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Wonderful beach camping

This is probably my favorite beach campground yet! Being on the Military base reduces the number of people trying to get to it. The beach is on the base, and has a protected wetland and then shooting range on one side then on the other is the base itself, so this beach is really JUST for those staying on the base or campground. The weather was a little cooler than expected, but we had a blast! We watch seals, ducks and more swimming around the beach. We practically had it all to ourselves. It was quiet and well maintained. I heard they are shutting down for a year or two for a major campground upgrade.

Not the best but it worked for one night

We camped here June 7, 2019. Not my first choice if I was staying longer than one night. The campground was ok, it did have flush toilets and coin operated showers (signs stated hot water was not working during our stay). There were clean water spigots and trash cans. All the campsites were very close together and it was crowded very crowded. Some loops of the campground were completely closed off and looked like no one had used them for a long time. I saw something that stated this campground was completely closed for a period of time so maybe they are just now getting things back up and running. The beachfront was just a short walk down the road which was nice with some pretty views. Bottom line, it was $35 a night and I’ve stayed at much better campgrounds for less money.

California classic

Ok, freeway noise aside, it’s a great stop.

Solid but expensive and crowded

Nice campground on a beautiful beach. Very crowded and expensive $60/$70 a night and right on a railroad track. Not bad for a beach campground but a bit too crowded and loud for my taste.

Nice Park Close to Home

Nice clean park with great views of our local mountains and the Ojai valley. One of the things we didn’t like was that the lower sites are so close to the highway and traffic can get noisy during the day. However once nighttime comes around it gets really quiet. Hoping to get a upper site on our next visit. Overall, the park is a nice weekend getaway with out having to drive so far.

Great place for local camping

This is a great campground for anyone wanting to do some camping and mountain biking. In addition, you're right next to the beach! Dogs are allowed on the beach and campsites, but not allowed on the trails. Park Rangers advised me this was due to rattle snakes on trails. Due to the heavy rainfall this past winter, there's heavy vegetation growth along all trails. The campsites are relatively private and well kept. Fire pits have grills on them. Bathroom/showers are dated but well maintained. Good alternative to anyone that usually camped at Leo Carrillo.

Breathtaking, with foxes!

Stayed late Feb. 2019 Camped in back of Upper Loop

Channel Islands NP is magical. You and your things get dropped off by the ferry, then you head to your campsite. When we were there, work was being done in the lower CG, so we moved to the very back of the upper CG. It was a fortunate move, because the views from the upper are amazing. It’s not that far from the ferry drop off, depending on how much stuff you’re carrying. There aren’t cars or anything so you have to physically carry everything. It’s an easy walk. The campsite was level and clean, with water provided. It was extremely quiet, with only two other sites occupied and one ranger on the island. I couldn’t recommend it more highly! The trails on Santa Cruz were great, too. Hike to Smugglers Cove and to Potato Harbor, if you can!

Perfect for class campout

We camped here with my son’s elementary school class and it was perfect. We rented both sites, but ended up using only site 2 as it held more people and is closer to the toilets. 

There is a good amount of flattish space to put tents, several fire rings making it easy to secure yourself away and have your own area even in a group. 

The kids had Ana amazing time running around, climbing rocks and splashing in the creek.

Memorial weekend 2019

Great place to camp the bathrooms were clean and the lake is only 50 or 60ft for the camp site.

Very nicely maintained smaller campground.

I really liked this place, and would definitely go back. This is on the smaller scale of campgrounds, which is very nice. Less chance of drunk, noisy neighbors. When we went, us, and the other family we went with, were the only ones in that particular section. The kids had plenty of room to run around and get dirty, and there was a playground with an old school merry-go-round within sight of where our spot was. RV’s are allowed as well, but there sites are separate from the tent sites, which is nice too. The drive was 45 minutes to an hour from our house, which was great. You don’t have to go far to go camping. The one drawback was the camp host. We always bring our dog with us, who is a diabetic alert service dog for our two boys. This particular person kept telling us that the dog had to be on a leash, and that he was not allowed in the playground area. We explained to her that he was a service animal, and is allowed under the ADA to go anywhere. She wasn’t having it. Hopefully this person’s time as the host is over, because this really is a great spot.

