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Tropical paradise with a killer rip tide

This is a GREAT campground with a beautiful beach that is tucked away.  It's way up the west side of the island but worth the trip to get away from the more touristy areas.  The sites were clean and clear and there was a nice amount of privacy.  The sites are right up to the beach but be careful because the rip tide can be killer!  It's one of the scariest experiences to get stuck out in the ocean and not have the capability of swimming to shore - it's just not possible.  Please be careful because there are no lifeguards out there and stop at a store before you drive out because it's pretty far from everything.  It's the farthest you can drive clockwise before you hit the N'Pali Coast.

Camping in a lost world

I have done the hike to this campsite 4 times in 4 years. Each year I anticipate going and each time I do it I find myself asking myself, "why am I putting myself through this torture?" Then I am rewarded with the my goal, The kalalau beach. Campsites are spread out with camping available anywhere in the treeline running the whole length of the nearly half mile long beach. The campsites are fare for being so remote but the real treasure here is in the beach. Sit for a sunset and you will understand. Be aware is an 11 mile hike in and an 11 mile hike out. Do your research and get your permits.

Get away from it ALL

LOVED a three day stay here camping on the sand and gazing out over the high bluffs to one of the best sunset views in all Hawaii. Rent a 4WD Jeep, take 80% of the air out of your tires and enjoy.

Local POV

This spot is a great spot next to a shower and restrooms. Little sketchy at first with abandoned cars everywhere and druggies rolling in late at night. Sometimes people play loud music at night. But most nights are pretty nice. A few people also camping makes me feel more safe. One night I saw another’s car next to mine gas cap off, so maybe it was siphoned. Wouldn’t always recommend for the solo tourist.

Western shore of Kauai

The showers are cold.

Glorious beach with mountains in view

rough Ocean current


The beauty here is unbelievable. Just breath taking. A must see!

Take a High-Altitude Break from the Beach

A beautiful, safe, clean campground, run by the State of Hawaii, that can't be beat.

This campground is nowhere near the beach, but brings you to the interior of the island. From here you can view the Kalalau Valley lookout and look out over Waimea Canyon, known as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Also you have access to hike the Alakai Swamp, which is one of the wettest places on Earth, or take a couple-mile hike up to the highest point on the island.

This campground offers indoor toilets and showers, a nice restaurant, and a gift shop.

the campground itself is just OK. A little overmanaged for a wilderness .

the hype does not match the reality. Oh, if you are deaf it is a wonder to behold. The innocent tourists in helicopter tours make it a waste of time and money. Even thou you might be loving the magic which is pervasive, when you leave you will realize you have been cheated.

An Okay Park

After spending 3 weeks in Kaui with my husband, touring lots of beaches and parks, I would say this one was probably my least favorite one. The waters were pretty rough so we Had to walk a ways to find a good spot to get in. We stayed by the beach and did some hiking around the area as well which was beautiful. We did eat at a restaurant that served some of the best fish and chips I’ve had. The hiking trails were also good nearby that had beautiful views of the ocean. The weather this day was super hot, probably the hottest day we had while being here. It did rain once for about 10 minutes and then stopped. We also noticed this beach wasn’t as busy as the others ones we went too. We went down the beach a little ways and found a place where the water wasn’t as rough and got in and did some snorkeling. We saw some really pretty fish!

Had a blast!

My husband and I toured Kaui for 3 weeks, so we were able to visit tons of parks and beaches. On our second week we came to Anahola Beach Park for the day and we really liked it. The waters in some areas were pretty rough so we stayed away from those areas. We did find some areas that had great calm waters that we were able to swim in and do some snorkeling. These areas though were really busy because everyone wanted to be in the water. One thing we noticed about this park was that there was quite a bit of trash on the sand area. We picked up a lot of trash and threw it away. I was surprised about this. There are also some great restaurants nearby. We ate at a Mexican place and it was super yummy, and great price. The weather was really nice when we came, although it was very muggy. I also must have been gotten bitten by some sand fleas here because the next morning I woke up and my ankles had a ton of bites on them. It got a little chilly in the afternoon, and also rained a bit. This is normally for Kaui l, though. Always be prepared and bring a jacket!

