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Relax on the shore of Canyon Ferry Lake

Confederate Campground is a Bureau of Reclamation campground on the shore of Canyon Ferry Lake. This small free campground does not have developed campsites with the exception of the one ADA available campsite. Their appears to be six camping spots, five that have rock made fire rings, the only developed site is the ADA site which has a concrete parking pad and metal fire pit. No picnic tables are available at this campground. The campground does have a ADA accessible vault toilet directly across from the ADA campsite. Two of the campsites sit along the lakes beach. Don't be expecting a nice sandy beach however, this is a gravel beach, but still nice. Two sites are near the vault toilet and ADA site, these sites sit on the edge of the lake among cotton wood trees and willows. The final location is away from the other sites in a grassy area near large cotton woods. Camping at Confederate campground is limited to 14 days. There is no water, trash service or picnic tables so come prepared. Their is not a boat launch at this campground, but boats can easily be launched from the rocky beach area. All water craft regardless of size must be inspected prior to launching at Canyon Ferry Lake.

Quiet, nice night on the way to the mountains

Walk in sites were available, the privy was realllly clean, the sites were breezy, and very quiet.

Perfect spot

This campground is another one to be proud of. Easy to find using The Dyrt and there is a sign right off the highway. There is probably 8 spots not including 5 day(non-overnight) spots. The one we chose was very clean and had a mowed spot to set up the tent. There is a nice firepit to use that has a removable grill on it. There is also a standing grill in case you want to use charcoal to get the grill going. The table is very nice at this one. Probably the nicest I've seen. on a concrete pad with very thick stone tops. We did not do any hiking as our time was limited. the bathroom was very nice as it is the beginning of the camping season here. We brought our own firewood but there was some there that we could have used. 

All in all, highly recommended for comfort and beauty. I cannot vouch for the hiking in the area.

Secluded Getaway

Well laid out campsites with plenty of space. Well maintained picnic tables and fire rings with designated tent space. Bathrooms are clean, and campsites are clearly marked with seclusion from other guests.

Family friendly park

This place has amazing view with some awesome walking trails. There is also a salmon feeding station which can be fun to see. In. The winter this place provides some really nice sledding experiences. One of the coolest things here is the WORLD’S SMALLEST RIVER! Called the Roe River at 201 feet

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Great for winter camping

I camp here with Boy Scouts since the place is often reserved for youth organizations. In the winter it can be fun but to climb some hills. Each campground has cabins which hold about 11 people and tent spaces out side. The cabin do have semi-decent heating, but not AC. The bathrooms are really big and well developed (and super warm for the winter). There is also a big “roof building” with picknick tables to eat food.

Convenient little gem

Right off the road but feels pretty tucked away. Shared the camp with 3 small RVs but everyone had plenty of space. The are has been cleared of timber and there was plenty of wood laying around. Sites are nice with solid tables and fire pits. Two vault toilets as well. Beautiful creek flows through the campsite. Would recommend. $10 self pay no reservations.

Great spot for a family weekend

This is a great place if you want to get away from Great Falls for a night or two. Each campsite has a fire pit, picnic table and a decent amount of trees. Great little pool on the far side of the campsite is great for kids.


Quite and right in the lake. You can fish from the bank. Gets windy during the afternoon

Beautiful quite hideaway

Spacious camping sites and beautiful scenic hiking trails.

10/10 would not recommend

This campground had dead animals, dog feces, ant hills everywhere, and the camp host tried to lie about tent policies to try to extort our family out of more money. Not to mention he threw himself in front of my husband who was leaving the campground, even though his passengers corroborated his experience, the camp host later screamed at me that he was going to call the cops and I am disabled due to PTSD. I have been going to this campground for 30+ years and would never go back after this last experience.

Quite and peaceful area with Great views

We have stayed here many times and enjoyed the area very much.  If what you are looking for is exploring history and wildlife then this is the place.  Campground is located on the edge of a small town with all pull-thru sites and FHU's.  Tv reception is good with all the major channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS.  Verizon and AT&T are good.  The park WiFi is very good.  You are surrounded by several mountain ranges.  The town offers fuel and groceries with numerous dining options.

