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Best of Yellowstone

Ok, I can honestly say only stayed in two of Yellowstone’s campgrounds, but of the two this one was my favorite, and I would pick it again in the future. The campground was beautiful to me. The restrooms were clean and heated. The building where you go to check in, also contains laundry facilities and showers. With each night stay, you receive two showers at no cost. Also very close to this campground, there were shops, restaurants, grocery store, and gas station. Short drive to reach the falls as well. Hiking trails as well.

Lakeview campground on meadowlark lake

Wr saw a moose by the lake one morning. Open parking spots. Great host!


there are several campgrounds along the 20 mile dirt road to this campground. there are also several lakes, paintrock lakes and medicine lodge lakes. there was a microburst a few weeks ago so there a lot of trees blown over, really cool to see.


nice place to camp, lots of trees beautiful drive through the campsites

Nice campground

Nice campground in Yellowstone National Park. Sites were close together, but they had some nice amenities such as dishwashing room off bathrooms (flush toilets), visitor center very close by with restaurants and gift shops, an amphitheater with ranger shows, shower access and laundry. We really liked it here and will come back again. We were there in June and it snowed the day we left, so be prepared for some unpredictable weather.

Best location!

We camped in the F Loop for three nights in July 2018. This campground is great because they sell firewood until late, the shower facilities are clean and private, and it is in the best part of the park! The geysers are great, but my favorite areas are Yellowstone Lake and Lamar Valley. Canyon Campground is right between these areas, providing a great starting point for your daily adventures! The campsites do not have tent pads, so you just put your tent up wherever there’s a flat spot. There are lots of trees, and even though the campground was full, it didn’t feel crowded!


this campground is great! There is a stream for good fly fishing and we always see a bunch of wildlife!

10/10 would recommend

Stayed here multiple times with friends and family and loved it! There is a ton of area to hike and spots to fish all over!

Central Location

I loved this campground because it was so close to many things. The cell reception was great as well (for Yellowstone). They also had a really nice visitor center and several different, reasonably priced places to eat.

July 2018: Nice staff

This KOA has nice wide lots and friendly staff. Laundry room was clean and cheap. near a highway but not terribly noisy. would stay again.

Ranger Review: Natures Coffee Kettle at Sheridan Big Horn KOA

Campground Review:

This KOA is easy access from I-90. That being said, bring your ear plugs, you are near the interstate. I stayed here for 3 nights while attending the American Legion State Baseball Tournament. I chose this campground because they have WiFi and shower facilities.

The camp ground managers are very nice folks! I talked baseball every day with the host and he shared stories of his baseball days. Very nice man who had his work cut out for him battling all the down branches and mess from the thunderstorms that rolled through each day. Cost was $32.88 w/ tax each night for a tent site without power (add $5 if you want a power source). Considering the WiFi and free shower facilities and only 1 mile from the ball park, it was the best value for me. If traveling with family/friends, the campground offers quite a few activities on site. They had a basketball court, horseshoe pits, mini golf, swimming pool, and some fun looking tricycles!

This place was very clean! The bathrooms were spotless each time I used them, regardless of time of day. The showers were very clean, the temperature fluctuated some while using, but nothing to complain about. Free coffee in the office. Laundry facilities do cost, but i didn't use these during my stay, so I can't say much about them. Sites are close together, that would be my only disappointment, but that is very normal for these kinds of commercial campgrounds. Which is the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

The Big Horn Mountains are very close by and full of adventure. The town of Sheridan has a very nice downtown area with quaint shops and cafes. There are numerous museums in the area with relics of the history of the area.

Product Review: Natures Coffee Kettle - Brazilian Mountain Blueberry Bear with my product demo video…i was half asleep. Round 2 went much smoother! So, how this works: You are provided a Mylar bag that had a spout and a zip-lock seal. There are 2 compartments, in the upper compartment you will find a large bag of coffee grounds tea bag style. The slower you pour the water over the grounds, the stronger your brew will be. Once you have your water added and it has ran through into the bottom chamber, you can seal the zip-lock and hold the bag upside down to brew the coffee even stronger. I highly recommend doing this. The Mylar bag is not insulated, so I would recommend storing the brewed coffee in a thermos or insulated mug once you've completed the brewing process. I wasn't a huge fan of the Mountain Blueberry flavor, but really enjoyed the Guatemalan coffee I tried the next morning. I will be taking Natures Coffee Kettle with me in a couple weeks when I climb the Grand Teton! Coffee at Base camp and at the high camp on summit day! Cheers!

