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Nice campground for weekend getaway

Nice campground for weekend get away. Well kept grounds, friendly staff and great place to spend the weekend. Recommended and will return in the future.

Beautiful region

Beautiful region. Our family enjoyed camping and hiking.  Pleasant weather and lots of sunshine during our stay. Lots of fun had by our group.

Quiet on Sardis Lake

ABSOLUTELY NO CELL SERVICE OR WIFI, had both ATT and Verizon as well as a we boost,  soHAD Bathrooms flush ? did not use, dumpster, some fire pits, beach in another part of park, picnic tables, level sites, grills, no services at this park, it is part of the Potato Hills Park on same lake, but not connected, the other has shower n dump.  

Very clean and nice to be on the water, some trees, there was a host, self check in part of ACE Army Corps. Engineers.   Able to use  National Park pass for 50% discount. Golden age or Access veterans, etc.

Kayak adventures

We loved the water here! The river is perfect for kayaking and has fantastic views and cool water. The lake is beautiful! We visited on Labor Day weekend and the entire park was crowded. We stayed at the Bluejay campground. The reason we gave this campground 3 out of 5 stars was due to the lack of cleanliness of the campsite and restroom facility. It also has very little privacy due to campsites being close in proximity. It is a dog friendly campground and we love that but other campers did not obey by the leash rule. We took our own kayaks to take down the Lower Mountain Fork River but there is a rental place with lots of kayaks available. We will visit again but choose another campground for our next visit.

Would score 5 stars!

This is an awesome lake, the campground would score 5 stars but they don’t have full hookup’s! This is a large campground, lots of room between sites! Good place to go for a family camping spot! Shade and level sites! Great for fishing, kayaking, riding bikes!

Dirty and disappointing

My wife and I went here for a brief weekend trip to try out some new gear and to paddleboard in Broken Bow lake. We chose the Coyote Drive camping area because it seemed to have the best water access. The first thing we noticed we we got out to scout out a campsite was that the place was filthy with all sorts of trash strewn around including soiled diapers at one site even though there are dumpsters nearby for trash collection. We did manage to find one spot that was less trashy and spent some time cleaning up what was there before we set up camp. We spent one night but decided to leave the next afternoon because the area was becoming quite crowded and noisy. It seems as if folks are using this as a day use area even though it is a designated campground and there are other day use areas available in the park. Our only interaction with the park staff was to pay the fee. We did not see any other staff attempting to enforce rules and clean up. It's really a shame that the conditions were so bad because the lake and the surrounding hills are beautiful.

One of my favorites

Beavers Bend State Park is absolutely beautiful and it’s one of my favorite parks in Oklahoma! My husband and I like to book a cabin stay every year during the late winter/early spring season (we like to go when the hiking trails are less crowded). The cabins here are small and cozy but they are very well kept up. And just FYI, the park was experiencing high tide due to the large amount of rain they received around the time of our last visit. This triggered the loud flood sirens and they went off every few hours throughout the night. I wouldn’t say that this happens often and we didn’t experience any flooding.

Ranger Review: Stream2Sea Travel Size At Beavers Bend State Park

When it comes to Oklahoma one location which continually is brought up is Broken Bow, OK where you can find a great escape from the DFW area or a retreat from your own location which is like no other. Offering a paradise of water activities for summer, cozy cabins for winter and a vast array of amenities for any taste you can find something within this park on pretty much any budget.

Campground Review 

I visited Beavers Bend State Park and took a moment to explore the accommodation options and WOW oh WOW!! From primitive tent locations to full hook ups and cabins outfitted in a variety of styles and sizes there truly is something for everyone at this park. You can find sites located on the waters edge for quick boat launching or further removed for forrest and trail access. 

During the wet season there is a waterfall which rests at the end of a scenic hike, during summer various locations rent everything from paddle boards to kayaks and there is an abundant supply of fishing equipment which can be found for those wanting to try their hand at fly or rod and reel fishing.

 When I visited mid week during early summer the park was filled with life yet did not seem crowded. A small half way stop where a private owner offers horseback riding, train rides and affordable shopping was buzzing with a filled parking lot. The swimming beach was filled with those wanting to have a little fun in the sun. The visitor center was bustling. Yet even with all these areas seeming very lively, the park itself is large enough where I never felt overwhelmed by the people around me. There were still plenty of quiet moments to be had in areas which seemed very remote, despite being no oh so far away from these populous areas. 