Ranger Review of Mountain House Chicken & Dumplings at Duck Creek Primitive

Ranger Review of Duck Creek Primitive Campground

We had a weekend district Scouting camporee at Duck Creek campground and really enjoyed our time. Even with several hundred Scouts attending we had plenty of room to spread out and have a large area to our selves.

Duck Creek Primitive campground is located along the shore of Canyon Ferry Lake at the end of Lower Duck Creek Road. Duck Creek primitive campground is a large open area along the lake allowing camping on Bureau of Reclamation land. This is primitive camping, all you are going to find here is a flat grassy area to camp with rock fire rings. No p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 115%; }facilities, no water, no trash, no outhouse so come prepared. A lot of the area is in the open with out trees and windy. You can find trees for a wind break in several spots in the camping area. Firewood was not a problem when we visited due to all the available driftwood. Their is no cost to camp at Duck Creek, however there is a 14 day stay limit and all Bureau of Reclamation camping rules apply.

Ranger Review of Mountain House's Chicken & Dumplings

Our new Scout BSA Girls Troop/Venturing Crew gave Mountain House's Chicken & Dumplings a try during camp. I think their was a problem, after taking a taste I handed it to the two girls in camp to try and next they I know they are handing me back an empty bag and they wanted more, this after already eating a full meal before hand. This is the real thing, it would hard to make one at home that taste better than this did. How good, one of our adults in camp asked how much they cost as she would consider serving this at home. I definitely know what one of the meal choices for our backing trips this summer are going to be. This is by far the best Mountain House meal we have tried so far, and that Biscuits and Gravy was hard to beat. Scouts gave it a 6 out of 5 starts.

Favorite in area

Hiking boating good ramp

Really nice

Near the water. Good hiking


Close to the water. Lake is fun

Newly upgrated FAS

Wolf Creek Bridge FAS got a big upgrade over the winter.  The fishing access site is now fully paved.  No more parking in the mud or dirt.  With the upgrade the old vault toilet is gone and two new vault toilets have replaced it.  The site still has five campsites but four of them have been relocated.  One site sits at the entrance to the FAS, one site sits in the same location near the highway, the other three sites have moved across the parking area and sit near the vault toilets.  All sites have picnic tables, the three near the vault toilet have metal fire rings.  I expect that the other two will have rings soon.  Site still has no water or trash service.  This is a great location to start a nice day long float down the Missouri River, even better now that it is paved.  Site gains a star.

Ranger Review of Mountain House Lasagna and Little Log Tent Only Campground

Little Log campground is a small 10 site tent only campground in the Log Gulch Recreation Area on Holter Lake. Located just past the larger Log Gulch campground this small campground sites in a gully above the lake. Flat locations to put a tent are limited due to the slope of the ground in the campground, but each site does have a flat area for a tent, however it may be hard to find room for more than one tent. Most of the choices for tent placement are at the end of the parking pad next the the picnic table and fire ring. The campground cost $15 per night, has trash service, running water and a double vault toilet. Each site has a picnic table and metal fire ring. A short distance from the campground and across the street is the day use area for the recreation area, where fishing appears to be good as we saw several large fish taken out of the lake in a short period of time. Registration for campsites is located in the day use area on the side of the road as you enter the recreation area.

Ranger Review of Mountain House's Lasagna with meat sauce freeze dried meal.

Gave this Lasagna a tried and liked it. Did find that it seemed to need something to make it real good, and that would be a packet of Parmesan cheese, if they would include the Parmesan to put on the lasagna after cooking then this would be an awesome meal. Even with out the Parmesan this is a good meal. Following the instructions and stirring well resulted in a well hydrated hot meal. A little on the saucy side, but the texture of the noddles and meat are spot on. At 2.5 servings per bag this is perfect for two people, the meal was a little two much for just me to eat on my own. Can't wait to eat this again on my summer backpacking trips, but will be bringing a little Parmesan to put on it.

