everywhere you turn. We humbly request that you LET THE LOCALS PASS and PULL ON THE SIDE TO TAKE PICTURES. It will ensure a much blissful encounter.

    If you have any requests or concerns just let us know.

    Spots to Visit from UKA –

    Haleakala National Park at Kipahulu – 4 miles Southeast on route 360

    Wailua Falls – 1 ½ miles Southeast on route 360

    Hana Town – 6.5 miles Northwest on route 360

    Waianapanapa State Park – Home of the Famous Black Sand Beach – 8 miles Northwest on route 360

    The Hana Area are filled with cultural stories, traditions and places. It’s legendary highway vistas are beyond magical, but I hope that the essence of UKA will always remain a blessing in your heart.

    As We Native Hawaiians say……


    Until we meet again….

    Me Kealoha,


    • Reservable
    • RVs
    • Tents
    • Standard (Tent/RV)
    • Toilets
  6. Camper-submitted photo from Maui Hawaii County Park Kanaha Beach Campground
  7. 7.

    The Hippocampus of Pueo Ridge

    2 Reviews
    45 Photos
    12 Saves
    Pu'u O Umi Natural Area Reserve, Hawaii

    Legend has it, Kohala (the first of the 6 volcanos on the Big Island of Hawaii) is home to King Kamehameha I & this was the stomping grounds of the Ali'i & the training grounds for their warriors. You can feel it when you walk into the forest & listen deeply & intuitively to the ancestors. It is truly an honor to be on this 'aina (land).

    Modern history: Up until 1984 this property was all avocado, Kukui & Ironwood land with the Kohala ditch running on the far south end. It wasn't until my current neighbor & sweet friend & her father bought the property & cleared away 160 Ironwoods to create a property that could be farmed & lived on. Then another couple bought the property in early 2000 and built it out with farm houses and gardens. Once they moved back to the mainland, this was home to the local skydive family where the pilots and instructors were housed. Finally, in 2021, Cirque-Girl Sequoia came in with a huge vision of a conscious community, learning and teaching alongside one another by way of events, projects, concerts, talks and certifications all the while farming and creating even bigger orchards to feed not just her community, but the community of Hawi and beyond. At this time, not only is it "hip" to farm and grow your own food, but it is crucial.

    Learn more about this land:

    Everybody comes to Hawaii and thinks beaches, surf & jungles but why not try a different side of Hawaii? The Ironwood Forests of Hawi are here you’ll find ios (Hawaiian Hawks) and Pueos (Hawaiian owls only found on the Big Island) as the ancestor's whispers run through the massive forest of Ironwood, Kukui Nut and Avocado in an ancient river bed of sugar plantation country.

    Deep in the heart of Hawaii’s only dormant volcano of Kohala, this was home to the most prestigious Ali’i (Hawaiian Royalty)and the training grounds of warriors. Here our farm sits on 10-acres with over 30 varieties of fruit trees a a view of the Big Blue (the ocean). We provide 3 platforms and 3 pine-needle-floor campsites to camp on, a center camp that has a kitchen, bathroom and shower plus a healing tent for you to meditate, do massage, practice Reiki, read or just plain have a beautiful discussion in. If you feel inclined to step out of the forest, you are welcome to use our communal eating area THE GROOVY GRINDS CAFE under the mango trees & we would love if you wanted to be a part of any of the events that we host here with our live-on conscious community. Things we do and can offer aerial, yoga and meditation classes, massage (ask hostess about booking a sesh), drum circles, inipi sweat lodges, bonfire nights, fire-dancing, community potluck dinners, mini-concerts, painting, planting & building projects and whatever we get called to do. ….and what's camping without a bonfire? We have two bonfire pits lower on the property that you can join in on if our community already has one going. (NO bonfires in the gulch please.)

    One of our biggest bragging rights is that we are utilizing the Homebiogas unit which turns your toilet waste and food compost into methane gas for cooking. Also ZERO WASTE since we offer a bidet hose at the toilet for washing oneself (no toilet paper needed, or bring your own) and the gray water from the shower and kitchen sink go into a plot of banana trees. So our bathroom, shower and cooking facility is completely self-sufficient! Please pack out what you pack in and you may distribute your trash at our garbage facility down below by to the main buildings.

    PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE AFTER DARK AND PLEASE USE DIRECTIONS INCLUDED AND NOT GOOGLE MAPS! Must come up and not down Kahei Road or it will take you down a 4x4 road.

    And when it’s time to step out of the forest and out of Pueo Ridge, we are a 5-minute drive directly above the main center of town and 15 minutes to the famous Polalu Valley hike that runs deep in to the jagged switchbacks of the Northern coast. Our area also headlines in ADVENTURE with skydiving, zip-lining, hiking & forest adventures.

    Mahalo for reading!

    Book with The Dyrt but check out our Hipcamp listing to read reviews:

    • Phone Service
    • Reservable
    • RVs
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    • Standard (Tent/RV)
    • Picnic Table

    $35 / night

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