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Well Equipped Campsites

We made a reservation for a tent site and found the rate very reasonable. Sites are well equipped with water, a fire pit with grill grate, picnic table, and pole to hang food if necessary. Bathrooms and dumpster area are clean and well lit. The park hosts were very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the short trails that were accessible from the campsite. Saw deer in the camp area and enjoyed (mostly) watching the big yellow garden spiders building their webs next to the trail in the morning.

Fun and activity Filled!

My family of five enjoyed our stay at Splashway Campground. We liked that the easy access and closeness to the waterpark as well as the other activities the campground offered. We played chess, checkers, on the playground.. there is laser tag and a catch and release pond as well. We were unable to play the miniature golf because it is all rock and green so I was unable to wheel my toddlers stroller and wasn’t going to hold him the whole time. Our only complaint was that the particular spot we reserved was very close to the other spots. A travel trailer pulled in late last night to the spot next to us and when we came out the next morning we practically walked right into their camper. The ‘A’ section had a few sites that were spaced out but most were very close together! The golf carts also are really expensive. Just for a 4 seater it was $114 a day. They allow you to bring your own golf carts or side by sides but no four wheelers. Will be bringing our side by side next time for sure!

Very fun park

It’s a very fun park for the whole family. My boys and nephews enjoyed the water slides. They have activities for all the family. I believe they have movie night every Saturday night. The park is lots of fun buuut it needs a lot of updates

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It made My 5 Days Vacation Awesome

I just took my 5 days holiday to enjoy with my family at other location away from our home. So I thought to do some research and come with at 2-3 location so that my kid can choose. Kids choose to go to Bay City, Texas from Midfield. Then I was looking for RV Parks in Bay City For My Rented RV, Then I can to know about 60 North RV Park. After reaching there I see their ground was green and was also providing free cable but we didn’t took that as our goal was to spend time with family. There were more feature like laundry, clean washrooms etc. we played sports and other physical games kids enjoyed very much there. I want to write more here is only limited space, If you are also planning for RV Tours Best rv park near bay city is 60 north rv park. I strongly recommend for your family time[http://RV Park near Markham](http://RV Park near Markham)

Amazing park close to Houston

Great park. The trails are very basic but are fun to ride bikes on or go hiking. The RV sites are pull through with full hookups. The sites are large and have plenty of room to enjoy nature. The kids love just riding off on their bikes and exploring the park. We come to this park about twice a year as its a great park near Houston for a quick getaway weekend.


Went again, and we saw gators at the nature center. Cool

Quiet and peaceful

If you go in the summer you need to watch out for mosquitoes. The observatory is amazing on clear nights.🏕🚀

Nice pake to take the kids.

This park has pavilions, playgrounds, a pool, baseball and basketball courts. You can boat around the pond. They do have cabins to rent.

Quiet state park

Great state park with ample campsites. Watch for alligators when you fish! They have a nice visitor information area where you can learn about the park and maybe hold a baby alligator. They also have a star gazing show at the Observatory. Book ahead because they fill fast.

Great and brought the dogs

We tented here late spring so it was hot and quiet. The sites are very open and not super shaded, but they are fairly big. There is. Nice trail system to walk or bike and lots of wildlife. Kept hearing a loud shriek at night and figured it out to be an owl! (Sound in video)

Beautiful grounds, great pool and fantastic gym!

Normally I stay away from the pool at campgrounds, bc they are overrun with kids and look pretty dingy. However, this one is like hotel quality and the hot tub is clean. The gym is pretty awesome too! I'm not big on amenities, bc they are always lackluster… but when done right, wow! We were at a PT FHU right up front by the gate with a little plot of grass and nice metal picnic table. There was a little confusion about the site, but the staff was great. We will 100% stay here again.

Great overnight

Stayed overnight in a pull thru site. Close to the interstate, friendly staff and lovely sites with big trees.

Beautiful park

Very nice park close to my home in Houston. Have not camped yet but it is on my radar. Enjoyed the center where they bring out the snakes and baby gators. Nice for bicycles and fishing. Will return soon

Clean camp area

Free camping geared towards river use (raft/kayak/canoe). Great rest stop while on the Colorado River. The next access site is 18 miles downstream. Overnight camping is available on a first-come, first served basis with 4 sites available. Each site has a picnic table and grill. Very soft sand and great shell spot.

Local kids have made this into a party spot so the authorities can get suspicious of people just camping without river use.