Ranger Review of Wenzel Boulderdasche 33 Backpack and Log Gulch Recreation

Log Gulch Recreation site has two campgrounds for a total of 72 campsites, Log Gulch and Little Log. The main campground Log Gulch Campground has 60 sites, plus two tent walk in sites. This is a paved campground with gravel parking pads. A large day use area with boat ramp, marina, fish cleaning site, Ramada and beach are below the campground across the road. The campground features a ranger station, two vault toilets (a third one can be found in the day use area), running water, trash service and a Ramada located at the top of the campground. Sites 1-13 are best suited for RV's. Two of the sites in Log Gulch are walk in tent only campsites. After sites 1-13 all the other sites are very nice large sites with plenty of room for tents, however finding a flat place may be challenging as the campground is built on a hill. Grassy sites can be found in the center of the main loop. All sites have picnic tables with fire rings. A small creeks runs along the edge of the campground. Two trail heads are at the campground, one at each end which connect to 4 miles of hiking trails. Fishing appears to very good at the marina as I watch two very large trout be pulled out of the water in a short period of time.

Ranger Review of the Wenzel' Boulderdasche 33 Backpack

I took this pack on a 7.5 mile hike and found it to be a comfortable pack that held everything I needed for a day hike. Like to retro look of the pack. One of its features is a padded internal laptop sleeve, which works well holding a hydration bag. Another feature I liked was that the clips were metal not plastic so I won't have to worry about cracking them when putting the pack down on the ground. Two side pockets and a top pocket have plenty of room to hold frequently used items so you won't have to open up the whole pack each time you want something. A chest strap would have been a nice feature to have. Loops on the back, bottom and top of the pack make it possible to strap additional items to the outside of the pack if needed, which could allow this pack to be used for an single overnight trip if you are a lightweight backpacker. A pretty nice pack for the price.


Spent the day fishing here. A beautiful and quite relaxing day.

Parking Lot Camping

Departure Point campground is basically camping in a parking lot. Four "campsites" are lined parking spots in a large paved area with a picnic table and fire ring at the end of the parking spot. The four spots are right next to each other. If you want to set up a tent you will be setting it up on the pavement. The area has two vault toilets, running water and trash service. Down below the camping area is a nice day use area with four picnic tables three of which are covered and right on the edge of the lake. Camping is not allowed in the day use area along the lake. So if you want to tent camp you will want to head to one of the other BLM campgrounds on the lake.

Ranger review of Wenzel's Windy Pass Mummy 0° Sleeping bag and Holter Dam C

Holter Dam Campground Review

Holter Dam Campground at Holter Dam Recreation site is a BLM 15 site campground located just below Holter Dam. All 15 sites at the campground feature covered picnic tables with a fire ring. All the sites sit along the edge of a very large parking area. 13 of the sites have plenty of room for tents on a nice flat grassy area. Two sites are close together and have limited room for tents. The campground has a double vault toilet with numerous water faucets, and dumpsters. A second vault toilet can be found at the boat ramp area just a short distance from the campground. An ADA campsite sits right in front of the vault toilets. The concrete pad for the ADA site extends to and surrounds the fire ring allowing wheelchairs to get as close to the fire as they want. Campsites run $10 an night (½ price for senior and access pass holders). Keep an eye out on the surrounding hills around the campground for Big Horn Sheep. While staying at the campground we saw 5 sheep on the hill next to the campground entrance.

Ranger review of the Wenzel Windy Pass Mummy 0° Sleeping bag

I was quiet pleased with the Windy Pass 0° Mummy sleeping bag. The bag is roomy, giving you room to turn around in the bags with out needing to have to bag turn with you. On the bags stuff sack it says it is a cold weather bag 0-20 degrees. I slept warm all night with the temps dropping into the low 30's with it raining all night (snow was on the ground on the hills above us). I was quiet pleased with the amount of padding the bag provided during the night as my sleeping pad failed to hold air, but I was still able to sleep comfortably on the hard ground. I got up several times during the night and each time I was able to warm back up in just a few minutes after getting back in to the bag. It will be interesting to test it out next winter in colder weather to see if it meets its temperature claims. I weighted the bag, and at 4 pounds 10 ounces, you might not be taking this one out on a backpacking trip, but for the front country camping you can't go wrong with this warm bag, specially for the price of $45.

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How Rugged Are You?

There are a lot of cabin rentals in western Montana. This is one of the easier ones to access. That being said, DO NOT attempt it in a car. You need HIGH CLEARANCE. And forget about winter months unless you intend to snowmobile or snowshoe in.

Facilities are rudimentary, and in the summer months, there’s a huge fly problem. Bring everything, including propane cylinders.

But for the price, it’s a fun excursion, even if you end up deciding to sleep in the SUV. I did, and didn’t regret it one bit.