The real feature of this park is by far the water! If you can follow the water you can see how amazing this area of Oklahoma truly is. Around this area the trees thrive and area green and beautiful. You find that even through the world around this section of land is flat, the world opens up when you arrive and you are met with hills and low laying mountains. It is unique in its location to say the least. I found that the primitive campgrounds as well as improved campgrounds were very shaded and each came equipped with a picnic table, fire ring and lantern hook. The main differences in the sites other than the obvious electricity were in the restrooms. Restrooms near improved campgrounds were much larger and nicer, they included flush toilets and showers unlike the vault style toilets of the primitive sites. 

When booking online during peak season there is a 2 night minimum required currently on weekends. On holiday weekends during peak season you must reserve for 3 nights when it comes to cabins. For campsites there is no requirement. I did notices however that many of the campsites are on a first come first serve basis and after speaking to several park employees during peak season the grounds fill up quickly as of Thursday evening for the upcoming weekend. You will want to get there as early as possible especially to secure an improved campsite. 

Prices are very reasonable for tent and RV patrons at only$12 for a primitive site and$20 for an improved location. Pets are allowed in these areas however if you choose to bring your pet to stay in a cabin there is a pet fee.


  • Plan ahead and stop in Broken Bow for supplies. While Hochatown is also close by the prices in that community are much higher than in the main city of Broken Bow. 
  • Take time to stop at the visitor center and nature center area they are worth it because of the rich history of the area which are made visible through the museum.
  •  If you are renting a watercraft check out the stop closest to the swimming beach. They have miniature golf for the family and also the best selection of options including paddle boats, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.

Product Review 

When checking out new locations many times I get the opportunity thanks to the Dyrt to test out products on my adventures. For this fun filled day in the sun I was able to check out the Stream2Sea Face& Body Sunscreen in the 1 oz Travel Size. 

This product is perfect for a person on the go and has just enough to reapply several times throughout the day to keep you safe and protected from the UVA and UVB rays. The product itself is mineral based and does not appear sticky or tacky on the skin once applied. Although I will say it does take a little while to fully absorb which can leave you appearing a little more ghostly until it does. With this being said, this also makes it very easy to know where the sunscreen has been applied and where you might have missed a spot. 

The sunscreen is water-resistant which is perfect for a location such as Beavers Bend State Park where you will likely be in and out of the water in a multitude of ways. The product is unscented so it will not attract mosquitoes. I think this aspect is potentially one of the best qualities of this particular sunscreen because it allows you to have fun and adventure without worrying about the unpleasant feasting which bugs often do when they area attracted to sunscreens which have fruity or floral fragrances. 

When I wore the product I truly did test it to the max on my fair skin. I reapplied every 80 minutes per instruction and then decided that I would skip my last application to see if it continues to work. I did learn they make these directions for a reason so follow instructions for application and do not miss reapplication times.TIPS: 

  • Apply before you get in the water by at least 5 minutes to allow your base layer to fully absorb. 
  • Follow the schedule for reapplication relatively close to the 80 minute mark.
  • This is a body and face product and works well on either so do not forget the face!!
Centralized Cabins, Tent & RV Camping

When searching for a unique camping experience you might check out something a little bit outside of the box. Offering tent sites and RV sites Tiny Town might seem normal on paper but when you were arrive they have a lot of options which might be considered a little bit different. 

I pulled into Tiny Town I noticed right away the unique experience which they offer. Though RVs were parked in the front and on the right I noticed a community of tiny homes just beyond the bounds. Many tiny homes were under construction however a few options were already up and running in a variety of floor plans ideal for any traveler visiting the area. 

The property it’s self is small but does offer a few amenities including a restroom and laundry as well as a small play facility. The big draw to this area is the quick and easy access to beavers Bend State Park and other attractions around the Broken Bow area. 

The offering of cabin rentals varies from humble three person dwellings all the way up to a 20 person“Deck-A-Saurus”. Cabins are all equipped with standard furniture including couches and beds, making it ideal for those who just want to pullin and immediately jump into comfort. The RV area it’s self accommodate 17 spaces in three various sizes. Each side includes full hook ups, and barbecue pits. The larger areas have private fire pits as well as picnic tables. 