No frills, cheap campground near Houston

We stayed here for a week in early March 2019. The park is a bit on the dumpy side. They have some full-time residents with a few questionable practices. To each their own, but it makes the campground look trashy in spots. However, the campground was very quiet and very cheap. Full-hookup with free 3 mbps Wifi (faster speeds are paid) and cable. It was $154 for the week. We didn’t try the cable since we were only there a week. We did not use the Wifi either as our internet hotpot connection with AT&T and Verizon was excellent. They also have a laundry room with machines that accept credit card. The manager, Donna, was very nice. She made sure we had what we needed and that we understood the rules of the park. It was around 40 minutes or so to the things we wanted to do in downtown Houston which was great. It met our expectations as a non-frill RV park. Overall, we would stay here again due to the cost and the easy access to downtown Houston.

Alligators OH MY!!!

Brazos Bend is alligator headquarters! This is my son's favorite park, right up next to Dinosaur Valley State Park. So first i'll tell you that the facilities are nice and pretty new it looked like. There are tent, group, equestrian, and RV sites, plus cabins and screened shelters. They have a few hike and bike trails, but nothing very challenging or long, but everything else they have is what makes it the bomb!

There are six lakes, a creek, and the Brazos river in the park, so if you go during summer take bug spray, or bugs will eat you alive. Also tons of spiders…so yeah. You can fish at some of the lakes, and most of the lakes have a viewing pier where you can bird watch and look for big alligators.

OK, the Nature center is the coolest thing ever!!! They have snakes, spiders, and lots of fun stuff for kids. My son got to touch a king snake and a baby alligator, which was so cool. They also have lots of planned activities going on, so make sure you check the calendar or ask a park ranger if they have an event going on. We got so lucky that they had a group of alligator hatchlings that they brought out for all the kids to see and did a whole informative, interactive discussion. They brought out like 60 baby alligators in tubs and showed the kids how they feed them and how they would release them back into the wild. It was the most amazing thing! They made sure every kid got to touch one, and there were a lot of kids.

So yeah alligators are awesome, but on top of all of that, there is an observatory in the park. If you go on the weekends they have tours and shows at the observatory. There is an extra fee, but it is well worth it.

Bring a hat, sunscreen, good shoes, and bug spray is a must!

Relaxing in the woods

Quite, very patrolled by its staff driving by every hour, great hiking trails, well maintained and close to Houston

Fun for ALL!

I took a trip here with my husband, our son (3yo), my sister-in-law, her husband, their daughter(1yo), and a total of 4 dogs! We had an absolute blast! Since we live in Houston and my sister-in law lives in Corpus Christi, TX we all wanted to get out of the city and just enjoy nature. So glad we chose to camp here. We stayed for a total of 4 nights in tents! My husband and I got there first and the park ranger said we were the first to check in, so we could choose the site we wanted. We wanted a site fairly close to the bathrooms because of the kiddos, one big enough to fit us all, and also one with a lot of shade because it was hella hot! We chose site 72 and it worked really well. Just be aware if your going with a group, the big sites do not have much shade.

We decided to do a bit of hiking with the kids and this place was perfect for a family trip.The trails were beautiful and easy to get through (marked well) with all of us and the staff was helpful and kind enough to let us know which ones were closed (aftermath of Hurricane Harvey). Most of the trails were short (less than a mile), so if you are looking for a place for moderate or extreme hiking, it is not here, but for the kids, these were perfect! Obviously in Texas the land is pretty flat in most places, so there wasn't much incline at all. We were able to go on every trail with rest and snacks in between for little ones. There is also fishing, but because of Harvey everything was still in clean up mode. Being from Houston, we definitely understood that it would take some time to get everything going again. It seemed like Hurricane Harvey turned the outermost trails/ longest trails into a big creek bed. It literally just washed everything out.

The facilities were old, but very well taken care of and clean! Very few bathrooms and showers, so if you are going during peak season be aware you could be waiting in line (especially the girls restroom/showers). During our stay there were many Boy Scout groups camping and many others, but thankfully I am an early riser, and got to the showers by 6 AM with no wait! Also if you have kids or a small bladder get a site close to the bathrooms otherwise it could be little walk from one of the other sites because of the way they are spaced out.

The campsites were very clean and we watched a few times as people left that the rangers would come out and clean them immediately! Also firewood is for sale on site and it not expensive. We had to go back twice to get wood and the lady who was there was so sweet and gave us extra just in case for no extra cost.There is a fire-pit with a grill rack at ever site which is helpful. We brought some foil to just put over the rack to cook burgers and it worked well! They have RV campsite, Water-only campsites, walk-in sites, group sites, and I believe screened group shelters for youth camps and such.

This state park is a great little place! We have a state park pass so we try to visit as many as possible and obviously our entry fee is free, but we enjoy the history and education they provide as well. This park is only 30 miles from Houston and about 8 miles from a Bucee's (worlds best gas station) in case you need any supplies or gas. We will definitely come back to this one!