Huge Campground

This is a huge campground that is broken into sections. A nice feature, (we did not take advantage of), is there is a water slide park near the entrance. As far as I know, this is a separate fee, but nothing astronomical. You can fish at Lake Casitas, and when we were there, the water levels were very low due to the drought. There was a nice playground within walking distance from where our site was that the kids enjoyed. We had a spigot nearby to wash our dishes, and there are flushing toilets and pay showers. There were also chemical toilets as well. We went in the middle of the summer, and of course, it was very hot. Thankfully we had our canopies to provide extra shade. Fire pits are at each site, as well as picnic tables. We had a nice time, but for us, this place was a little too big for our liking. I would go back, but I prefer smaller camp grounds.

Beachside Camping

Haven’t been since it became part of the reservation system, but another go to place. Not the best place for young kids, as it is too scary being right off the highway in my opinion. Just stay down on the beach (break water rocks provide a barrier if you have kids).

Great local camp stay

Recent fires and winter storms hit this area hard, and they ate still cleaning up. But the sites have mostly been repaved and are clean. The power was out to part of the park (our bath/showers were still up and running), but we were part dry camping anyways, so all good.

There aren’t sewer or water hook ups, electrical only, but for me that’s perfectly fine for a long weekend or short week with 2 kids and 2 adults. They do have 3 dump stations, too, so that made it nice!

Short jaunt to the beach under the highway, small store with basics in camping area, and lots of walking trails around.

Forestry abandoned and closed

This campsite has been completely abandoned by the LA forestry. It’s absolutely terrible and heartbreaking. They let it get completely overgrown and washed out from years of ZERO maintenance. It’s in complete disrepair now, and so far gone I highly doubt they will ever open it again.

road closed don’t go

drove all the way to the turn in to find the road was closed

Basic campground but nice

Pretty basic campground beautiful scenery

Would definitely go back

Here is another great campground that is not far from Los Angeles. The great thing about camping is that you don’t have to go far to make it seem like you’re away. My kids loved this place. We arrived on a Saturday, and it was very crowded, but by Sunday, most everyone cleared out. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Clean coin operated showers, flush toilets, and a nice sink for washing dishes were a quick walk from our camp site. The lake is also a short walk away for water sports and fishing. We had a great time here roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and hanging out by the campfire. We can’t wait to go back.

Beach Camping and Beautiful Sunsets!

I have been camping here for many years. The sunsets are always beautiful and the weather is usually awesome!
The shoreline may be covered in rocks or not, it depends on the tides and the past storms. This is not a great swimming beach but if relaxing, short walks and sunsets are your thing, it’s a great spot.
The ocean has some resident sea doggies and dolphins which are always fun to watch! Might even spot a 🐳 whale at the right time of year!
The campground is getting smaller as Mother Nature has been taking her beach back. Previous storms have taken a lot of the north end and a couple on the south end.
The toilets are out houses and there is some water across the campground road. The camp host has wood for sale. The highway can be loud at times but it will quite down at night so you can hear waves and rocks rolling. Oh and bring your own shade. Winds can kick up so be prepared!
I have an RV but if you tent camp, watch the tide water marks and monitor your distance or you might just get wet! LOL. Happy Camping! 🏖⛺️

Great spot

Great for a quick weekend getaway!

Rincon Beach - Ventura

Awesome view!!! Park against the water where you can hear the waves all day and night. We have an great time here. No hookups so be prepared

Nice place

A quick drive from LA, north of Magic Mountain gets you camping longer, and driving less. Flush toilets, and running water to clean your dishes. Wood is sold on site, and there is a small camp store in case you forgot something. We did not need it, so a review can’t be given. We went with a bunch of friends, and the kids had a blast getting dirty a hiking up the hillside that our campsite backed up against. Unfortunately it rained heavily with hail, in addition to thunder and lightning. We waited that out under the canopies for a little over an hour. We cut the trip a day short as to not push our luck with the weather as it began to rain again as we were leaving the next day. Overall, a nice spot, and a 10 minute drive to the lake.

Incredible Place

We have camped at Joshua Tree National Park on multiple occasions. This very special place never gets old. We lived in San Diego at the time and this made for a nice weekend trip to Palm Springs and then Joshua. You will need to plan ahead and make reservations or come in the off season to get a camping spot. The park is so close to major populations in Southern California it is always crowded here. The tent camping sites are close together but adequate. You can get nestled up against the rocks which will help manage the desert sun and winter winds. The trees and rock formations are incredible. They have some historical elements but the vista towering rocks and desert vistas are the highlight here. Wow, what a place. The camps have pit toilets and you can fill up your water containers. The biggest challenge here is managing the large crowds and the weather. It can be very cold in the winter nights and baking hot in the summer. Late Spring or Fall are the best times to visit. You can get supplies at on the road near the park. This is a bucket list park and a must see.

Beautiful view of the lake. Awesome scenery.

