Danielle R.

Paul, ID

Joined June 2016

Lost in the fire

This campground was burned in the pioneer this summer (2016) and will need a few years to recover. When it does recover it's worth the trip. Rather quiet as people don't know about it really. There are 2 natural hotsprings near by that you can drive to without having to pay for the higher hotspring prices.

Goblin Valley

This place was really cool to see. I'd always heard about it but this was my first time going. We had a campsite by the cliffs that had cool rock formations that resembled little goblins. The site had a covered and walled in picnic table because the winds can get pretty nasty out there with all the dust and there wasn't a lot of shade so the covering was nice for that. The site we were at was 25 bucks a night but that also included the park fee. The site wasn't in the park itself but was near by. There were flush toilets and showers as well which is always a plus while camping. We had a good time here and it was fun even just sticking around the camp site all day.

Gorgeous Red Rocks

The sites were in the middle of the red rocks. It was a site you can only find in this area. it was gorgeous. Each site was pretty far away from each other which was nice. Downside there wasn't any water so we had to go to the visitors center and fill up our containers before we headed to camp each night. Also we were a tent in an RV spot which they were okay with. 30 bucks for night was fairly steep in my mind but it was a wonderful view so it was okay for a few nights.

First to Review
Great hiking!

The campsite was close to the trailhead to go up to the caves on top of mount Timpanogas. It was a wonderful experience. The cave tour really is a must see even if you just day trip up to it. The sites were nice. People were polite and stuck to the quite hours. There was a drop toilet within walking distance from our site and a water spigot. The sites were spacious and relaxing.

not all its cracked up to be

We stayed here for 5 days and it was okay for sleeping. On the website we reserved a "private space" but it was no where near private. We went during "jeep week" which is apparently a busy time for the town. The site was small. It has a small 2-3 foot fence on three sides to "block out the other sites". There was no privacy. There was a covered picnic table and a fire pit. There was a water spigot near by for all the sites to share. There were no trees in the site, just one by the water spigot in the middle of the col de sac like circle and some on the other side of the fence by the creek. There were showers and flush toilets at the front behind the gas station and port a jons by the tent sites. There was also a pool and I think a hot tub? it was too cold to swim when I was there so I didn't go in there but I saw kids playing there when I checked in. Overall, it was a cheap place to stay when the whole town is over run by jeeps but if you have other options you might look into that.

Room with a view

We were lucky to get a campsite on the ocean and it was amazing. Falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean was a first for me. The campgrounds were a bit crowded but it was nice that there were showers in the visitors center. Overall I would recommend visiting here because it was an amazing camping experience for me.

Lake side

Lots of little critters came to visit us while we were there. The sites were pretty small but there was space for a tent, a fire ring and a table. There are also bathrooms for the campground so you don't have to "take a hike". We were a short walk from the water and there are lots of hiking trails along the hills a short distance away. It was a good weekend trip.

Let the adventures begin

This is one of my favorite sites. I loved how you can camp right on the red rock. It was breath taking. I'm wishing I was there again just writing this review. There was water and electrical hook ups as well as an outhouse but really the whole ambiance of the site is why you should come. This is one of the few sites that ive been to that I would almost rather stay at my site and enjoy the view than drive around and find a view. Ive told all my friends if they ever consider going to this area to check out this campground. A.MAZE.ING.


I liked this site a lot. Usually the tent sites are cramped and not a lot of spare space but this place had plenty of space for all our gear around the site. There are two docks within walking distance and a little bird watching spot that was nice to have. I wasn't from the area so I got to see bird species that aren't usually up north with me. It was a fun time. We spent 2 nights there fishing and hiking and I would go back if I had the chance. There was water, electricity and a pretty nice bathroom set up. It was worth the stay.

Clear water

took a while, coming from the idaho side to find a place to put in out paddle boards but we eventually just paid the 10 dollars and parked at the marina. The beach was walled in with private beaches that I wasn't allowed access in. I was disgusted by the greed of it but once getting on the water it was beautiful. The water is so clear you can see all the way to the ground. Simply amazing. The campground was nice. There were very considerate campers around us that weren't too loud at night. I didn't see the host, we just paid at the box and went to the site. There's a fire pit and table. There's electrical hookups in the sites which was nice because we ended up having cell service and we could charge our cameras.

Fun for all!!!

We stopped by for the night after visiting the state park to meet up with some friends and I'm so glad we took the detour! The site was a little tight. We had one close to the cabins that you can rent and there was just enough room for all our vehicles and tents but not much more. There was the usual picnic table and fire pit. There was a communal spigot for water which is fine. Its more often a luxury for each site to have their own so I wasn't expecting that in this tent spot. but the campground was a different world. Yogi bear's world really.. My friends kids had a blast. There were scheduled activities all day long and the guys were able to go fishing in the nearby lake. We all had a blast. I would go back in a heart beat.

Private places

I loved the wooded campsites that seemed to block out everyone else. It gave it such a nice feel to get you close with nature. Each site had water (as far as I could tell) and there were hot showers which is always a bonus while camping. The lake was wonderful! I took my dogs swimming and they loved it!

Come for the town.

We came to see the town, because when passing through NM you have to stop and see how their Vegas compares, you know. The town was pretty neat! I loved all the history there. The KOA on the other hand has seen better days. The hosts were really sweet people but the establishment needed some fixing. The showers weren't very clean and it seemed like the faucet was going to fall out of the wall.. So overall.. if you were going to stay here I would suggest spending most of your time in the town because the camp site isn't worth while…

My kind of camping!

I love camping where you aren't by people. This place is great. The loop is a little over 2 miles up and down the dunes and there are a few designated camp sites around the loop. This place is among my favorites because its just you and nature (and the occasional creature sneaking around in the night). The white sand looks like snow but it was hot when I went so that was a new experience for me. A bit of a sensation confusion but oh so worth it.

Beautiful getaway

I loved this place! I'm a water lover so having the stream near by was amazing. I try and go back every year or so.


It's a nice place if you want to fish but over all not much to see at the campground itself. It is a short distance to all the waterfalls in twin and caldren Lynn.

Being in hot water has never been do nice. Mk

Fun easy place to camp. In the winter you have to hike in because the bridge is closed. The pools are right on the water and hot year round. Down side is its not the most natural camping with only a few trees.

Favorite camp spot

I go at least once a year up to this. Depending on how high the river is there are anywhere from 2 to 10 hot pools to soak in and it is the most beautiful views. Please pack trash out with you and if you see others trash help out and pick it up to keep it beautiful.