Scenery, Wildlife and Peace!

I have to start off with, this is my all time favorite camp site, ever! I camped back in this campground years and years ago. The price has doubled since I last stayed there from $8 to $16 and there are many many free sites around but I am more then happy to pay the $16 for this site!

To get here you have to take the highway that goes between Buffalo and Ten Sleep. The turn off is Ten Sleep Drive, there is a resort of sorts there on the corner, you are only about 10 miles from Ten Sleep, so almost on the other side of the mountain from Buffalo. The road is all dirt and a bit wash board but it's in good condition. Slow going though, lots of dust. You'll drive a good 6 miles or so until you come to Deer Park Campground. I have seen big motor homes up here but the campground is really suited for tents, although two motor homes were parked there the night I was there. There are maybe 7 sites in this little campground.

They have made big improvements (maybe the reason for the higher price) to this campground. Years ago the toilets were awful. In fact, I wouldn't even use them, I'd rather drive down to Ten Sleep then set foot in those smelly vault toilets. But now, they are still vault toilets but they are clean, they don't smell, the building has been upgraded as well. There was plenty of toilet paper while we were there. They also have added a water pump that pumps fresh water. This is great, we were on day three of a five day road trip and the water was a welcomed bonus.

So, why do I like this site so much? It backs up to a marsh area and then a giant open meadow. It's a great place to see wildlife and enjoy the sun setting as well as some magnificent star gazing. The site is good sized (too small for a camper but plenty big for a tent). A lot of campgrounds you'll hear lots of traffic noise or people partying but it's quiet here! So quiet that my kids were probably making the most noise and I tried to keep them quiet as well. There is a creek that you can fish just across the road and it's doing quite well. If you know what your doing, I'm sure you can pull out some nice fish. Years ago, the creek was super low and we pulled out barely minnow sized fish (amazing we could even catch them) but now it's much higher and there are lots of eddies and big rocks for hiding places. I can imagine it would be fabulous. There is also a big lake another mile or so past this campground and the trout are eager there. We did catch nice fish there years ago. Didn't make it to the lake this year. There are photo opportunities around every turn. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I have never visited this area with out seeing a moose and this time did not disappoint! I woke up around 6 am and stepped out of my tent to see a nice bull moose out in that very meadow that is so scenic. He walked through and with in about 500 feet of our site and then just kept going. Beautiful creature.

I don't have any downsides, unless of course you get sick or injured. It is a ways back out. Even Ten Sleep is going to take you 30 minutes or so to get to with the slow moving dirt road out. While there we did have a small injury, my 4 year old fell in to a tree branch and cut his head, so make sure you bring a suitable first aid kit in case of small emergencies. I can't say enough about Green Goo products, which is what we put on his head after we cleaned it up. They are extremely reasonably priced and their natural products WORK! Totally worth adding to your first aid kit. This particular product (Green Goo First Aid) also helps with mosquito bites. We camped in many areas with mosquitos (here included) and I put a little First Aid ointment on them and they were gone by morning. Helps relieve the itching too.

I will always return to this site, hands down, my favorite place on earth!

Quiet spot near hiking and a reservoir

 This was the first national forest campground I saw upon entering the Cloud Peak Wilderness side of the Bighorn Mountains. Site 15 was open and I set up camp. This site opens onto a rocky hill and forested area. I love this area enough to extend my stay to a week

There are vault toilets in each of the two loops. Many sites are reservable but some are kept for walk-in camping. The water is amazingly good. 

Explore the rocky mountain and let the kids discover new places. The Tie Hack reservoir can be found if you go far enough. This camp is close enough to Buffalo that you can get a good cell signal 5 minutes down the road. 

Suggestion: save the map of trails from Circle View trailhead. It’s a 3-4 mile drive from camp and has some spectacular hiking. I recommend going to Willow Lake if you have the energy. The map at the trailhead isn’t too accurate so get a copy first. Bonus: cell signal is strong at a large variety of places on the trail.


Stayed in the Sheep Mountain Fire Tower. With gale force winds blowing the shutters off…and a steep walk to the vault toilet…we bailed early. However, the Bighorns are AMAZING! Saw my 1st moose! Take tent heater for the tower unless going in middle of summer.