Clean. Had outhouses. Pet and family friendly drive to accessible. Tent and camper parking. Right on the water.

It was gorgeous

Visited two years ago while rent camping. It was quite accommodating.

Exposed windy Campground + Midland Radio Review

The Silos Campground located on Canyon Ferry Lake is a Bureau of Reclamation campground with 77 dry sites, 4 gazebos, handicapped accessible restrooms and RV sites. The campground is run by Broadwater County. The 4 gazebos in the campground that can be reserved through the nearby KOA campground.

Silos campground is a large open and windy campground with no tree cover. All the trees are along the lake and provide little to no releaf from the sun or constant winds that blow through the area. The campground consist of 5 camping areas, four of which have boat ramps. One of the camping areas is for tent only camping. Sites are $10 for a single site and $20 for a double site, Stays are limited to 14 days. Golden Age pass holders are $5.00 a night. No Cost during the winter season. The only way to tell if you are in a single site or a double site is if the site number post tells you if it a double site. Each camping area has at least two vault toilets. Each site has a picnic table and metal fire ring. Almost all of the picnic tables are concrete tables.

The campground's four gazebos can be rented for the night for $30 by contacting the Silos KOA Campground which is located just before the Silos campground. The gazebos all have power and lights.

The campground has four small boat launches and one large launch with a marina (Broadwater Bay) for docking your boat. The marina is managed by Silos KOA. If you need more information on either the campground or the marina facilities call 406-266-3100.

On our visit we only found one site that had any protection from the winds, that was site #1.

The campground does not have a store, but the KOA does have one. If you don't fell like cooking you have two options just outside of the campground. Between the KOA and Silo Campground is the Flamingo Grill which is open seasonally. At the turn on Hwy 12/287 is the Silos Junction Bar and Grill which is open year round. The town of Townsend is less than 10 minutes from the campground is you need more supplies.

Ranger Review of Midland Radios X-TALKER T10X3 Walkie Talkie

The X-Talker T10X3 Walkie talkie has a reported range of up to 20 miles and has 22 available channels. These walkie talkies take three AAA batteries. We gave these radios a test shortly after receiving them. Took one for a hike and left another at home. The trail-head for my hike was 16 miles from home and I had a clear crisp signal at the start. While on the hike I added a few more miles to that distance and was still able to communicate without any problems, even while in heavy timber. It wasn't until I started rounding the back of the mountain and lost line of site that the signal was lost, just like all walkie talkies do. We are quiet please with how these radios have been holding up, our Scouts have used them several times and are no worse for wear. Great to use with out Scout group as we can stay in better communication during our activities and trips, especially in those areas with out cell phone signal, which is the location of most of our activities.

A very good quality 2 way radio at a low cost. We have another set of Midland Radios that these work just as well with.

Don’t wake the sleeping giant

This is a hidden gem near the west end of Holter Lake. Over 50 sites with views of the mountains, Holter Lake, and the sleeping giant from various points in the campground. Wildlife abound and fishing galore. Most sites are big enough for a camper and level enough for tents. There is a pavilion and group tent site at the back of the campground, too. Trails connect it to other points of interest nearby.

Great for anything!

For scouts we had a huge campout here (like we do every year) and it still is one of my most memorable campground. The area is super clean, with the only trash I find way out in the mountain. Talking about that, there are cool “mountains” (basically steep hills with some rocks) you can climb or hike, that give you a great view of the area. The bathrooms are pretty clean and not too smelly as well. If you just want to go camping there are amazing places to pitch a tent and in ground fire pits. Also, if you happen to have a boat, you can park it next to your campsite and take it onto the lake during the day.

City Camping Tucked Away

You have to drive through part of Great Falls, Montana to get to this campground, but once you are in it, you forget all about the city. You get the full camping (in a campground) experience, but you can easily drive into the city to pick up whatever you forgot to pack.

Our site was in what they call a tent village, which is a nice roundabout of tent sites. There are walls separating the sites for privacy, but the area is big enough for your vehicle and a large tent, or multiple smaller tents. Toward the middle of the roundabout is a covered area, including a table, counter, electrical outlets, and a large cabinet that can be locked with a padlock. The tent villages are very close to a nice restroom/showers that require a key code to get in.