When I visited I noticed that the area was a little void of large trees. However the area is currently working to re-landscape and provide better shade accommodations along the perimeter’s which would be very beneficial to tent campers. While they do not market the smaller sites as tent only facilities I did notice there were several people staying in vans or tents in these sites along the outer border. 

The facility itself is very clean and well-maintained. You can really tell there is attention to detail at this location and that as it continues to grow and be developed that this will be a continued point of interest. 

Standard nightly rates run between $30 and $45 depending on the site for RV or tent camping. They do also offer both weekly and monthly rates but do impose strict guidelines for those who are staying long-term to keep the facility clean and not looking unkept. 

The Broken Bow Area offers beautiful unique attractions. If you like fishing, hiking,canoeing or trying something a little new this area is perfect. This park offers easy access to not only the outdoor features but also the nice Intown features such as restaurants making it a perfect place to stop if you’re in the area.

The only downside I could see to this campsite is that it is not as remote as some.    While it does provide great amenities and access points to everything around with easy pull ins for RV traffic, it does lack that in the woods feel that many other campsites provide.   You will be a little close to your neighbors here.


One of the most beautiful campsites we’ve been too.

Ranger Review: ROVR Cooler At Dancing Deer Meadow

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I always look for campground which have a unique location, interesting features or points of interest which appeal to me for exploring by day. When I was challenged to visit the Dancing Deer Meadow Campground by the Dyrt on a recent Bounty Mission I was more than a little excited by the location itself. Nestled on a stretch of land which borders the Red River, I knew the location would allow me to enjoy a unique set of activities all within a 2 hour drive of my home. However with recent rainfall I was a little unknowing of what exactly to expect since the River does often overstretch its bounds and create flooding onto low laying lands in the area. 

I called into my camp hosts to assure that all would be ok with my what was going to be 2 nights of camping on their two separate campgrounds. What was going to be Riverfront beach camping on one night and meadow camping another was adjusted accordingly because of recent rains and they had already moved my reservation to the high ground meadow camping to ensure my optimum enjoyment. 

When I arrived I could see why before even arriving to the campground, the Red River, which I am very familiar with and typically has large sand bar shores was flowing like a mighty river instead of a casual stroll and the sand bars were nowhere in sight. 

The Campground: 

Dancing Deer Meadow is a part of a multi campground privately owned facility which rests just inside the Oklahoma border in a small community referred to as Garvin. Once crossing the river from the Texas side immediately you will find a small gas station and gaming center which is very convenient for any last minute camping needs. Just beyond that less than a mile is a small double gate with a winding drive which carries you around to the property itself.

 I recommend calling ahead for arrival because they really roll out the red carpet when you do by greeting you and telling you a bit more about the property, the amenities and also the mission they have to help rehabilitate animals. This is where the trip really started to get exciting actually as I pulled in and were greeted by my hosts which not only introduced themselves but also some of the furry friends they have on site including baby raccoons, skunks and foxes, such an amazing treat!! From there they escorted me to the campsite and let me know a bit more about the site itself before letting me get settled in for the evening. 

During various points of the year they host nature hikes which allow you to learn more about the native plants. They not only rent sites both on the river and in the meadow for those coming fully prepared like myself, but they also have tents available for rent for those who might not yet own a tent but want to give camping a shot. I think this is a great way for people who do not know much about camping to get a taste before fully investing. These tents are available for only$10 a night. 

When the rains have not hindered beach camping their other campsite offers over a mile of beach camping with vault toilets scattered along the beach front to offer you limited amenities. In he meadow fire rings, vault toilets, trash cans and picnic tables are offered under large shade trees. Those trees were a phenomenal retreat for me when visiting from the bright sunlight of first light and during summer provide a cooling shade for those camping at the site. 

The site does not offer water or electricity but that wasn’t an issue for me of course because I come prepared for any electronics I could possibly need and always bring my own water anyway because you never know what the water is going to taste like at a location. I do recommend if you are planning on drinking wanter from the river to bring a filtration system which is tested against heavy clay concentrations. 

