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Canyonlands Needles Outpost is located in Canyonlands National Park in Utah
38.1745 N
-109.7409 W
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13 Reviews of Canyonlands Needles Outpost
Beautiful and Quiet

We got in late so definitely didn’t get to enjoy this one as much as we had hoped. It is quite a ways out and while they do have gas, fill up beforehand! Very little (if any) cell service. But it was amazing! So dark that the sky was just shimmering and everyone around us was very quiet. Kids enjoyed the rock behind the site while we made meals. Sun was beautiful rising in the morning. Was a quick ride over to the Needles district of Canyonlands where we enjoyed the Cave Spring Trail especially with our kids and a very short amount of time we had. Would love to come back here and get to enjoy the site longer.

Another planet

I chose the Needles area of Canyonlands NP on accident while on a road trip. I had no idea how desolate it was out there but ended up being an incredible experience as I only saw a handful of other humans while in the park. Needles Outpost was really great aside from some noisey neighbors and bathroom facilities need some work and cleaning. Gas at the campsite store is expensive so fill up your tanks before you arrive! Camp spot 5 (I think) is the one in my photo, owner said it’s one of the best but I had quite a massive swarm of different kinds of ants to contend with. Made it nearly impossible to cook on the nice picnic table/fire ring they had set up without shucking and jiving lol…

An Oasis

Stayed here with my family of 6 in June, 2020.  We arrived on a Saturday and we have a huge tent so the owners gave us part of the Small Group Site.  On the map it is the second little drive-in to the right in the Small Group Site.   This was right up against the rocks to minimize wind on our tent.  We were able to put the majority of the tent under the trees to keep it cool and shady.  

The bathrooms were adequate, though one of the men's showers was closed.  You can stretch your shower time ($3 for 5 minutes) by shutting the shower off while you lather as that time doesn't count and doing that 5 minutes was plenty of time.  The showers could use a little TLC and a paint job, but they were fine for all of us with good water pressure.

Campground was extremely quiet, which was nice, and the kids loved climbing the mountain behind us.  Of course it's within 2 minutes of the Canyonlands entrance which makes it incredibly convenient.  I've stayed in the Canyonlands campgrounds, and they are nice, but the bathroom and showers is great when you're traveling with teens and toddlers.

Also convenient to have the store there for extra ice, even though it's understandably expensive ($5/bag).

Secluded, privately owned campground right on the SE edge of Canyonlands

One of the best campsites I've stayed at! This privately owned campground is owned by a very friendly couple and has a small amount of reservation-based sites. Most all of the campsites are fairly separated and secluded. The entire campground sits in-front of a huge red rock structure that is climbable and explorable making each (or at least campsite #4) feel infinitely large. The fact that the campgrounds faced west towards the sunset made for some amazing evenings. The couple that owns it is very friendly and nice, they have clean facilities, $3 showers and a mini market in the check-in house. Would highly recommend this campsite for exploring Needles. **FYI it will take at least 2 hours to drive from this campground to other areas of Canyonlands because there are NO roads that go through the park.**

Canyonlands is an extended Grand Canyon, less crowded!

Definitely consider visiting Canyonlands, it's like a sister of the Grand Canyon but less crowded. There's plenty to see and do, including viewing roaming bison, looking at underpasses, and great views of the needlepoints. There's also a section where there's primitive trilobytes, and depending on when you visit, you'll be able to see the rock that appears to stand up on a tiny tip. Really worth seeing as it contains hundreds of canyons, each with different textures, depending on which side of the park you start driving into.

Only services for miles!

Great place if campsites nearby are full or you want to guarantee a spot. Small store if you forget something. 

Others have mentioned the bathroom issues, which weren't great, but it's a campground, in the desert, water is a limited resource out there.

Steps Out of the Wild

This outpost offers supplies and clean bathrooms for all those staying there. Campsites are fairly close together but light pollution is low and most are in bed by 9:30. Other sites are clearly visible as vegetation in the desert is low, but the access to Needles in Canyonlands is amazing! When I went in April, 2018 and did multiple hikes My favorite was a moderately hard Druid’s Arch hike. Campground was clean when we got there and there was plenty of wood around the campsite for two nights of fires. The one star taken off is for being able to see and hear neighbors. However, while you can see and hear neighbors, you can sleep well knowing that no wildlife will come inspect the campsite in the middle of the night. Overall, this was a great experience and an amazing jumping point for incredible hikes.

Near the Canyonlands Needles District. Remote bit has the necessities.

Operated privately and inside the park. Tent and RV sites. Flush toilets, sink, coin operated showers. Host has a store with ice cream and essentials. Also sells the only gas ($6/gal) if you need it. We found the owners and extended family helpful and nice. Bathrooms could use renovation but they worked. Price was $23/night and sites included a fire ring and picnic table. We were encouraged to climb the red rock which encompasses the sites, which ended up being just as fun as exploring the park.

Great views, but exposed and sandy

I'm sad to be the first non-five star review, but want to give folks a heads up about this campground so they can be prepared and hopefully have a great time.

First of all the drive out to the campground is really long, but beautiful. Make sure you have everything you need with you because your options are the outpost store and that's about it.

The campground is set up against some large rock formations. Those site set along the rock seemed to be nicer and more protected from the elements, but because of when we arrived to the campground we were limited to one of the more exposed sites.

Bathrooms and showers were pretty nasty. We had been on the road for days but both opted to hold off on showering because we were fairly certain we would have come out of the shower dirtier than we would have entered. Frankly I expected more from a private hosted campground.

The biggest issue for us was the sand and wind. The sand was super fine and got into everything. Upon arriving we started to set up our tent and at this point on the trip we had been car camping for a week so had the set-up and breakdown of our camp down to a science. Nevertheless after getting the tent set up very quickly and only opening the door to put a few pieces of gear in, there was a solid layer of sand inside the tent. We realized that rainfly or not, anything that was placed outside was going to get covered in sand. We opted to put some of our gear and cooler in the tent and we slept inside of the car.

Not sure what the solution would have been other than a solid-walled tent, maybe with a large closed off vestibule, but hope others might be able to bring gear to help minimize this issue. There were some other tent campers at the campground, but most folks had campers or RVs. My one thought is that the sites around the rock formations would have provided more protection.

Overall Canyonlands was beautiful and I wish we had spent more time there.

Canyonlands rocks..

This place was really really excellent. its mostly walk ins i believe. This place has something for the whole family. The coolest thing was the Teepees for rent. I can imagine some young kids would have a blast with that. Canyonlands and arches both are amazing. This campground gives you some sweet but set pics.

Enjoy and make sure you swing into the little store if you need anything. (a bit over priced)