Loved it!

my husband and I really loved this beach. The swimming was great. Some areas the waters are a bit rough, but there are some great “ponds” of water that are calm and the best for snorkeling. There is public parking for free, bathrooms and some restaurants nearby. They also have areas up top where you can wash your sandy feet off in. I love when beaches have this because I don’t like dragging sand into my car and hotel. It was pretty windy in the afternoon so I’m glad I brought a light sweater for the afternoon. There was also life guards on duty which was awesome. Always makes me feel a little safer while in the waters. The snorkeling was incredible. Saw so many great fish and took lots of pictures! Highly recommend coming here.

What an incredible place

This place is an absolute dream. The scuba diving here is awesome, snorkeling is great, hiking is incredible and laying by the beach is magical. We spent most of our day by the beach and spent one morning scuba diving. Polihale State Park was one of our favorite places to visit. We did some scuba diving from the park, and it was incredible. The water life was spectacular. We saw so many beautiful fish, a shark, and tons of beautiful coral and plants. We loved everything about this park also. We spent the evening hanging out in the park, enjoying our dinner and watching the sunset. This park was very busy, and I understand why. There is some great restaurants and ice cream shops as well. Highly recommend getting ice cream and bringing it to the park. We loved every minute of being here and can’t wait to visit again.

Beautiful views by the river

The 2.5 mile hike down Waimea Canyon to arrive at this site is worth it for the views alone. The campground is rustic. There is one outhouse and a covered picnic area. Our site was directly on the river. We stayed in the river or on the rocks in the river to swim, cook and hang out as it was the only spot free from mosquitoes. The views from the bottom of the canyon were breathtaking. We were the only campers when we went to bed but woke up to 2 men with horses and hunting dogs staying there.

Camping in Paradise

There is nothing like camping in paradise. Camping also makes paradise a little more affordable. Great site. Just off/on the beach depending on which site you get. The water is great.

Charming but A Park

This wonderful campground is not at all traditional but more of a park (like many campgrounds on Kauai). The market/depot has hot meals, coffee shop, smoothies and more making for a very luxurious stay. The benefit of being atop the mountains is it cools comfortably at night, even in the summer. A lovely place to stay any time.

Locals and Yoga Retreat

Anahola is another local spot for the homeless. Some camps are a bit overrun with folks living out of tents, cars and broken down trucks. Just North of the proper campsite is a Yoga Retreat that offers campsites for $35 a night and offers maintained showers, tentalows (little cabins and deck pads for your tents). The beach is beautiful here but the feel is a little less than comfortable when traveling with all gals. Variety of folks frequent the actual beach for day-use and it’s lovely for that. You’ll want a four-wheel drive vehicle to drive on the beach and the I paved roads throughout this park.

Funny Little County Park

This is a highly used area by locals. The night we arrived, there was a huge birthday party for a few folks with a DJ stand and lights and the whole shebang. The camping is allowed only on the grass so be sure to get a spot underneath the trees. Bathrooms are old and a bit dingy. It’s a fine spot to camp for a few nights with no other option. Really close to Hanapepe which is the town that inspired Lilo and Stitch and has great shops and the best bakery on the island (Midnight Bear).

Developed East Shore Beach Camp

This is the most developed of the campgrounds on Kauai. Camping pads are established, numbered and in very close proximity to each other. The beach front sites are beautiful. Lydia en closes Tuesday at ten through Thursday at noon. Try to get sites close to the beach for good hammock trees, proximity to the ocean and just sheer enjoyment. There is dispersed camping behind the organized campground but it’s a bit sketchy. A really fun playground for the kiddos and some wonderful walking paths within and throughout the campground.

A Canyoned Paradise

The arduous hike in and impending brutal hike out make this campground a haven for those willing the make the trek. There’s a compositing toilet and a shelter with a picnic table in case it rains. Lots of trash from irresponsible hunters/campers near the shelter but the camping pads close to the river are beautiful. TONS of bugs that you can’t really feel biting you so bring really good (and environmentally friendly) bug spray. We took baths with bio soap in the river which flows strongly enough for fresh water (steripen that!) to drink but has small pools to sit in to cool off from the hike and wash up for camping. Lots of roosters and quail, hunters seeks wild pigs down I. The canyon. ATVs come through on occasion but this is a very private campground. Good tree coverage as it rains nearly every day in the canyon. Hikes around the area lead to various waterfalls and natural water slides. Don’t leave valuables in your car (we left our car unlocked to avoid broken windows - 8 piles of shattered window glass on the side of the road when we arrived at the trailhead (pull off on the side of the road to park and go there, no true parking lot).

