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Caliente, NEVADA
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Beautiful tent camping site from BLM

I happened upon this campground by accident and so happy about it. There is a sign warning that the grounds are not suitable for RV or trailers so it's perfect for tent campers wanting to get away from that. The campground is set just off the highway leading to Spring Valley State Park. It is a small campground but is surrounded by untouched natural beauty. All of the sites have picnic tables (not covered), fire pits and grills for cooking. The sites are pretty good sized and set far enough away from each other to give plenty of privacy. There are tent pads at some sites but all sites seemed level and spacious. There's easy access to the bathrooms. Bring in your water as there is no access.

Must check this out for fall camping

As with many of the other NV state parks, this campground offers covered picnic tables, flushable toilets and free showers. There are fire rings and grills for cooking at each site. The sites are good size for tent camping and most have tent pads that are level. The abundance of trees gives each site plenty of privacy although there were only 4 other campers there when we visited. There is easy access to the bathroom and the rservoir is only a short walk away.

Beautiful for fall camping

As with many of the other NV state parks, this campground offers covered picnic tables, flushable toilets and free showers. There are fire rings and grills for cooking at each site. The sites are good size for tent camping and most have tent pads that are level. The abundance of trees gives each site plenty of privacy although there were only 4 other campers there when we visited. There is easy access to the bathroom and the rservoir is only a short walk away.

Small sites but the park is amazing

This campground has super small sites that are close together and offer little to no "camp privacy". I would say that this is more of an RV/trailer friendly campground than tent-friendly. There are tent pads at a couple of the sites. Each site offers fire rings, grills and covered picnic tables. There is flushable toilets and free showers available which is super nice.

The more we explored this park, the more awesome things we found. Close to the day use area, there is a horseshoe pit and a very nice volleyball court. There are a couple short hikes super close to the campground also, that offer beautiful views of the fall foliage. I highly suggest visiting this in the Fall as the colors were amazing.

Small, busy campground surrounded by beautiful landscapes

This campground is super busy in the fall. We arrived at approx 3 pm and there were only 3 sites available. Within the next 20 minutes, the entire campground was full. The next day, as people left, people filled the spots. The sites are really small and close together. There are fire rings at every site, but grills at about half of them. Our site didn't have a grill, but we managed ok. The awesome thing about this campground is that there are electric hookups at every site, which was very convenient for charging the phone, iPad and charge box! Wifi is available for a small fee which was awesome also! The bathrooms were very clean and heated, and even had a free shower!

The nature hike to the slit canyons was super short and the kids loved exploring the caves!

Excellent get away

Very few rv sites and no hook ups so be prepared.

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Spelunking and rappelling time!!!!

Whipple cave is located 3 hours from Las Vegas, heading north. Coordinates to the cave can be found here: latitude 38.48909 longitude 115.01829

Once you get to the Whipple cave access road, pass the wire fenced gate located on the right hand side. Here, you will drive on a dirt road for about 2 miles. A 4w drive is highly encountered. You won’t be able to make the drive in a sedan. You will see the trailhead at the end of the road.

You can camp here for the night. There’s fire pits available throughout, it’s a very secluded area so you will not run into other people or crowds. Just an FYI, it gets pretty windy at night. Dog friendly! No reservation required, free to camp!

The cave is located a couple minutes away, up the mountain. You will see signs for it. You can enter the cave by rappelling down 70 feet. Once at the bottom, you can embark on a 2 mile spelunking adventure!!! You will need a 165 ft rope and headlamps to accomplish this adventure as well as technical rope-climbing skills.

Rise and climb!

Individual camping spots along a river valley with steep climbing walls. Camp almost directly at the base of your climb.

Very limited camping spots, but also features a fully finished spring-fed pool, concession area, flushable toilets and hot showers.

Crawdading in the river is available. Bring a bucket or get one at the concessions.

Lots of kids and families in the pool, most of whom clean up after themselves. A great little gem for climbers and families.

Wifi is available at the pool, at some of the close sites, you may pick it up. Cell service is limited.

Beautiful. What a suprise. So peaceful

Very small nice place .


Nice spot to relax no close highways. Nice hike around camp.

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Great little spot

Fun place that was the inspiration in the movie Paul with the alien.