If alligators are what you want to see, you will find them here. We stayed in the primative campground in a tent and had no problems with alligators coming in the campsite. They are in the lake and swamp area and may be sunning on the hiking trails. They won't bother you if you walk around them. The picnic sites and pavilions are nice.

Good Campground, Not Much to Do

Our campground had trails right nearby which was convenient & fun. It was relatively flat which made the tent easy to set up, & it also had sufficient trees for hammocks. The picnic table was a little rickety but nothing I wouldn’t expect for an outdoor wooden table. The bathrooms were nice & clean! The park offers some pretty fun trails, but a lot of them were closed because of storm damage when we camped. There is a convenient place to launch kayaks & canoes just outside of the park which a nice ranger informed us about. All in all it was a great experience!

Relaxing state park

This is a simple state park with lots of information on wildlife, and, if you're lucky, you'll spot alligators. No need to strap on the hiking backpack or anything like that because all the trails are flat. I didn't spot any alligators, but I did come across a huge feral hog. After a few seconds of a standstill, he ran away and I continued on the trail.

Bustling Brazos

Great park for wildlife viewing and walking trails. There is always something interesting going on in the swamp! Very hot in the summer! Wonderful for day use and camping.

Great for gator sitings

This is a great park and there are a lot of awesoms trails. The best part is the gators that come out to sun bath. You can be sure to see them on every visit to Brazos!

great park..

It is a nice public park with nice (albeit short) hiking trails. The only downside is the only camping is basically in the middle of a field and catered more towards RV's (in my opinion). It has nice facilities though.

Gators... need I say more?

We love Brazos bend. Any time we have family come into town we make sure to take them to see our gator neighbors. if you don't like spiders this may not be a spot for you!

Great shelter, clean showers & toilets

We stayed at Stephen F Austin State Park in Texas in early May 2018. We went as a family with 3 kids (3yrs, 5yrs & 7yrs old).

We had a screen shelter that was powered and had a light. It was a great spot with close access to the showers and toilets (we were shelter number 1).

The walking trails we nicely kept. Some were closed but still able to go for a decent walk around the ones that were open. We saw deer grazing in the long grass and early evening the fireflies came out which was so lovely and relaxing to watch.

Park hosts and volunteers was all very friendly and helpful too. One had a hummingbird feeder set up and we saw a hummingbird feeding.

The playground was very basic - 4 swings and a sandbox only.

We will definitely be going back again as if is only a 1 hour drive from Houston.

Just like a public park that you can camp

We stayed here for five days and our pop-up camper hooked up to electric and water for free. Very safe park staff around all the time. Plenty of shade. Free showers but not with hot water. Two awesome play grounds. Jogging trails. The only downside is how many people there were everywhere. And the park closes at 10 o’clock and you can’t get in or out until 7 AM. This frustrated me because it was my husbands and My anniversary and we wanted to go to Showboat Drive in movie theater we found a way around it by going and when the movie let out at 1:30 in the morning we just parked the car to Walmart and put our sunvisor up and slept in the car and then went back at seven in the morning but still very frustrating

Texas round trip

Before we stopped at the Brazos park we went from Pottsville Arkansas to the beaches in Texas .Started out in Houston and seen the San Jacinto Monument , The Washburn Tunnel, Aquaworld in down town Houston. Went over some Big bridges . Than we went to the beach in Galveston and spend the night in the back of my explorer what a night great view and the breeze was nice . The next day moved on to travel down the coast to the Port Aransas and crossed on the ferry heading to Mustang Island beach. Than passing Corpus Christi down to Padre Island . Can't remember the name of the beach we spend the night on . The next morning we headed out away from the coast and back towards home . This it where we stopped at the Brazos park and sleep in one of the screened rooms . The park was beautiful and the moss on the trees make you think you have gone back in time . But a last we have to go home!

Soft Reopening

SFA was closed after Harvey. They are slowing bring the park back to full strengh. You can still see alot of strom debre along the trails. Stayed in the Larger Group Site with about 30 people. Big enough for all the enjoy and run around. A few fire ants but nothing crazy. Nice setup for a large group. The two minus; they don't have a larger cental firepit for a group setting and while they have about 5-6 tables they are spread out. If they had 2 together that would easier

The alligator park!

Brazos Bend is know as the Alligator Park…and for good reason! Of you go on a moderate temperature day (this is the key. If it is too hot or cold you won't see Gators) you can see literally dozens of massive alligators. We are talking 6 feet long and right on the pathway. It's a fun adventure! There is a small nature centre where you can pet baby Gators and learn about them. Lots of pretty trails and look outs.