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Most Recent Salem Camping Reviews
Good campground, close to great trails!

It was a good campground to get away for a night or two! Had my 2 little boy cousins and my dog with us and we all had a good time walking down to the river to play. Great place to chill out and cool off!

Cool Sites-Ok Camping

I completed my undergrad and graduate degrees in Arkansas about 30ish miles north of Little Rock. While living in Arkansas, my brother and I traveled all over the state, including a visit to the Blanchard Springs Caverns and recreation area. Hiking through the caverns and around the recreation area is phenomenal. The caverns make you feel like you’re looking at something made my aliens. It’s really pretty amazing. It’s also enormous inside the cave. For us, it was a day trip excursion. However, we did explore all around the recreation and campground area. I’ve camped all over Arkansas and what I’d say is that this is probably a great place for primitive tent camping and/or backpack/hammock camping. I have three small boys and it wouldn’t be my first choice for a family camping trip, albeit very very cool. The campground is small, maybe 30 or so spots and heavily wooded. The terrain isn’t conducive to kids unless you’re ok constantly being concerned about injuries. There are lots of cool swimming holes, moving water and falls nearby with it’s close proximity to Mirror Lake and Sugar Loaf Mt. definitely worth a trip if you’re close by, but not something I’d make a multi-hour trip for. Also wouldn’t stay there more than maybe two nights. I’d say if you’re camping somewhere relatively close, work in a day trip to Blanchard Springs. If you are like me and have kids, and you’d have to travel anything beyond an hour or two to get there, it’s not worth it. There are too many beautiful places in AR and you’d probably drive by more than one of them to get to Blanchard Springs. I’m giving it 3 stars for that reason alone. If I were rating based solely on the sites, activities, etc. I’d give it 5.

Fisherman’s Paradise on White River

I had heard that Bull Shoals- White River State Park was beautiful, but I didn’t fully understand until I saw it. All of the campsites face white river and there’s plenty of space between sites to allow for some level of privacy. All the campsites are flat with nice concrete pads. Each campsite has a fire ring, picnic table, and trash pole.

There is a newer section of the campground that is north of the marina. These campsites have newer asphalt and fire rings and have better access to the updated ADA bath houses. These bath houses are the single-quad bath houses where the toilet and shower are individualized into four quadrants. They are excellent for those campers that might not have travel trailers or self-contained units.

We were able to hike and fish most days. there is a playground and a basketball court that are functional and easy to access for families. The campground is mostly flat which makes it very easy to ride a bike. There were a lot of kids and adults riding bikes or scooters in the campground. There are also three trailers that have been converted into mobile homes near the marina for those campers that don’t have access to a pop-up or a camper for rent. They look very nice. The marina is also very nice and has a lot of simple supplies and merchandise.

When the dam is not releasing generators, you can wade out into the river from your campsite and fish; however, when they release the generators this is going to be very difficult. The only drawback is that you are inundated all day long with boat motors going up and down White River. It is very tranquil and peaceful in the mornings and evenings.

There are many different outfitters that do fishing trips. We chartered the afternoon with a local outfitter and had a great time. We caught a number of trout and were able to eat them for dinner on our last night. If you like to fish, enjoy camping, and enjoy doing both of those things, Bull-Shoals-White River state park is the place to go. I will definitely be going back!

Great sites but very crowded

River is not easily accessible unless you like steep hills and don’t have a friend in a wheelchair. Sites are VERY close together and people were coming and going all hours of the night.

Beautiful, but inconvenient if you're coming off the water

On a two day float with kids, made a reservation for tent camping at Buffalo Point for the overnight.  I hadn't been there before, but it looked beautiful and on a nice beach at the river.   Plus with two pre-teen girls, I thought a chance for a bathroom and maybe some ice cream at the store would be a nice break.

The beach is nice, and right before you get to it there's some cool rock formations to paddle your kayak in and around, BUT the campsites are a good hike uphill from the river.  Even if you're comfortable leaving your canoes out of your sight on the beach (I'm not), you've still got to haul all your gear up a pretty good hill and depending on your site, multiple hikes to move your gear unless you're going backpacking light. 

We still hiked up to the overlook which was a nice way to stretch our legs, but ultimately decided to stay at a gravel bar further downriver.  The sites in the campground were shady, the roads were all in good shape, and the river is always beautiful, so if I'm not floating I'll definitely go back.

Just Think: "A River Runs Through It"

First off, I don't know what is going on with this site but holy cow, let's get the name of the State Park correct - its the Bull Shoal-White River State Park.  Not plural Shoals.  

With that cleared up, this is a gem of a park that follows along the White River just south of the Bull Shoals Dam.  You will pass the visitor center on the north side of the dam, go over it, and down into the park.  Definitely stop at the visitor center.  It's one of the best I've been to in Arkansas.  

As the titled to my review indicated, this park is like watching the flyfishing scenes from the movie A River Runs Through It over and over (if you're lost, just Google images from the movie).  The park is so picturesque that at times it seems like it can't be real.  There is dense fog in the early morning because the water in the river stays about 40 degrees even in the heat of the summer.   You can access the water from any site along the river as the terrain is sort of a gentle slope from each site down to the river.  However, on the west side of the river, it is basically straight rock face, where the river has carved out its path in a mountain through the years.   

The park is relatively small but the camp sites are large.  The rv sites along the river are very large.  Some have sewer, some don't; all have water/power.  The marina and bait shop is in the center of the park.  The tent and smaller pad sites are further from the river, but quite nice.  The bath houses shine at this park. They are super clean, large and private.  It is a "family-style" bathhouse with 4 separate and large bathrooms, all of which have a toilet, sink, mirror and outlet.  I have only visited this park with my brother, but as a father of 3 little ones, I can say it would be very easy to get your kids clean in these bathrooms without feeling rushed.  Each shower room has a separate door and locks.  You can take as long as you need.  

