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Very pretty

This place is very interesting and fun. We purchased masks and fins from their store, price was marked up to bad. You enter the caved area and wind down the stairs to the water. The light comes through a hole in the ceiling. The fish were swimming all around us. The water was a little chilly but I didn’t need a wetsuit. You can also scuba dive.

Great spot!

I love this park and continue to go back. The Florida Trail is my favorite part of my visits. The cabin we stayed in was small but nice. The ravines are gorgeous. You can access it with a vehicle, but you must walk down many stairs. You can only access the area through the trail. I have seen all kinds of little creatures.


If your happy with paying big money just to be near the beach then this place will be ok for you. 

The problem I have with them is they have campground rules on literature and signs everywhere but they are not unforced. My with was hurt when a dog off his leash jumped on her. Seen many dogs off leach and one person let his large dog do a dump right down near the water and walked away. There are signs saying to stay off the sea wall but everybody was climbing  on it trampling down the vegetation that was planted there to keep the sand in place. I think once they get their money that’s all they must care about. The staff I met was nice so all I can do is blame it on the management.

Nice location

You have to use unpaced road to get there, so keep 4x4 in mind. Place is nice, lake walk, gates, toilets etc is available. Firewood is in forest :)

Beautiful beach

The campsites are not right on the beach. We brought bicycles with us and had a great time biking on the beach. St. Augustine also has a wealth of things to do

Gorgeous St. Auggie Camping

This park has it all. A beach store and grill, campsites, small hiking trails, and miles of wonderful beach. The dunes are amazing. This is truly a best kept secret!

Best almost beach camping.

State park camping at its finest. Located at the beach… great campsites and so much to see in St Augustine.

Gorgeous Wildlife

Many opportunities to spot wildlife close by. The camp is frequented by college students. Bathrooms are clean. Plenty of hiking to be found. Buffalo, deer, eagles, alligators, owls….Visit Sweetwater.

Blue waters

The kayak run was amazing. We used a double seater kayak and it was an adventure. We managed not to fall in the water but it was a team effort. The run even had a small rapids area, very small, but fun for Florida.

We tried to walk-in to camp like the website advised; however, we were informed the website was incorrect and we needed reservations.

Love love love

We have stayed here many times. In cabins or in tent. We like to hike which there is plenty of m. Canoe which they rent. Firewood is available.

We love this place.

We camp and hike here ALL the time. Canoeing, hiking, picnicking and just plain relaxing are on the top of the list. Cleanest bathrooms and quietest camping. Ample space between.

The fish are awesome

We have camped here two times and I’ve enjoyed it both times. The camp sites have no privacy though. The springs are amazing and are highly recommended. The fish swim all around and aren’t scared of swimmers. The springs have several deep caverns. We saw a blue crab crawling up from one of them.

The bathrooms were a mess on our second visit, but still was due to one of the large groups.

Kayaking In the Spring

We spent a day trip here to kayak in the run and then swim afterwards. The park does rentals in the store very easily and picks you up at the end. The.m mill and grounds are worth visiting.

Kids love it

We have camped here twice. Once with kids and once without. The spaces are close together without much vegetation. The bathrooms leave much to be desired. There is a ROBUST raccoon population as well. The springs are refreshing to swim in and the kids loved swimming there.

My favorite place!

People ask me my favorite place camping and this place is my answer. We got to see so many different animals. The park is a bit different than others, you drive outside the park to different locations within the park.

Our first night camping was difficult to sleep because of our college camping neighbors. They had a great time, but it was an isolated incident. Besides that, we got to see so many animals. The park is still damaged from hurricane Irma.

I highly recommend this state park!

Sandy Oasis

This park has many different options for a camper. There aren’t many hiking trails but kayaking and biking are the top things to do. There is an amazing outpost store that sells beer on tap. The campground it quiet, but watch out for ticks!

Small but fun

The park is smaller than I expected, but I enjoyed it. We kayaked, hiked, and biked. The campsite was private, but some sites are smaller than others. The bathroom was a bit of a walk, but had a washer and dyer. The bathroom was clean and well kept with a sink for dishes.

The park store is privately owned and very cool. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed. They have all your camping needs and even have a delicious Tomoka IPA beer. The only downside was they close at 6pm.

The large statue is very interestingness the history is fun to learn.

If you don’t want to hike, you can drive everywhere on the park.

Jungle in the woods

I love this state park and frequent it often. The Florida State Trail passes through the park and is well marked. The ravines section is my favorite area in the park. In the greener months, it feels like a rain forest.

The camp areas are well spaced and located within a fast walking distance from the restrooms. These are some of the cleanest restrooms I’ve seen in my camping experience.

Canoe rentals are available and there is a nice beach for the children to play.

I have never had a bad experience at this park and will continue to camp here.

Family & pet friendly

This is a great campground. The bath houses are spaced out well and nicely maintained . Very quiet. I do recommend reservations since the walk up spots fill up fast. We’ll be back!

Beach camping without the sand!

We went right after a controlled burn so the opposite side of the lake was burned bare and it was still absolutely beautiful. You can hike around the lake during the day and stay up listening for gators at night. The map online isn’t really accurate with regards to bathrooms so be prepared to walk if you book something in the middle.

Great for families

This is top of my list for going camping with a bigger group.

Beautiful spot!

We stayed at a great, free, campground and though it was down pouring when we arrived, we had no issues going down the long road since it was gravel. It was such a beautiful spot and very quiet! Potts Preserve is 8,500 acres and protects the area's groundwater recharge capability and important surface water features and wetland habitats. It is part of the Southwest Florida Water Management District Conservation Lands.


My Family and friends have been here many times. We love it. It's got beautiful woods and gorgeous water.

Beautiful woods! Great for camping!

You have to bring your tent or camper and food and you are set! My family and I love this place.

Nice campground

We enjoyed camping here. It's a beautiful campground.

Beautiful park

This place was very pretty. The water is clear and cold.

Camping next to the Spring

Devil’s Den Spring is a one of a kind spring with diving and snorkeling offered. We camped here and were the only two in the campground since it was summer and their slow season. The bathrooms were clean and showers were available. The store also rented out snorkeling and diving equipment.

Relaxing Camping

The bathrooms and showers were clean. There wasn’t a lot to do in this area, we did try fishing in the lake adjacent to the campground, but didn’t catch anything. The campsites are surrounded by trees and large.

Great Forest/Spring getaway

This campground is in Ocala National Forest, which is always beautiful. The campsites are large, we fit 3 4+ person tents. This was one of the busier places I have camped in Florida. The facilities were clean and provided showers.