As the night set in the fireflies came out to play and with that and the moisture some pretty large mosquitoes, but that can be expected camping pretty much anywhere in this area. I suggest bring repellant of your choice and also potentially a citronella source to further repel the pesky critters. 

The nights here are filled with the echoes of crickets, you can potentially see deer grazing and the sky is filled with millions of tiny white beaming stars which make for the most wonderful of locations far removed from the masses of additional campers. When I was here I had the entire site to myself on a Wednesday evening and really loved the feeling the solitude offered for my experience. This would be a perfect location to bring a family wanting some time in nature and also to experience something a bit different.

 I do know that when the river front camping is available those locations are very popular for those wanting to play, fish or even do some light ATVing, however this is not a mud-buggy campsite and they wish to preserve the beaches instead of offering this feature. I really respect that because, unlike a lot of properties which border the Red River where that seems to be everywhere, this offers a place for those who don’t want a party atmosphere and instead truly like to enjoy the natural spaces. 


  • You will be driving to your location through a semi uneven pasture land if you are in a car with low clearance I would not recommend this. I drive a Nissan Versa and am not far off the ground but managed just fine, anything lower I probably would not have felt comfortable navigating. 
  • Keep an open mind when you pull up and get to meet the furry family. You never know just what kind of experience you can have when you allow yourself to pet a new kind of animal and truly interact. 
  • Ask about horseback rides. While they do not offer this as of yet the camp host mentioned they would like to in the future so it could be available when you visit. 
  • Always close the gate. This is a working farm facility and property and they do have horses. You may come and go as you please but they do ask you latch the gate as you leave so as to not let any of the livestock out. 
  • Check out the neighboring communities for additional activities. Just outside of the camping area is a community which used to be the location for some pretty big names of Country music to come and play. A little beyond that is Idabell which offers amongst other things has the Museum of the Red River with some very impressive Native American art and also a scale model of one of the dinosaurs found in the area. If you really want a treat you can visit Hugo, nicknamed Circus City where there is an Elephant Sanctuary  and some extremely unique Circus memories for Carson & Barnes and Kelly Miller Circus. And lastly, Broken Bow is the home of the Beavers Bend State Park and a unique Petting Zoo which actually has some very cute furry ties to the campground itself, the Hoochatown Petting Zoo.

The Product: 

On this very exciting Bounty Mission I was given the opportunity to test out the ROVR Cooler and share a little feedback about the features of the product. I was very excited because I haven’t had a larger style cooler to travel with in some time and really liked the option to be able to store larger food items as well as drinks when on a longer trip. I really wanted to see how long I could keep items cold for future reference and just how easy or difficult the coolers large style would be to do everything from load to maneuver in my campsite. 

Upon first arrival I was shocked as to how large the cooler really was. 60 quarts is very large, large enough to place 2 1/2 24 packs of water and still have room for ice. The cooler was available in 4 color options orange, green, white and blue. I really liked the green so when I selected it I had a grand idea of naming my cooler the Bunny Hulk and taking it everywhere I would go because it would be rugged with its large rolling wheels, tough handle and massive storage bin designed for carrying anything that didn’t need to go inside the cooler. When it arrived I knew my selection was perfect!! 

The box itself is massive and unboxing the cooler on my own was somewhat of a task in itself because they pack it for safe keeping from the warehouse to your home. It took me a few moments and a lot of wiggling but finally I was ready to rinse it out and load it up for the big adventure. 

I packed my cooking supplies, my meals and camera equipment into the bin which in my small car took up one entire side of my back seat. The cooler itself rode in the other side of the back seat and that was pretty much all the room I had for items unless they would fit in the floorboard. This is one of those coolers I could take with myself and one other person when riding in the car but it does not fit in my compact car trunk and because of the handle cannot ride in the front seat either. If I were in a truck or SUV my space would not be as limited clearly but for a person who travels like I do this is definitely something to consider.

 When I left town for the day I had packed one small bag of ice into the cooler with only bottles of water. I wanted to see how long things could literally sit in the cooler without going hot so I didn’t want to pack food in it for this first outing. Texas is so hot during summer so imagine a 97 degree day then imagine being locked in a car for about 3 hours on that day where temps creep up to almost 130 degrees inside. This was the life of my ROVR cooler on its first outing. I was really going to put that 2 inches of insulation to the test. 

