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Most Recent Simsbury Center Camping Reviews
The nicest people..

We chose the best spot for our first camping trip with our new travel trailer. Everyone assisted us and taught us the world of camping. Activities were still available with social distancing of course due to Covid. Close by was Taylor Brooke Winery which was the perfect place to while away a late summer afternoon. If you go to Charlie Brown’s request a site by the water. Rain had been sparse so didn’t matter our weekend but I would imagine it would be great on a hot sunny day

Nice stop

Nice campground, friendly people and staff. Really nice that you can walk to the trails/beach and Rocky Neck. Bathrooms could be nicer, but not bad. Would stay again.

Lots to do but not very private

Resort is the right word! We went in cooler September during Covid, so we couldn’t take advantage of all the amenities, but we’ve already decided we need to book a trip for peak season next summer. We had two sites side by side for our group of 7 and two dogs. The staff will deliver wood right to your site. The only con is the sites are not very private…at all.

Could have been so much better

Upon arrival, I liked the atmosphere and friendly service but our site was filthy. A bag of dog poop by a tree, trash under the picnic table, cigarette butts littering the rocks around the fire pit, and the pit was so full of ash, there was no more room for firewood. And as other reviewers stated, these sites aren’t the cheapest. I don’t normally complain but this was unacceptable in my opinion. I called the front desk and spoke with a very lovely person. She was mortified and said she’d send maintenance. No. One. Ever. Showed. Up. We waited an hour and then we just started cleaning it up ourselves so we could move on and get started on dinner.

Our site was T3 and it was spacious and spread out from other tent sites. There was a tiny creek meandering behind the site and the woods just went on for miles. We felt grateful to be separated from the RVers and have so much space to ourselves.

Night fell and the place turned into Margaritaville. The seasonal RVers have really taken over the place and while some have tasteful decor and lights, others not so much. Even 50 yards away from the RV section and I felt like I was in a dance club parking lot. The music was so loud. No one seemed to care. Nothing was enforced.

Lastly, there was a lonely port-a-potty across the road from us along with a water spigot. There was trash all around the spigot that remained there throughout our stay (an entire roll of sopping wet toilet paper and an eyelash curler, guys), but the camp sanitation truck came once a day to empty that outhouse, which I never used based on the smell. If you have young kids that nap during the day, this truck would wake them. I walked the extra .2 miles to the bathhouse, which started out immaculate but quickly turned south with the sheer number of people using it. A cleaning log claimed it was tended to but it couldn’t have been true. Trash was endlessly overflowing and soap was running low.

The loud music I could get over for the view but the uncleanliness was just annoying. What a simple thing to fix for your customers.

Also beware of bears. We and several other neighboring campers spied a pretty big black bear not far enough away in the late morning hours. I’m sure they are fed well.

Clean Campsites

We stayed at site 85 in Sunny Crest and liked having some privacy. The sites nearby had some trees providing space between each site. A lot of the sites we drove by were pretty sloped- I would recommend a drive though if you can beforehand.

The picnic table was chained down so there weren’t many options to set up having the fire pit and picnic table where they were.

Hiking trails were nice, good variety of easier and more difficult terrain.

Some flaws to be aware of

The pros: bathrooms are clean with three stalls (women). Free showers. Good location for hunting

Cons: what site you get makes all the difference. There are Many, I would say most, Sites that you feel very exposed (Like I would jot be comfortable staying there) and out in the open. Just plopped next to someone on the grass. I want to feel like im in the woods. Look for the sites that go off to the side (not on the loops) like 39-40. Additionally, there is a station nearby that offers a constant hum and during the week there are trucks going in and out of before 7am. The closer to the street side the worse it is. The far off sites (like 39-40) the sound is still there but more distant. Sites are closer together and on the smaller side

A quirky little campground that feels like an X-Files Location

General Notes: 

We had a nice time overall  this place is A quirky little campground that feels like an X-Files Location.  

This is a smallish campground which is divided into two sections: RV (lower area near entrance) and Tent (upper area).  However, there are tents allowed in the RV section as well.   RV area is wide open with no privacy and Tent area is more wooded with more privacy.  All sites are very close to one another.  

We stayed at site 37 in the upper tent area. 


1.Nice  & helpful staff

2.Very clean bathrooms with very clean shower

3. Access to stunning hiking trails, including the Appalachian Trail


1. Several of the upper area tent sites are basically on a ramp.  It was almost comical how slanted the site(s) was.  Things would slide off the picnic table often and we tried to level the table but then our feet could barely touch the ground when sitting - adorably comical. 

2. In other reviews, you will read about the hum from power station which is directly across the street from the site … it's real.   We had it less at site 37 than the lower sites. 

3. There would also be a train that would pass by - trains can be charming but this one seemed to stop often near by and rev it's engine for about an hour … it was very strange. 

4. You may see in another review (which I think is no longer up now?) that there are a fair amount of Daddy Long Legs.   There are.   A lot.  We know that bugs are a part of camping, absolutely  … but this was almost boarding on, well  …  an X-Files episode.  They are  e v e r y w h e r e.   Some standing guard as if they want to stay out you way.  Others rushing around as if they are trying to get home because they realized they left the gas on.   We always are mindful of our tent zippers and so we had no visitors inside our tent … but they were very abundant.

Fun Halloween Camping

We went two years in a row each on Halloween! They had great amenities and activities for the kids. Plus a costume contest and tricker treating. Very enjoyable time. Hope to go back again.

overall, just ok.

Let’s start with what we loved. The Gaga ball pit was great. The pool was nice, although, no seating due to covid. The camp store was convenient and well stocked. the WiFi was really great too. Best we’ve had at a campground!

Now to what wasn’t so great.

We had been Boondocking for a week prior to arriving and needed to dump our tank before pulling into our site. While we were dumping our gray tank, the dump clogged. The staff member told us to just empty what was in our hose on the grass and maintenance would fix it later. Since our tanks were still full, we asked if they’d provide us with the mobile tank service free of charge, but they declined. They did offer 50% off, though.

When we got to our spot, it was covered in hundreds and hundreds of nails and broken glass. Maintenance ended up having to get a shovel to get most of the nails up but we still spent the first few days of our stay picking up nails and glass from every corner of our site.

About three days into our stay, the power line caught on fire and we lost power to our RV for a few hours. Not a huge deal, just one more thing.

Those were the main things that make it hard to give more than three stars, but there was also the small laundry facility (one washer. one drier) , the noise level at night (yelling, loud music at several camp sites around us, a few fights, etc.) and the belligerent drinking on the weekend that made it a not so kid friendly place to be.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even complain about any of that if it wasn’t such a pricey campground. We’ve had much better experiences for a lot less. Just disappointing, but hey. Maybe we just had the perfect storm and none of those things would happen again? No idea. Just seems like the kind of place that’s great as long as nothing goes wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Pic isn’t the best, but it’s the only one I took of site!

Great until this year

Was going there for 8 years, everyone there was nice and respectful. First time this year a security guard named Collin Smith (Probably not his real name) was driving around with his dog in his cart harrassing anyone that wasn’t white. It’s a shame because I‘M someone that not into drama. They told us if we want to make a complaint, go on the website. Having heard anything since I filled 1 out on the website. Another person said the same guy was harrassing them when we were making a complaint at the front desk. It’s a shame, I guess it’s time to find a new favorite place…..