Free campsites up the road

We thought about camping at Leigh Creek campground, but on the same road there is a bunch of free campsites more upland from the creek and have beautiful views of ten sleep canyon. we camped right in the middle of the canyon and woke up to unforgettable views in the morning.

Like No Place on Earth

beautiful scenery, endless mountain views, miles and miles of dirt roads to explore and the best fishing.

high country

campground is a little rustic and at a high elevation. best part of the week was watching happy tourist pitch a tent and leave after freezing to death at night.

my new favorite

I enjoyed this campground.

Fun times

Beautiful scenery. Lots of room to hike

Lakeside views

Early fall, perfect night

Decent campground

This was a fairly decent private campground; it one of the best KOA's I've stayed at. The few employees I encountered were very pleasant, and overall the campground was pretty quiet, even though it's not really in a "wilderness" area (although what KOA ever really is?). The tent sites were nicely designed, but the grouping I was in was downwind of the dump station :(

The bath/shower houses here were some of the best designed of any campground I've visited - they were very modern and clean. There were at least 4 toilet stalls and 4 shower stalls, all housed in the same building. And the shower stalls actually had locking doors AND shower curtains, so my belongings stayed dry (a rare find, let me tell you!).

If you need to stay in the area this campground would be a good choice, but you could go a few hours in any direction and be in more "woodsy" campgrounds.

Ranger Review: LedLenser MH10 Headlamp at Sheridan/Big Horn Mtns KOA

Campground Review: The Sheridan/Big Horn Mountains KOA in Sheridan, Wyoming, is a clean, well-kept establishment. Whether you are an RVer or a tent camper, there is plenty of space for you to enjoy this campground. We stayed on a rainy/snowy weekend in September in our 17-foot RV and found that even though we had neighbors, there was plenty of room to move, and we heard little outside noise at night.

Just off the highway, this campground is conveniently located close to both historic downtown Sheridan and the remote Bighorn Mountains. There are about 60 RV sites, 25 tent sites, and 10 cabins. Each tent site has its own covered picnic shelter, which we thought looked unique. We had to eat inside our RV due to the rain all weekend, and were a bit envious of the tent campers being able to eat outside - one of our favorite camping activities - without getting wet! The campground sits along the Big Goose Creek, where campers can fish (mostly for carp).

There is an outdoor swimming pool and spa, which we missed out on by two days when the weather decided to dip below freezing, but it was a nice size and located next to the main building, along with showers, laundry, and a small store. The host is very nice and knowledgeable about the area’s activities. There is also a small, somewhat dated, playground at the entrance to the campground, and a cute mini-golf course near the office. Unfortunately, due to the weather over our stay, we did not get to test out either one! For those that like to stay online while camping, the Wi-Fi was tested decent for web browsing, but leave the YouTube devices at home.

Product Review: The LedLenser MH10 Headlamp was a perfect choice to bring along for our camping trip to the Sheridan/Big Horn Mountains KOA. Since it rained/snowed for our entire weekend in Wyoming, this 600-lumen headlamp was able to cut the drear and allow us to walk safely around the whole campground at night. Even with a wool winter hat on, this headlamp fit lightly and securely on my head.

The MH10 is only 5.6 oz in weight and yet has the capacity to put out 600 lumens of LED glory, which believe me, thanks to my son aiming it at me, could definitely blind someone! At the high setting, the beam can reach to 150 meters (almost 500 feet!), and spreads nicely to the sides, or can be focused with a twist of the lens. Even the medium setting at 250 lumens will give you up to 100 meters (about a football field) of glow power. There are three flashing settings that can be found by holding down the power button for increasing length of time, from one flash to three, and then removed again in the same manner. Great choice for emergency signalling.

The headlamp comes with two color lenses that can be placed in the installment ring and snapped to the front of the beam. It seems to fit securely, and they snap in and out with ease. Red LED is a great way to keep your night vision intact if you need to read a map or spot an animal making noise around you, and it will allow you to see again in the dark even after turning off the headlamp. It is also great at a campground like the KOA because it will not shine into your neighbors’ tents or RV’s and wake them up! We had to do some research on the green lens, and it turns out that green will not scare wildlife, including fish, and in fact could attract them. We also read claims that a green LED is useful for trailing a wounded animal, as the blood trail may be easier to spot. Regardless of the real reason, we thought it was fun to run around seeing everything in a green tint!