As for the campground, I'll just start with the fishing since most of the visitors to this park come for that reason alone.  This is obviously a fishermen's paradise.  Trout fishing galore all year.  We fished the river along the campground and we also went on a guided fishing trip.  Piece of advice, pay the money and take a guided trip if you go to Bull Shoals.  You'll catch more fish than you can keep and you'll have a blast.  Unless you're literally a borderline professional angler, you won't have any luck without a guide.  We ourselves had almost no luck fishing from the bank and/or in waders, and we watched many a dejected fishermen walk back to their site after appearing so hopeful when heading to the water.  

The reason you need to pony up for a guide is because - literally - from sun up to sun down, there are fishing boats going up and down the river.  The White River flows north through the park and toward the dam.  Guide services launch by either the dam or from the marina that is located approximately right in the middle of the park.  You can also rent a boat from the marina if you don't want to pay for a guide.  The guide services carry fisherman south on the river right through the park (usually on the eastern side of the river closest to the camp sites) and they go as far south as they can before they cut the engine and float down the western side of the river in the deeper water.  So, like I said, if you are hoping to stand in waist deep water and fish the bank, it's impossible to do so.  There is a boat motoring right through your fishing spot about every fifteen minutes.  When the guide service has floated as far north as they can, they turn their engines back on and speed back south down the river to take their place back in the line of floating boats that go all day every day.   We ended up traveling south of the park towards Cotter, AR to Hurst Fishing Service (  We had a guide named Pete and he was fantastic.  For me and my brother, it ended up being about $450, and we spent about 4 1/2 hours out on the boat.  They provided poles, tackle, baited hooks, and a cooler full of drinks.  Pete also cleaned our trout for us.  We caught more fish than we could keep (see my pictures).  It was an absolute blast.  Without a guide, we wouldn't have caught anything absent blind luck.  Pete put us right on top of fish, told us what to do, and we caught fish after fish, after fish, after fish.  That's how every fishing trip should go - more catching than fishing.  Highly recommend Hurst. 

Beyond the fishing, the park is great for any kind of relaxing getaway.  The constant noise of running water is unbelievably calming and, in fact, my brother gave me a hard time for sleeping about 3 hours in the hammock one day.  It was amazing.  There is a nice playground on the eastern side of the park away from the water, as well as a huge pavilion.  There's also a basketball court.  We were there in April so it wasn't too warm yet, but if you went with the intention of swimming in the river, I'm not sure how much you'd enjoy it.  The temp of the water is very cold year around.  Also, there are so many boats going up and down the river, I would be very, very nervous about any kids getting out in the river to swim.  

One side note: when we camped at Bull Shoals, we ended up booking two sites even though we only used 1 pop up camper.  We were in sites 42 & 43.  The reason we did this is because they are directly across the street from the bath house, and because the sides are literally side by side - they share the same pad.  We didn't want to be right next to another RV (literally maybe 2 feet away), so we just booked both sites.  Doing this made for a HUGE! campsite area.  For the price, if you have a family, I think it is absolutely the way to go.  The sites on both sides of 42 and 43 are fairly far away so you end up having a huge area to yourself if you get both sites.  I would recommend doing this for anyone camping with kids, but I'd say the same even if you had a group of 6 adults.  Just gives you tons of room to spread out, set up tables, chairs, etc. without feeling like other campers are on top of you.  Thats particularly true at this park because the sites are generally close together as they are set up diagonally along the river.  Just look at the campground map when you book online through the Arkansas State Parks site ( 

Lastly, in the event you have kids, which often requires a midtrip walmart run, you should know that this park isn't close to anything.  The nearest walmart is in Flippin, Arkansas and it takes about 35 minutes to get there so it's a solid hour for a round trip to and from.  I know from personal experience because we noticed that one of the tires on my brother's camper had a big bulge in it and we had to go to walmart to buy a new trailer tire.  When we got back, we realized we didn't have the right size and had to go back to walmart to get the correct size.  It ended up taking up about 4 hours of our last night on the trip.  Yikes!!  In other words, if you go to Bull Shoals, make sure you pull a santa and check your list twice, maybe a third time, and over pack everything.  To that end, make sure to bring pants and a coat even if you go in the summer.  The temps fluctuate about 20 degrees in the morning and evening because of the temperature of the river.  You'll be cold at night without a jacket and pants.

Overall, I'd just say that as soon as we arrived and got the camper set up, my brother and I took in the view for a minute, looked at each other and said almost simultaneously: "We're gonna have to come back here again."  We held the same sentiment on our last day as we drove our separate ways.  This Park is yet another can't miss in Arkansas and I promise you, the Natural State will not disappoint.

Wonderful campground!

If you’re traveling through southern Missouri and looking for a park to stay in, this is a great choice! Right off the interstate and easy to get in to. Site are graveled and level, and most are full hookups. The majority also have picnic table and fire pit. Plenty of potty spots for the babies scattered throughout the park and a 25 acre trail area. John, the owner, is a great guy! Friendly and welcoming, he keeps the park well maintained. Will definitely be using again!

Family friendly

We love this campground.  Quite time at night which is great if you have kids. We are a family of 5 so this is great. The bath houses are clean and the people are amazing.

This is our favorite local park

Lol forward to going here several times a year. It's my mom's favorite park of all time. The grounds are clean and secure. The location between the 2 old bridges make a perfect backdrop at any time if the day.

Beautiful park, clean and park is very safe

I've stayed at this park a few times and I've never been disappointed. You can see the river from most camp sites. Some sites have private access to White River. The park has many hiking trails and bike trails. They have guided tours by Park Rangers that are very informative about the Ozarks and native species. This park is one of our favorites and always look forward to going back.