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Most Recent Dixon Camping Reviews
Fantastic place

We spent our maiden voyage as RVers at this campground and were blown away by how nice the place is. It’s definitely way better than I imagined an RV park could be. Everything is pristine including the bathrooms and showers. The landscaping is impeccable and the space between spots pretty spacious. Hookups were also pristine. Highly recommend putting this on your list to stay at.

Do Not Book Site 11

This will be a lengthy review but I need people to know not to book, especially site 11. 

I’ll start by saying I don’t normally stay at developed camp sites so maybe all my issues are typical and I’m just ignorant. That being said, camp site 11 is an unfortunate little piece of land. It is unusably small (maybe 25sq ft of barely usable space)  and bordered by a mountain, the road, spot 10’s driveway, and trees. The picnic table and fire pit are centered in a way that left very little room for our 2 tents on rocky uneven ground. My tent was forced to be less than 3 feet from driveway 10. Our other tent had to be so close to the fire pit that it would have caught fire if the pit was used. It also is a waterway for all the road water and mountain side so a small river formed through our space (hitting both tents) when it rained. All this on top of the fact that every other spot around us was so plentiful (4 to 5 times our size) in space it almost made our spot seem like a cruel joke. It should cost 1/4 of the price of the rest and should be for small RV or day picnics only.

Now the camp area as a whole is well maintained and the vaulted toilets smelled surprising decent the entire 4 day stay. The mountains are beautiful as mountains tend to be. The hiking is great and there is an awesome stream that rolls through the campground in certain areas. There is constant highway noise so be aware of that, though the spots further in or near the stream probably don’t deal with it. A lot of the sites are packed close and  you can easily hear many conversations at normal talking volumes. 

The camp staff guy (Bill?) was friendly at first but that changed rapidly after the first night. There was a no wood fire restriction at the time of our stay despite days of rain and rain every day so we used only our propane stove the entire time. This didn’t stop Bill from calling the fire department on us the first night because he “thought we had a wood fire”. We didn’t. 

Now this second part I’ll admit was on us but was handled poorly. I didn't know there were curfews at that campsite. The bulletin board does show quiet hour times but it’s buried in a novel of information most of which was about a bear sighting so that may have distracted my attention when I first looked at the bulletin. Quiet time is 10-6 and I know that now. So we’re hanging out around the “campfire” and I decide to walk down to the restroom, it’s about 11pm. As I’m walking back, I pass Bill and say hi. He doesn’t acknowledge me (he wouldn’t talk or look my way the rest of our stay either). When I return to the campsite the 2 women and 2 children I was with told me Bill had just ran up on them and was standing over them in a very aggressive fashion pointing his finger in their face and reprimanding them for breaking the quiet hour rules. He left after getting directly in one of the females face and saying “don’t make me come back here” in a very threatening tone. They all, just remained silent throughout the ordeal. C’mon man. We messed up and felt horrible but it was an honest mistake and had he just told us respectfully we would have shut up just the same but instead he created this uneasy tension for three days. And to put a cherry on top, other campsites broke the rule every night and morning (music, laughter, generators) and were not reprimanded. I know because everyone was so close we could see what was going on. Also, we saw Bill greet every camp site every day multiple times a day except ours. We aren’t abrasive people, we try to be generally respectful, courteous, and aware of our actions so the treatment of our camp was unjust. I will say that had he not had it out for us for one reason or another I’m sure things would have been cool. We saw Bill constantly having friendly conversations with everyone so I’m sure he’s nice to most campers.

In short, I know there are better campsites out there. Go find them.

Pretty nice little campground.

Very small campground but sites are not right on top of each other. Being that you are at 9500 ft voice's do carry so that is one drawback. I will continue to come here as it is so very pretty!!

Acceptable RV Camp

The RV park could actually use some more up keep. Seems pretty ran down. Spaces are really close to each other.

However, the bathrooms/showers (Qty 3) were always very clean. The camp host/owner and employees were very friendly and accommodating.


Definitely need an all terrain vehicle for the drive up to lake. Rough dirt road. Beautiful mountain lake. No luck fishing.

Campgrounds undeveloped. Very crowded. Game and fish asked us for our fishing licenses

Disperse camping near santa fe

We took this road to get to a hike and saw several people camping off the road or a ways up a hill where rhey had walked in. We saw limited places so be ready for first come first serve. The road is dirt and does have rocks and erosion so proceed with caution. We took our subaru and did just fine. Slow and steady. We can't wait to come back and find a place to pitch our tent!

Camping after work

If you are looking for camping from albuquerque on a Friday after work, this is a great option. The ranger on site was very nice and the sites are well kept. You are close to neighbors and the road driving through the campsite so if you are looking for privacy, try disperse camping further up the mountian off forest road 102. Bathrooms are located throughout the campground and parking is avaliable at each site, we fit 2 cars at our site

yet another amazing site at Oak Point

I've stayed here twice now since being in New Mexico. This site is right on the water, overlooks the canyon, and is close to a hike to the right side of the canyon through a dried up riverbed. I *love* staying here. It's so peaceful, quiet, enough trees to keep you shaded from the harsh sun here. The road is runner friendly, so you can go on a jog if you like. Its definitely a campsite for people looking to strictly hang out. 

views and sunsets are EPIC. Stay here instead of the packed Rio Chama campground if you're a casual camper who doesn't need amenities. And pick up your toilet paper so this place stays nice!

Best Kept Secret

My friends and I were climbing at the Cattle Wall all day, and decided we wanted to disperse camp. While we pulled up to Jemez camping nearby, the park rangers told us it was closed because of Covid, but we could go down the road to this unmarked, unnamed, dispersed camp site. 

when we did we drove to the left, followed the path until we saw an opened gate, and turned up to a site on the right. It was well-used and had a fire pit, but you're not allowed to have fires right now. 

We wandered down to a cliff, and the most BEAUTIFUL view awaited us. If it was known, it would be a better view than the jemez falls and people would FLOCK to it. Instead, it was our campsite, free, and people-less. This is just a new mexico thing, I guess. finding best kept secrets everywhere. 

PS: weather was perfect, no sounds from anywhere in the campsite, completely amazing! Definitely go here.

Loved our visit here!

Great views all around. About 20 minutes from Santa Fe Plaza. The lots are nice and flat and the hookups are super easy. They have a great fenced in dog run and a track around the campground to walk or run. We really loved our visit here.