 Visited during Memorial Day weekend which made the park extremely busy. Would recommend visiting during a non -holiday. However the campsite we stayed at was a bit secluded from other campsites which was great for a little bit of privacy. Our site had Two picnic tables and a fire ring situated under a pine tree with excellent views of the lake. We were glad to discover the park was dog friendly. However we did encounter some ticks so be aware and wear proper repellant. Overall the park is beautiful and we had a good time.

Paradise ☀️

This place is a slice of heaven right here in So Cal! It was easy to get to in our Rv. Great shady spots, no hookups for Rv but that wasn’t a problem for us. We were in a beautiful spot right by a creek. There is a Vons 8 miles away if you need to stick up on supplies. I would highly recommend this campsite. The host was also amazing and friendly 💕

A must destination

Love to hike and bike? Love to camp? Why not mix ‘em together at Glenn Camp Campground. This hike-in/bike-in campground is located 6 1/2 miles behind a locked gate. The small campground is equipped with stream for water (must be treated), and vault potties. For biking enthusiasts, the road to the campground is designated as a National Scenic Bikeway, so if you want to knock one off the list, here it is. Don’t forget to strap a pole to your pack if you want to catch some dinner. This area is native to good trout fishin’.

Another beautiful place in California

Forage your way through the Valley Forge Trail, for an intimate night in the wilderness at one of its remote camps. For hikers, bikers, and equestrians the trail offers all the views, and the site handles the comforts. Well, comforts in relation to backpacking at least. If your running low of your water supply, visit the nearby stream, just always remember to treat before you taste. If you plan on leaving your vehicle at one of the developed recreation sites while your on your hike be sure to have an Adventure Pass.

Beautiful site above Sierra Madre

If the short hike to Sturtavant falls leaves you yearning for more, get more by continuing up Santa Anita Canyon to Spruce Grove Camp. Beyond the falls, the trail takes on a greater feeling of wilderness immersion. This section of Gabrielino Trail gets less foot traffic, making it a great retreat for those times when you need to feel far from LA.

Channel Islands, Santa Cruz, Scorpion, May, 2019

My husband and I are using our senior park pass to it’s fullest advantage. On our most recent trip, we decided to try Channel Islands and we were thrilled. First thing to know is that this trip requires some planning and flexibility. You must book your boat ride and camp site in advance and then check the day before to make sure weather permits the boat ride. Island packers provides the boat ride for both campers and day trips. We camped two nights. We departed at around 9 am and arrived at around 10:30. We had to check in by 8 in the parking lot at Ventura bay. You must not have water in your back pack, the propane must be out in a separate bin, and you are allowed only 60 lbs of “stuff” each. We took our Mountain House meals along with our jet boil, a few fruits, and a couple of sandwiches; our tent, sleeping bags, a Wenzel air mattress and were set. You take your stuff to the boat to load. On the day of our travel winds were gusting so severely that they cancelled the day trips, and it was rough! Lots of people got sick on the ride over. Upon arriving on the island, you form a bucket brigade to unload all the luggage/stuff, then a park ranger gives a brief overview of rules, mainly pack out all trash, no trash can be left on the island and to use the “Fox boxes” for all food stuff as the island foxes and ravens WILL take your stuff. You then take a short hike with all your stuff to your campsite - it’s about 1/4 mile or more, depending on your site. Each campground has multiple spigots on potable water, so no need to bring water with you. There are plenty of very clean vault toilets that are always filled with supplies including hand sanitizer. The hikes are spectacular and the trails are well maintained. Note, the hikes are challenging, when they say strenuous, they mean it! The park rangers are very helpful and accessible. The last day of our trip, we packed up our site and moved our stuff to a staging area so the next group could set up their tent. We watched the kayakers and snorkeling groups. The weather was very calm. The boat ride back was amazing, we saw schools of dolphins, the captain estimated over 2000 dolphins. He stopped so we could get lots of pictures. Note, there is no store on the island, we did have spotty cell coverage with AT&T.

Bang for the buck

We chose to stay here for the first time while visiting friends in Van Nuys for Memorial Day weekend. It's a quick drive from the campgrounds to almost anywhere. 🤨$45 for a one night spot is a little much, but great compared to a hotel/motel. 😥Gates close at 10pm 😥 so we had to leave friends early to get in the pitch the tent in the sunset. 🤩GREAT scenery of the Agoura Hills , roosters could be heard nearby the next morning ✌Other campers were cool and quiet, especially for a holiday. 🤗One of the rangers gave us a couple shower tokens that someone had "paid forward".