Nice escape from desert

The campsites are well manicured. There are flushing toilets that too are clean, but they are closed during the winter months. Every campsite has a spigot, shaded structure, table, grill and a fire ring. Sometimes there is wood available for a donation. We like going in May when it’s in the 80’s in the day and 50’s in the evening. Haven’t experienced a tremendous amount of bugs, but they are there. Fishing is fun too!! There aren’t any large boats, just boats with trolling motors so you’re able to use a float tube if you want too. If you’re a good angler, you’ll catch a lot of fish!!

Super Clean and Quiet

Very clean well stocked REAL bathrooms with flushing toilets, sink and Mirror. Shower available. (I didnt use it, but heard from someone in our group that it was coin operated, and he was very pleased with length of shower and temperature). Campsite had a fire pit, trash cans, and covered table with lights that come on at night. Campground is in walking distance to all of the amazing sites and things to explore. The rangers were very nice, informative and helpful. They spent quality time with our group givjng us ideas on what to see and do to get the most bang for our time there.

Hung over from vegas and wound up here

After a long night of drinking in Vegas we wound up here the next day. Nice BLM land campground very primitive and perfectly secluded. I believe all there was here were vaulted toilet and thats about all we needed. Depending on where your heading to and coming from its a decent place to spend a night.

Hiking, fishing, kayaking are definitely options here..but we had one to many cocktails galavanting around vegas…

Awesome Place for an Overnight

We stopped here on a road trip last year. We were just passing through and saw a sign for a campground and decided to camp for the night. The campground is a little oasis in the desert, with just a few sites situated among small trees and scrubby plants. The night we stayed - on a weekday in July, there were just three other campsites being used.

What we noticed right away, before we even started exploring the park, was that the wildlife was super tame. The jackrabbits and lizards came right into our campsite to check us out, and there were birds singing everywhere - not what we expected from a desert landscape. We hiked the short trail over to the cathedral area. The sun was setting and we were greeted by a family of desert foxes. We didn't get to close to them, but they were super curious about us and wanted to investigate. The babies were running in and out of the labyrinth of rock pillars and caverns. It was the cutest thing ever. We didn't stay long because we didn't want to disturb them.

The next morning we hiked the main trail to an overlook, which was really awesome. We left before the sun got too hot. I'm not sure this park would be a great destination for a vacation, because you can pretty much see all there is to see in a few hours, but it is a beautiful clean campground for an overnight, and I will definitely stop by again if I'm in the area. Also, I hear the star gazing is amazing here. It was cloudy night we arrived.

Like camping in outerspace

My friends and I stumbled upon this place as a sort of last resort for Memorial Day weekend camping. The landscape here is really cool; with lots of towering pitted rock formations, it doesn't look like any place I've ever seen.

The sites are nicely spaced out and each one is very unique, one of them is even nestled inside a sort of rock cave. The camp hosts kept the place very clean and apart from some noisy generators that ran all night, it was pretty quiet. The weather while we were there was freezing rain the first night and sunny and 90º just two days later, it seemed to be pretty unpredictable.

While this place was good for a few days of boozy debauchery and exploration, it definitely lacked in activities for anyone without an ATV. We all agreed that we had a nice time, but wouldn't make the 4 1/2 hour trek back there.

Remote, just the way camping should be

I don't understand how this isn't more popular. The geography here is unlike any I've seen anywhere else and my girlfriend and I were essentially the only people out there, with the exception of two other couples utilizing campers. Well, in addition to the ranger who informed us the temperaturewould drop into the high teens, being that we ventured here back in March. There was wood offered to campers, based on an honor system where you paid for the amount one needed. The ranger we spoke with was extremely nice and informative. The best part was the bathrooms which were impeccably spotless. Avoid the crowds that National parks get and enjoy this gorgeous campsite/hiking area!

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loved it here!

clean facility, paved campsites

This was a nice campsite. The sites are arranged in a circle and there are clean restrooms available. They were just a short walk from our campsite. They campground is first come/first serve and you will have to fill out a form upon arrival that goes on he dashboard of your vehicle for the duration of your stay. The park rangers did come around and check all license plate tags/registration forms. The hiking around cathedral Gorge is fairly easy, and the scenery is beautiful. We heard a pack of coyotes pretty close to the campground throughout the night, but they didn't disturb anyone. They also sell firewood in bundles at the campground. It's kind of the honor system, and make sure you bring cash for payments.

enjoyable experience

This was a family favorite site… we were right on the water :) I think the sites are only available first come, first serve so getting there early is helpful when picking the best sites. We enjoyed the few hikes we checked out at the park as well. Very nice place!