By the time I arrived to my campsite late in the afternoon after my day of travel and many stops the single bag of ice had been sitting for over 7 hours with me reaching in and out of the top and sealing it 3 or 4 times. Before dinner I opted to grab some water and check my ice and noticed that it had melted quite a bit. Now typically they do recommend more ice in the cooler than what I initially placed inside of it, but I wanted to see how the bare minimum of one bag could hold up. I was really quite impressed that with the beaming heat it still had large chunks of ice and though there was some melt it was freezing cold inside the cooler itself. 

ROVR is pretty interesting because it does offer a variety of attachments for the cooler to customize your experience. There is a cutting board style prep board, umbrella holder, stash bag and even a cup holder which can attach to the cooler in a variety of ways to make it more user friendly. For this trip I went with the bare minimum but will be purchasing attachments in the future to trick out the“Bunny Hulk” because I feel after using the cooler it is worth the investment to upgrade further because I will be using it often. 

I used the cooler for a table for cooking and additionally a seat for my campsite itself so I didn’t have to bring an additional chair. It serves many purposes well beyond just being a cooler. 

By morning most of my ice had melted away, there were a few remaining chunks but they were few and far between so I opted to drain the cooler of the excess water and see how long the waters themselves would remain ice cold. I didn’t predict they would have much of a chance as temps heated up again to the high 90s but I was surprised to see that the water itself retained the chilling cold throughout the day and was refreshing as ever well into the evening when I arrived back home. I definitely had not expect that!! I left the cooler in the car overnight instead of unpacking it and in the morning when I went to move it around, the water was still chilled. 

I was very pleased overall with the ROVR cooler’s ability to keep my items cold. The ice was a bit deceiving and new trip in addition to adding the recommended amount of ice I will probably refreeze a couple bottles of water to keep the temps of the lower levels and upper levels evenly cold. I think this will increase my length of overall cooling for longer trips. I can honestly say that I feel confident putting my fresh veggies and meats in this and safely and securely stowing them away for my trips and might even prepackage several meals for lengthy trips just to cut down on at campsite prep time. 

The only downside for me was the amount of space it consumes within my personal vehicle. For solo trips this is not a problem but if I am traveling with friends and there is additional luggage this could really be something to consider in my car.

Beautiful place

Nice campground with lots of things to see.

Quiet evening with no crowd

We enjoyed our stay. Beautiful views. 12$ a night for primitive.

Very quite

Lots of tall trees plus some open areas. Trees will not block canopies or pull outs ! Very helpful staff ! Has 30 and 50 amp . Along side a river also plus they have cabins

One of the best in OK

Great place to camp. Lots of trees. Great scenery on the drive in. Tons of hiking trails. Also a good pizza restaurant nearby. Tons of cabins to rent nearby if you want. The river has great trout fishing too. There is a playground, horseback riding, swimming and a little museum. Lots of stuff to do. You could easily spend a week here.

Best trout fishing around!

Beaver's Bend State Park has the best year round trout fishing in this part of the USA…it's one of the only places where the water is cool enough to sustain the fish throughout even the summer. There are seven different campgrounds inside the park, and they have only JUST started an online reservation system; so it's now possible to ensure the site you want before you get there! Some of the sites are on the bank of the Lower Mountain Fork river, and some are more inland, out of direct eye site of the river. The park and river do get fairly crowded over holiday weekends, and even on regular weekends with nice weather, but we've never had an issue with the campsites being totally full; there always has been one available. The views are lovely, the water is pristine, and if you get bored with that, there's also a fairly interesting forestry museum at the check-in center; as well as a gift shop. There's also a great little fly/guide shop in the park, and the owners will happily chat with you about river conditions, what the fish are biting, etc. Would strongly recommend a visit here! We make about a 3 hour drive about once a month to camp here and it never gets old.

Quiet, peaceful, worth it..

I really like the fact that we could boondock our camper with in reason of the table area. (side of the road) plenty of room to let the slide out.. Fishing was great on the bank. Bathrooms were not horrible.. and had toilet paper.. Loved the fact it had a fire pit. and a grill.. even a place to hang your lantern.. Was a great experience if you want better.. go to places that charge more than $6 a night.. Loved it.. will be going back again.. does have trails.. to explore.