A Softball Field

This is not an excellent place to stay, it’s a softball field at the edge of Waimea Town and is a campground for a number of homeless people. The bathrooms are dingy and not well maintained, the beach is a mess and the water is murky. As three women traveling alone, we didn’t really feel safe so we opted to a few other spots on the island.

West Shore Swells

Polihale State Park is the longest stretch of continuous beach on Kauai if including Barking Sands and the military zone just south. With campgrounds on the berms (under minimal treeline) and drive-on beach access, your options are pretty expansive at this large campground. We drove onto the beach each night as we had a Jeep (don’t forget you need four-wheel and 20 PSI tire pressure to effectively maneuver on deep sand). Camped right next to our car. Swam under the moon (be careful, swells and currents can be pretty big here and wave break is only about ten feet from the shore). Showers, bathrooms, day use shelters and beyond. There are tons of great private off-chutes between the road and b beach for camping but we liked sleeping close to the waves. Be sure to check tide charts when setting up so the waves don’t reach your tent. Fires are not allowed in state parks but everybody lights small fires anyways. Be sure to light up closer to the water so debris from your fire (ash and the like) wash away. We put in on our last morning here for our overnight kayak trip to Miloli’i (highly recommend that trip even if you do a day trip. Check out Na Pali Kayaks for rentals and guided tours). This was our favorite beach campsite of the trip and can be booked online through

North Shore Paradise

Anini Beach Park is home to a shallow section of reef with a sand bar reaching far out to it. A great place for snorkeling, fishing and crabbing, the campsites lie under a canopy of trees protecting most tents even on the stormiest of nights. Bathrooms and a fresh water shower make this well appointed campground even better. Picnic tables are everywhere and mobile so you can adjust them on the beach camp no matter where you are. Anini is closed on Tuesdays so the are can be cleaned and tended to. You can also set up larger camps on the grass a bit further from the beach but closer to parking. Permits can be acquired at the Parks and Rec offices (one in Lihue right by the airport) or by mail-in application which must be received by Parks and Rec a minimum of a month prior to your stay.


I was lucky enough to go to Kauai on my honeymoon. One of the reasons we picked Kauai was because we knew there were tons of awesome hiking spots and places to camp. We went to Salt Bond Beach for 1 night and really liked it. It was very relaxing, and there were a few different hikes off the beach that we enjoyed. The campground is offered for both residence and those visiting. There are some cool areas that have covered picnic areas as well as places to BBQ. We saw so many people having BBQ's, it looked like so much fun. There are also bathrooms on site, which aren't the cleanest but at least there are bathrooms! The swimming was awesome! I really liked that there was a life guard on duty too. Some places in Kauai do not have life guards, which makes me a little nervous to swim. There were also some food trucks that were close by the beach- we had some fish tacos that were incredible!! We were told that you can literally place your tent wherever you want. There are no marked campsite spots- basically wherever you want to camp, you can camp! I thought this was pretty cool. There was actually a picnic table that was close to the water, and it almost looked like it was buried in the sand! I wouldn't recommend getting too close to the water to tent- only because the waves are crazy and you could wake up submerged in water! Overall, we really liked staying here and would recommend this place! Beautiful!

Nothing special, but only stayed 1 night

Lucy Wright Beach in Kauai was an okay place to stay. My husband and I honestly just stayed here for a night, so it didnt bother us. There was garbage everywhere it seemed like, so it wasnt very clean.This is located near the Waimea Canyon, which was great for us because we wanted to do some hiking in the area. Highly recommend hiking in the Waimea Canyon- its gorgeous. Go early, though, to beat the heat of the scorching sun!! The water isnt the crystal blue color like some of the other beaches in kauai- but again that didnt bother us because we werent there long. Get your permit ahead of time. We got it online before we went to Kauai. Another downside is that there were a lot of homeless camps. Another reason why we only stayed here 1 night. We honestly just stayed here because we knew we were getting up early to hike the next morning. We were maybe here for 6hrs total.

