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This campground is ok. Not the nicest for the price you pay. What it has going for it is it's location. There are float trips available. It has a fishing lake and is right on the Big River. 

I've hear some reviews about how low the water can be but that was not our experience. I've also heard how dirty the river is but it didn't strike me as all that dirty. It's a river. We paddle boarded and swam in the river. We did not take a float trip.

We had an electric site. The electrical connection was a bit iffy. Again not the nicest for the price. The sites tended to pool water but it was raining when we arrived.

We had a good time camping with friends and playing in the water but the campground itself wasn't much of contributing factor, just it's location.

This is a great park!

Only about a hour northwest of St. Louis. This is a great park to go to without driving for hours. There is plenty of nature to enjoy! There is a lake for swimming. There is also several nice hikes.

Beautiful Park

This is a small park and hard to get a reservation because of how nice it is. There was a creek that ran not far from the campground. My kids played in the creek all day. We caught cray fish/crawdads and cooked them up for dinner. My kids still talk about going back there as teenagers and they were little kids when we went.

In St. Louis County but with a country feel!

This park is really nice and has been redone with in the last 10 years maybe less. If you want to camp and enjoy nature without driving forever this is a good park. 

This park is perfect for hiking and bring the bikes along for the kids and even yourselves. My kids loved going here when they were young because it was just simple, uncomplicated camping and they weren't trapped in the car for hours to get here.

Nice park!

This is a very nice park. The spaces are a bit close together and not many trees but I've been to worse. The not many trees is do to it still being a fairly new campground. The lake is nice and they have some spots close to it. The only real complaint was that it was a bit of a wind tunnel. I don't know if that is because of were it sits between the river/lake and a levee for the river or because it was spring time and windy anyway.

There is a lot to do here. They have an archery range. The rent out peddle boats, bikes and peddle cars/buggies as well. We rented a peddle buggy. Those are a lot harder to get moving then they look. Awesome workout for the whole family!

Beautiful State Park

A state park with FULL Hook-ups!  Cuivre River state park is a nice hidden treasure for a weekend getaway from St. Louis.  Great trails to hike and a sandy beach to dip in for a quick swim.  Did I mention full hook-ups in a state park.  It would make a great return place for a weekend in the fall to see the colors as the trees turn.  I would highly suggest getting a screen house to enjoy the evenings outdoors to keep the gnats and mosquitos away.

Hawn paek

Favorite park in Missouri for backpacking.

4.5 STARS!!

My son and I have stayed here multiple times. We love it! The campgrounds are clean and beautiful, and even during peak times the people that stay are usually very friendly, as are the rangers when they make their nightly rounds. There are some amenities, a small restaurant and gift store and the cave tour is really cool although a little pricey. All in all its a fantastic little hideaway. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because sometimes the park closes or they have to evacuate due to the quick rise of the river. Easy fix though, just call ahead to see if they're open

Clean, trains, slow wifi

We stayed in a tent spot… Had shade and a nice concrete pad to park on. Good clean power. Clean bathrooms and pool looked like it was taken care of.

Tent spots have Charcoal grills, table and benches, and a nice metal cover to sit under if it rains.

It's not in the prettiest location, very industrial and the train tracks run close. First night one came through blowing its horns around 5am.

Spent the day in Forest park, a much prettier place to park and explore.


Ranger Pioneer Mission Ranger and Product Review : RovR RollR 60 at Contryside Escape Worden, Il