Great place to get away a hidden gem

Beavers bend state park is a great place to get away tucked away in the kiamichi mountains of South east Oklahoma along the mountain fork river all kinds of camp sites from full hookup to hike in also broken bow lake is right over the mountains also there are hundreds of cabins to rent in the area

First to Review
Super RV camping

This is a beautiful state park with both tent and RV camping. RV camping includes water/electric only and water/electric/sewer sites. Lots of pull through sites with concrete pads. Nicer and not as busy as Beavers Bend. Marina with a boat ramp, Lodge, lots of hiking trails. Tent camping on the lake.


It is awesome out there it has the best view


Nice scenery. Good fishing and kayaking. We went on a holiday and 4here was no rhyme or reason to the camping spots. Seemed very crowded with campers pitching tents wherever they can. I stilled enjoyed myself although it was crowded. The mini golf Definetly needs improving. And the info office is nice.

There's a lot to do in the area

You have a lot of options for activities - hiking, swimming, boating, fishing. There's a lot of resources near by so you never run out of anything. My only complaint is that it's normally pretty crowded.

Beware storm season

Campsites were a little close together for me but they aren’t horribly bad. These plenty to do there if you want to rent a kayak or canoe or paddle boards. Fishing is also pretty prominent there but we didn’t catch anything. We were there during storm season and it was quite a ride in the tent! Hiking trails aren’t well marked so we just stayed along the river.


Popular for the hunter.

First to Review
Had a blast

Every so often my family and I will venture into Oklahoma to do some camping and hiking. About 5 years ago we came to Kiamichi Park and enjoyed our time there. There is a lot of grass area which was nice because we love to play KOOB and throw the freesbie for our dog. There is also a lake nearby called Hugo Lake which was amazing because we went to the lake to cool off, and our dog enjoyed swimming. People were fishing in the lake as well, and kayaking too. The kayaking looked like a blast. We looked for places nearby to rent, but couldnt find any. If you have your own I would recommend bringing one because the lake is gorgeous. We also enjoyed biking on the trail, running, and hiking. There is a boat ramp next to the lake as well. We also saw people horseback riding on the trails. There honestly was so much stuff do it! We loved it and stayed super busy.

Buckeye - Nice and quiet and beautiful

Beautiful campground but we were quite disappointed when we got to Buckeye to find that there's no swimming, wading or boating on that section of the river. Have quarters for the showers in case the changer is out! And extra for when the water stops with no warning. I don't know about you but I'm usually soaped up when that happens. Squirrels are active and like to drop nut and pine cone pieces on your head lol. It's amusing, it doesn't hurt! These sites are by reservation. There's kayak rentals in the state park. We had them shuttle our kayaks up river for just $5/boat. 4 Days in a row! Went zip lining up at Rugaru for my 50th. It's a beautiful area… definitely want to come back and explore more!

Great semi-secluded spot on the river

We camp in one of the primitive areas on the river side of the campground. We love that the site we always choose is semi-secluded due to the natural greenery, but it’s also on the section of the river where everyone floats by in tubes, kayaks, and canoes. Beavers Bend State Park has tons of activities for families that don’t like to be stuck in the woods. We tend to venture into town once or twice over a long weekend for a late lunch during the hottest part of the afternoon.

McGee State Park

This place is really dark at night and some campsites are very private. You can see so many stars. There is a grill and a table at you campsite. The campsites are gravel and have tins of ants… Just a warning. When the sun comes up there is a silver glow on the water beautifull. There is also a beach area.

Escape to the Lake

Lots of options in this park for tent, RV, and lodge stays. Quiet lake-front or riverside camping for RV’s and tents. Plenty of bathrooms and showers (some showers require $$, but they are cleaner). I would recommend studying the hiking maps carefully as several trails needed updated markings. Swimming, boating, and hiking, are the main activities available.

Best Campground in the area.

We loved our short stop over here. The bathrooms were nice, you have a choice of campground space with the three loops, nicely spaced spots and the lake. It even has a short trail if you hike! We just stayed over night here on the way home from a trip but really enjoyed the views. Comparing it to all of the other spot in the area this is definitely the best and most accessible as it is a short drive from the main hiway.