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Yellowstone Lake - South Point is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
44.3056 N
-110.3359 W
7 ft
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1 Review of Yellowstone Lake - South Point

I worked in YNP as a wildlife research technician during the summer of 2019. The park service boated my crew out to this site to conduct bat research o two separate occasions. The boat ride was over an hour long! There are pretty much no amenities. You are also required to use bear canisters as there are no pre made bear hangs or tall enough trees to use as bear hangs. We camped inland the first time and near the beach the second time. It was GORGEOUS both times. Tons of wildlife and fish! Some of the most beautiful fields of wildflowers I have ever seen. Also, this site in Yellowstone is one the most secluded places in the entire park. It’s the furthest away from any form of civilization I’ve ever been. True seclusion.