No Fires
No Pets
No Drinking Water
About Hardscrabble Bottom Campground
National Park Service
No ADA Access
No Drinking Water
No Electric Hookups
No Fires
No Pets
Not Reservable
No Sanitary Dump
No Sewer Hookups
No Showers
No Toilets
No Water Hookups
Hardscrabble Bottom Campground is located in Canyonlands National Park in Utah
38.4524 N
-110.0114 W
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1 Review of Hardscrabble Bottom Campground
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Gorgeous sunset river camp. Terrible swarm of bugs!

First of the road to get there is pretty sketchy. Some gnarly long long hefty climbs and holes. We took our time slowly and on 4 LO. Plus the views, we took to long and had to drive into the place as it was getting dark. So it got dangerous. a good portion of the road was a long stretch of cliff edge.. scary as it was getting dark. However, the sunset glowing over the canyons and the mighty colorado river was majestic. Stunning Stunning stunning views. Camp in the evening was great. Large clean vault toilet restrooms near the river. Amazing.

however….. the morning… the river makes for a nice view, but also a good home for bugs. I literally woke up to bugs, mosquitos, tiny ones, gnawing at the screen of my tent ready to take a bite of my flesh. We had all different types of bug spray, candle repellents…. none of which worked. We we're almost being eaten alive, and as soon as the sun came up, it was baking our skin. Bug biting burning sun rays, really hit us… we quickly packed up and left before the temperatures got to a hundi…

well only come back in cooler temperatures..and large netted tents.. and netted head mask…