Campground Review: I picked Contryside Escape from the Illinois Pioneer List. The reservation was done through Hipcamp which was fairly easy. Though in some cases you have to write something about yourself and be approved by the Host. Reminds me of a B&B but BYOT. The Host , was very accommodating and showed me the entire area as I was the only one camping and had my pick of the area. There is a secluded area on the backside of the pond near the road however I decided on a more open area under some of the trees because there was weather coming in. The host suggested I pull my truck in so I wouldn’t need to carry all my things in. Did I mention your camping around a pond?! Pro: sound#5 on your wave machine “croaking, chirping frogs” (bring ear plugs ;) Con: MOSQUITOES! Don’t forget your bug spray ! So basically your camping in the hosts front yard, to use the necessary you have to go in the house. The door was left unlocked, (I knocked every time and then entered) up the stairs , down the dark hallway (sorta scary movie-ish) and feel around for the light switch in the bathroom. Clean bathroom , HOT water, I would not take a shower , that’s just me and my creepy factor. (I’m not saying that the host or house is creepy I’m saying I make stuff creepy with my over imaginative mind.) The fence around the camping area is not complete , if your dogs mind they can be off leash. First night sounded like there was a shooting range nearby, and frogs . I visited St Louis ( about 30 minute drive) the next day and returned to sit in the shade and relax…….Once again , your in a front yard and there is a neighbor right there. I think he was working on a motor and then his mower. So not much peace and quiet until almost sundown. It was comfortable weather and enjoyable all the same. Second night coyotes nearby, and frogs. No picnic tables. Lawn chairs and a big fire area plus fire ring in the secluded area.$5 for a rick?? of wood. I would visit again with friends next time. No good State Parks nearby, you would need to travel over an hour.

Product Review: RovR I do like my RollR 60. LOVE the color and look. The add-on’s are pretty spectacular for convenience. There’s a cool selection of foldable box’s which I picked for an add-on. Now all that said, the price is a bit exuberant in my opinion. Compared to like coolers it’s about the same price range. I packed some ice the night before I left to pre-cool the cooler. Some melt but not bad. I packed the food and a cold pack and had room to spare. Cool feature is a “dry box” so any melt doesn’t saturate anything. The RovR is heavy before you pack it so the wheels are definitely a plus. The RovR rode in the truck so the temperature was kept moderate until we arrived. Once at the campsite it sat out , in the shade the rest of the trip. Everything stayed cold and two days later after traveling back home (5 hrs) there was still a frozen chunk in my cold pack.

Family Camp

All ages and all camping types. From every to truck bed camping. We were in a secluded area and had rented almost all spot in loop. Nice campsites with water and electric. Bathroom and showers were a pretty good walk. Very strict on noise and park rangers were not nice at all. Close to river access and fun area.


Tight spots and dirty looks. Regulars welcome, everyone else stay home .

Wine time!

Great CG near Grafton! Easy drive and several winery’s. Nice trails as well!

Nice float and campground- staff not so great

While having been greeted with pretty grumpy and demanding owners, who could not quite get their math right, this is a fairly nice grounds. We like to get the site right next to the float pull out so we can easily carry our stuff back to “home.” Tends to be a party and last time there, some locals who were not camping invaded our site and tried eating our food and just flat out would not leave. Staff were not to be found to get them to remove these guys. But we really like this stretch of he Meremec River. Pretty and predictable. Green’s cave is along the route if you can find it and lots of places to swim.

Quick and Convenient

Babler is located off I-64 in the chesterfield area about 30 minutes from Saint Louis. There are many spots to choose from. Basic and electric/water sites. Tent and Rv set ups are mixed. The site provides wood, ice, water, shower house and outhouses. There are equestrian and hiking trails. No rivers or water available. It is quiet and some areas are on hills. I would say the only issue is the raccoons. They dont give a darn who you are. They will walk right up to, smile, and take your chips. Scandalous! We love this site because its close and convenient.

Go-to Campsite

Saint Francois is a tent and rv campground just 1 hour south of saint louis, MO in Bonne Terre. It also along a river which allows swimming at your own risk because there is no real entrance site. But plenty of gravel bars. I personally enjoy this park and its sites. The rvs and tents are separated which i love. And the tent sites have plenty of room for 2-3 tents plus games. They provide individual showers, out houses every 6 sites, flat areas for tents, ice, wood, and activities. Trails, parks, and lots of fields to play in.The only downfalls are (1) entering the park. You enter on a dangerous highway where you need plenty of room and stopping to enter but there is none. Getting out is the worst especially if you have a trailor and move slow. There is no lane for you to pull out. Cars are fine. (2) the river is monopolized by 1 company for rafting/kayaking/canoing. You have to make an appointment, they only accept cash, and the websites dont show correct equipment. But it gets the job done.