The MH10 is USB rechargeable and comes with everything you need to get using it right out of the box. At the high setting, this headlamp will last up to 10 hours on one charge. We used ours for two nights, about 1-2 hrs a night, and never charged it out of the box. It lasted the entire time and even back at home another hour or two over the next week. At the lowest, 10-lumen setting, this powerhouse can last for 120 hours. That’s five DAYS of constant use!

The head strap is completely adjustable. My husband, my 10-year-old, and I were all able to make use of this product with an easy transition between us. The set comes with a nice carrying sleeve for the cords, battery, instructions, and lenses, which can be attached to your belt or a backpack strap. As with any tool, be sure to read the enclosed warnings - 600 lumens is NOT an LED strength to shine in the face of others!

Cloud Peak Wilderness- Circle Park Campground

This is a tiny campground in the Cloud Peak Wilderness area near the popular Circle Park Trailhead. There are only 10 sites that are bordered by aspen groves and meadows, with a few nice trees in each site. There’s a pretty little brook that runs across the back of the campground. The vault toilets were clean, each site has a picnic table and firepit with grill ring, and the campground hosts had firewood for sale. Because this is about a mile or so down a forest service road, it was really quiet. My neighbors saw a moose with twins on the edge of the meadow the morning I showed up, but I never saw them. However, the wildflowers and birds were plentiful. If the campground is full there is plenty of free dispersed camping along the road to the campground, and lots of people took advantage of that. The Circle Park trail is incredible, with a hike up to a great lake (several fellows were hooking decent sized fish). The campground is not far from the cute town of Buffalo, WY, home of the largest free public pool in the state.

Gorgeous setting!

It's mighty chilly here on fall nights! The creek runs right next to some of the sites and makes the best noise to sleep to! Sites have a picnic table, metal fire ring with grate and a metal table. They do have bear area warnings posted. They have clean pit toilets and even have dumpsters which I thought unusual for a bear area, but nice to have in a campground! There is superb fishing and world class rock climbing! We were drawn here for the rock climbing, can't wait to return for more!! Ten Sleep is only about 10 miles away and they have a store called "dirty Sally's" that will rent you the guide book for the area for $5 a day, which is much better than forking out $100 for it if you can find it.

Bighorn National Forest

We saw lots of wildlife, even moose, since the campsites are right in the forest. There weren’t too many sites and there are no reservations so don’t expect to pull up late and get a campsite (we didn’t get a site in July at 4pm but were ok for September at 6pm). Sunsets were incredible and we did a lot of hiking nearby with this as a “basecamp.”

Not bad for in town camping

We had a tent site along the creek. There were plenty of tent spaces the weekend in mid July when we were there, but the camper sites were booked. The couple who runs the campground were so nice and accommodating. I was in Buffalo for my son's regional baseball tournament and didn't know how many days I would need to book. They let me keep my tent pitched until I knew we would need the extra day way beyond check out time.

The Bighorn Mountains are spectacular! The camp host provided us with maps and trails. The drive on highway 16 from Buffalo to Ten Sleep is amazing and worth getting off the beaten path and Interstate.

This campground has clean showers that are free and coin laundry.

South Fork, WY

Stayed there for multiple nights and never got bored. Lots in the area to do like hiking, backpacking and rock climbing! If your in the area don't hesitate to stay there a night!

Loved the Big Horns

I loved camping here! I want to warn you about getting to this campground. We came from the city of Big Horn which is on the east side. The Red Grade Road up into the mountain range is interesting. Its very rocky and very steep, I have a chevy impala which at times I didn't know if I was in the right place. Once you make it to the top of the mountain range, it starts to widen out and get better. The farther and farther west we went, the better the road became. There is a lot of wildlife along the trip, and many ATV trails. Camping was great. Many people pull off on the side of the road and camp anywhere. There are only a couple actual campgrounds until you get to the western side where there felt like there was a campground around every corner. If your looking for an adventure, I would recommend checking this place out

South Fork Camp

Stayed in the camper here to see Bighorn National Park. The sites were all very wooded, some are near a river, rustic setup, really lovely, though not private because of plants and site layouts. And WOW the wildlife (but no bighorn sheep!).

Nice camp area.

We stayed here overnight on way to Devils Tower. We were able to make reservations in advance. The road we needed to turn on from the hwy could have been marked better. There was no cell service. The site was clean and very well maintained. The campground was nice and quiet. We did not use any of the facilities.