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Top Dispersed Camping near Santa Fe National Forest

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Looking for the best Santa Fe National Forest dispersed camping? Here you'll find a diverse selection of places to camp, including remote dispersed camping to boondocking, and everything in-between. From secluded to easily reachable, we offer dispersed campsites near Santa Fe National Forest just for you.

Best Dispersed Camping Sites Near Santa Fe National Forest, NM (37)

  1. Camper-submitted photo from Sante Fe National Forest BLM-Road 62 Dispersed
  2. Camper-submitted photo from Pajarito Springs (Dispersed)
  3. Camper-submitted photo from Dispersed on 4 - Fenton Lake State Park
  4. Camper-submitted photo from Caja Del Rio Dispersed Camping


    Caja Del Rio Dispersed Camping

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    The Caja del Rio area is a lower elevation and drier section of the Santa Fe National Forest. This is mainly a Piñon-Juniper dominated vegetation zone with areas of sage and mixed grasses. It is often open for recreational opportunities when the rest of the Forest is snowed over. Watch for seasonal road closures due to wet and very muddy roads. It is another good area for solitude and lesser travelled trails.

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  5. Camper-submitted photo from American Springs
  6. Camper-submitted photo from FR376 Dispersed


    FR376 Dispersed

    3 Reviews
    7 Photos
    85 Saves
    Jemez Springs, New Mexico

    Primitive camping is allowed almost anywhere on the Santa Fe National Forest unless otherwise posted. These areas generally do not offer any amenities although occasionally you will find a toilet building or a picnic table and grill. Please keep your campsite at least 100 feet from streams and lakes, including riverbanks or areas next to bodies of water. This will help preserve the health of the riparian area and protect sensitive animals and plants found here.

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  7. Camper-submitted photo from BLM Orilla Verde Recreation Area


    BLM Orilla Verde Recreation Area

    8 Reviews
    10 Photos
    278 Saves
    Carson, New Mexico

    The Orilla Verde Recreation Area is located within the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument and along the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River. Nestled along the banks of the Rio Grande and within the steep-walled Rio Grande Gorge, the campgrounds in this area offer nearby access to the river. The elevation along the river is 6,100 feet and the steep canyon rises 800 feet from the river to the Gorge rim.

    Because of the dramatic changes in elevation and the diversity of plant life, Orilla Verde draws many species of animals, including raptors (such as eagles and hawks), songbirds, waterfowl, beaver, cougar, ringtail, mule deer, and more. The Rio Grande also has attracted humans since prehistoric times. Evidence of ancient peoples is found throughout the Recreation Area in the form of petroglyphs on the rocks and many other types of archaeological sites.

    The climate at Orilla Verde is semi-arid, with summer thunderstorms common in July and August, and snow possible from October through March. Summer temperatures range from 45 to 90 degrees, and winter temperatures range from -15 to 45 degrees

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    • Dispersed

    $5 - $15 / night

  8. Camper-submitted photo from Top of New Mexico - Dispersed Site
  9. Camper-submitted photo from Forest Road 102 Dispersed
  10. Camper-submitted photo from Forest Road 144

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