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Beautiful and convenient

Each space has a picnic table and fire pit. It's pretty close to the ferry terminal (4 miles?). Outhouse. Close to lots of trails, good fishing, and swimming. Ketchikan is adorable, but considerable fishing and tourism traffic. I would suggest going March-early April. The energy in tourism towns starts building but you get there before the tourists do. Also, there’s just something special about the crisp, spring air.

Epic Moorage for Camping & Hiking

With small to medium vessel anchorage just 8 miles South of Ketchikan, this is a conveniently located & beautiful getaway. Enjoy hiking Black Mountain Trail from shore.

Beautiful Tongass National Forest

Beautiful forest & not far from Ward Lake. Conveniently near Ketchikan, 7 miles north of downtown, & just 4 miles north of the State ferry terminal. The campground is on Signal Creek & Ward Lake. Ward Lake used to have amazing fishing before a now defunct dam was placed on the creek. Hopefully it will be removed & the amazing runs of salmon will return!

Epic tide flats & Curious 🦅

Great tidal zone for exploring extreme minus tides.

Little Paradise

Beautiful semI-remote location. Sleeping for six, beachfront and lots of places to explore. Accessible both by road or via ocean. Outhouse privy, counter space and wood stove. Views are breathtaking! Outdore fire ring and bench is a bonus!

Polk Camp million dollar experience

Stayed there numerous times, usually in fall for hunting. If this were private property it would be worth several million. Ranch style building was converted from a surveyor camp to a rental cabin 2 years ago. Drive right up to it on your own gated road. Call to get code, number below. The view of Polk Inlet is stunning. Fantastic crabbing and fishing at certain times. Easy to bring a boat or ATV's to cruise hundreds of miles of logging roads in the area. Cabin has running hot and cold water (as of last year…check before you go at 907-826-3271 Forest Service). A shower and sinks, but no toilet due to septic regulations. Sleeps as many as you want: 3 bedrooms with one bunk rack each. Wood stove.

Twelvemile Cabin a delight

I've stayed here numerous times. Your view is a majestic saltwater inlet with mountains as the backdrop. A gradual, wheelchair-accessible gravel path leads to a roomy, light cabin, done in local cedar. Many windows, large living area and adjoining room with 2 bunks. Young growth hemlock all around. Great crabbing in bay directly in front of cabin. All you need is a Canoe and a crab pot! Drive right to the trailhead, trail is an easy 5 min walk. Twelvemile Arm is a fantastic area for kayaking, and excellent hunting (deer and bear) as well. Wood stove.

Pristine, Cozy Cabin, Adventures

One of our favorite sites in Alaska!

The cabin is big, cozy, and affordable. There are big rocky outcroppings that you can explore, hang hammocks, and watch the waves come in. It's really a magical place, the mossy growth on the ground makes for good tent camping if you have more people than can fit in the cabin. Lots of wildlife too, and you feel SO secluded. Worth every second.

Also, make sure you look UP because the night sky is amazing.

Amazing Views and old growth trees

Managed to visit for an overnight on a sunny weekend-a miracle! Beautiful views and great secluded camping areas. Great little hikes with beautiful water features (not quite what I would consider waterfalls). Great views of the ocean too and beach combing if your up for exploring. Old growth trees I couldn't stretch my arms around! Not sure I'd wanna be caught our camping here in the rain but in the sun it was amazing!!!

Signal creek Ketchikan alaska

Great camping, stream fishing, hiking

Beautiful Alaska campground

Stayed at the Signal Creek Campground, next to Ward Lake. Gorgeous lake, great trail around the lake to walk (Easy for kids to do with you). Dog friendly. Places around the lake to see wildlife and scenery.

Campground was near the main road, so a bit noisy for Alaska…..but quiet overall.

Secluded spot near the summit

The hike to get up to the Deer Mountain shelter is relatively difficult. It's only around 3 miles hiking, but the hike is continuously uphill. Views are stunning once reaching the top. The shelter is cozy, enough space for 2 people with a tiny sitting area and built in table on the lower level and a small loft for sleeping as well. A few yards away from the shelter, there's a pretty basic outdoor toilet, but it was nice to have that as an option! Not every day that you get to answer nature's call on a mountaintop loo nestled between several small ponds.

The only downfall is that the small stove inside of the shelter was busted when I stayed there (in July), and I'm not sure when it will be fixed up again. The shelter is also first come first serve, so it could be an issue if someone's already claimed it for the day. Though there are plenty of open, flat areas nearby that could easily be camped on as well.