Loved it!

My husband and I stayed at quite a bit of camping spots in Kauai when we were here for our honeymoon for 2 weeks. We stayed at this site, but only for 1 night. We were definitely on the move, looking for great places to stay, hike and eat. This place was great for the night. Located within the Kokee State Park. It was near Kilauea, which is a beautiful town in Kauai. I honestly think this was a spot that not a lot of people come to, because we didnt see very many people. We didnt mind this :). We woke up early in the morning and did 2 different hikes in the area that were gorgeous. The views at the top were stunning. We were close to the Waimea Canyon, which holds so many different hikes. The hike we did started off downhill- downhill the entire way down! This was something I had never done before. Obviously we had to hike uphill on the way up, which was difficult because the sun was out and completely drained me. Should have got an early start for sure! If you stay at this spot I would highly recommend hiking, but getting an early start. There was a really yummy smoothie bar (cant remember name) that was close to the park. We got smoothies after our hike because I was so thirsty and tired!!

An Adventure!

I would highly recommend this place if you are looking to stay somewhere with less people. It was an adventure just getting to this beach area to camp. It was a little difficult, but my husband and I managed. The road leading up to the beach is pretty rough, and about 5 miles long. Thankfully our rental car was a jeep and made it through. The beach also has some pretty big sand dunes, so watch out for this. One thing we really enjoyed was swimming at Queens Pond. This actually is the only place they recommend people swim because the other places have very strong currents. We didnt even try swimming anywhere else because we read the warning signs and knew it wasnt worth it. The campsite does have picnic tables, restrooms and showers. Although the showers are cold, just FYI. There was a trail nearby that was really fun and sandy. Loved staying here, highly recommend.


This was one of my favorite places to visit because it was very close to the Napali Coast which has so much hiking. That is actually one of the reasons we decided to stay here. Can't get any better than staying by the beach, and having access to some of the most beautiful views and hikes in all of Kauai. The trail that we wanted to do the most was the Kalalau Trail. I would highly recommend this hike, but be sure to wear the correct shoes because it definitely gets wet and slippery. We saw some people hiking in sandals, and I just personally didnt think that was the best decision. I was wearing Salomon Trail Runners, and felt that I even was losing my footing. The views of the water is absolutely stunning, and something I am glad I was able to experience. The Haena Beach Park was great. We only stayed there one night, got up early in the morning to begin our long hike. The beach was beautiful, but it was definitely packed. Get here early to reserve your spot. We did some snorkel on the one night we stayed, and it was awesome. We saw some turtles and other wonderful water life creatures. There was a picnic grass area, cold showers, and restrooms. We camped underneath some trees which provided great shade- highly recommend that because it is warm at night. Overall, I loved it here and would have loved to stayed a bit longer!

Hidden (not so hidden) Gem

Polihale is the beach you go to if you are looking for a beach with very few others on it. It's the last beach when driving out to the west side. If you hit the end of the road, you've gone too far. The road out is pretty terrible so if you don't have a car that can handle some bumps, I wouldn't risk it. There are countless times when tourists take their rentals out there and get stuck either in the sand, mud or potholes.

If you manage to make it out there, you will have a good chunk of the beach to yourself. There a pavilions and picnic tables scattered throughout the stretch of beach. My personal favorite is to just throw a towel on the sand, watch for shooting stars, and fall asleep. There is no light pollution so this is also the place to go to capture those beautiful night sky shots.

Hidden, quiet and beautiful

This is one of the most beautiful and unexpected places to see on the island of Kauai. You can camp either in a tent or there are some cabins to check out as well. This is the place to go on the island if you need to get out of the heat and humidity given that its higher up in elevation. Around this area there a some beautiful hikes into the canyon itself. You can do small day hikes to full night trips through the canyon. A must see if your on the island.

The Grand Canyon of Kauai

This is one of the most beautiful and unexpected places to see on the island of Kauai. You can camp either in a tent or there are some cabins to check out as well. This is the place to go on the island if you need to get out of the heat and humidity given that its higher up in elevation. There are countless hikes that bring you to viewpoints of either the Napali Coast or the canyon itself.