I remember the park being a lot nicer.

We stayed here in April 2019. The roads going through the campground were in terrible shape. They had potholes and were like gravel instead of blacktop in a lot of places. It was very hard to walk to the bathrooms trying to dodge the puddles.

We a spot in the basic or tent area. The driveway for our site was nicer than the roads. The grass was very high. It had rained a lot but seemed to me they could have cut the grass on Friday morning as it was a bright sunny Friday. They were there cutting the grass on Sunday by 9am.

The basic sites seemed spread out fairly well. Driving through the electric and premium sites seemed a lot closer together and if course there were more people camping in that area.

We have stayed in this park many years ago when our kids were small (now they are late teens and early twenties). I remember the park being a lot nicer back then. If I had paid more money for the electric/premium site I would not have been at all happy!

Nice little adventure

This is a nice place to go for a quick adventure with family. Especially on a hot day. A little more expensive than I would expect, but still worth doing at least once. My kids and parents enjoyed our last trip, however there is a spot that was too steep for my dad. They did warn ahead of time when we were coming to that point and he did not miss very much. They have a route around it to catch up and enjoy the light show at the end. Light show is pretty but was also very “AMERICA!” but some people are all about that. They know their crowd I suppose. They have a snack shop with ice cream, zip line across the river, and a boat ride also available but we have not experienced those yet. I would say allow about 2 hours or so for the cave tour.

Lots to do and see

Can be quite crowded in the summer and only a few secluded sites that we found of use. This is to be expected as one of the more commonly known campgrounds in MO. But overall a pretty park with lots to do and see. Green hikes that my young kids can handle, swimming, tubing/floating, and of course the caves. We like to put our tube or rafts in the river at one park ramp and float to the next one to take out for a quick shot of nature. That is about a 1-2 hour float depending on water level. This is a nice park even to just spend the day in. Hike swim eat and repeat. There’s usually deer abound. As for camping I can mostly speak for the fall, during that time it is fairly open and easier to relax. Less partying going on and more space in between campers. Bathrooms are fairly clean, staff are fairly accommodating. I would recommend this campground.

Great campground and general park

The campground has a lot of very nice campsites. Some are close enough to be near others, which is nice when you are camping with friends. There are also sights that are a bit more sectioned off from neighboring campsites. There are multiple trails, but my favorite is the one around the lake. Be prepared for it to take a little longer than map states if you stop to look at things and take pictures. Trails are well marked. There is a beach to swim and play in the lake. They rent kayaks if you want to get out and explore the lake.

Nice retreat!

Nice place! Good balance of shade and no shade spots. Don’t fee as though you are on top of everyone and even the generators won’t be too loud tonight. Little buggy and gotta watch for ticks, but this is camping and you are in nature.


Fun swimming area

Fun times

Reserved pavillion for family reunions


Great picnic area

Woodsy. Creek close. Nature at its best.

This campground is nature at its best. It is close to the creek where you could put your chair in the water and sit and chill out all day long. Great for kids fishing swimming and just relaxing

Beautiful views, great for a long day hike or a two day backpacking trip

The big camp is beautiful and has electricity and water. On the trail there are several marked and unmarked campsites for backpacking. Absolutely gorgeous hikes. Just be careful of the raccoons; they are super smart.

The bonus is the fried chicken

Great little campground just outside of Grafton, Illinois, on the Mississippi River. The campground is located in an open grove of old trees. There were owls when we were there. In winter there are a lot of eagles feeding in the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers which meet at the park. The Lewis & Clark expedition started nearby. Most of the sites were fairly level, but I didn’t see any pull through sites. Lots of hiking trails, and the lodge has one of the best fried chicken dinners around on Sunday.

Great get away.

Well taken care of and close to the city. Trails range from a short walk to an endless combination.