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Twin Lakes Campground is located in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky
36.9662 N
-88.1982 W
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4 Reviews of Twin Lakes Campground

Overall, a great spot. You could camp in far worse places for sure.… Love the location, the size of the camping site and especially those near Lake Hartwell with private entrances. The campground is shaded and has the occasional wildlife but it is an adventure all together for the whole family.

the twins

this is my favorite spot to camp on a wimb however, it can get covered pretty quick. All gravel so water shoes is a must. Nice, cool breeze!

Great American Eclipse Camping

My boyfriend and I spent a few days at the LBL recreation area. We stayed I. A primitive spot in the north east corner of the island. We were able to be on the water, have our car close by, and be far enough away from neighbors. The downsides were the roads were a little hard to navigate because of poor signage, also the closest store was in town so it was a far drive if you forgot something. One cool highlight was the buffalo park, check it out if you go! https://www.thetravelingtacos.com/trips/the-land-between-the-lakes

First to Review
Small campsite with lovely lake views, if you're a planner.

Campsite Review

This very primitive campground has some great lookout points, if you’re lucky or savvy enough to get one. Aside from a select number of cliff spots, these basic sites are nestled away from the shoreline for shade, something very sought after here during the hot summer months. There is also some overflow camping spots in the middle of a grassy roundabout. Not much to say about the place – it does have lake access, but one would be best suited to look elsewhere within the Land Between Lakes Rec area if you have a proper boat needing a loading bay. The boat ramp didn’t look the greatest.

A quiet spot – I wish there were shower facilities and more options for spots along the shoreline. I was lucky to be camping here on a weekday, otherwise reserve ahead for a site with a view. I wound up using the campsite as a home base and driving to the Woodlands Nature Station a few miles away to rent a canoe and spend some time on the water. My dog enjoyed having the lakes to cool off.

Roadtrip Update: So long LBL!

Ever since the canoe paddle at Energy Lakes, I’ve wanted to do more from the water within the park lands. Since it was so hot out, I knew a bike ride with my dog would be risky, so driving to the Woodlands Nature Station to rent a canoe was a responsible decision. It also meant I wouldn’t need to concern myself with packing whatever I needed into a backpack for a bike ride, so when I arrived and parked the car, I made sure to grab my hammock, my backpacking stove, water, and a freeze dried meal and head down to the boat rental place with Sirius. The staff didn’t mind that I wanted to put the dog in the canoe with me (thank goodness, since there wasn’t really a backup plan) nor that I planned on taking the boat out to a random land outcrop to have lunch. I hugged the shoreline and used the trees to keep me shaded before my stomach told me “this is good” and I beached the canoe, set up the hammock, and boiled some water for some lunch. Besides some mosquitoes who were trying to get too friendly, I had the place to myself and I got to eat my now boiled Pasta Primavera in peace. Not a bad day and worth the sore shoulders the next morning from paddling. I always forget to stretch.  

I’ve spent a few days camping in Land Between the Lakes and overall have to say it’s been a fun, relaxing experience. I wish I came when there were some cooler temperatures though – the whole time I have been here has averaged in the 90s, and trying to do a mix of relaxing and recreation while staying cool has been a big challenge. When I picked this area to camp, I envisioned a lot of leisure bike rides with packed lunches checking out different hot spots. It turned out the entire park was one big, sweat-inducing-for-no-reason-other-than-because-it’s-95-and-humid hot spot. I was here during weekdays, so I am not sure how much people traffic the area normally receives, but I found the campgrounds and general lack of people both nice and concerning. I love a break to unplug from the pace of city life, but I also love seeing people enjoying the outdoors. I had plenty of great hang out spots in a hammock by the water, but it would have been nice to see a boat go by tugging a water skier or a family out fishing. Instead I found a beautiful place that’s under appreciated. I’ve been to my fair share of state parks and can say with confidence the roads you drive and bike on are a total crapshoot. Some lay down loose gravel, while others (like this place) had well paved roads. Given how much biking I did and how spread out the areas were in the park lands, I feel like the road quality saved this from being a tough few days. I spoke with a proper cyclist I ran into at the Woodland’s Nature Station who told me how often he comes here to train for the Ironman competitions strictly because the roads are good and the traffic is low. I imagine the same could be said if you’re training for some water skiing competition because the water is calm and there aren’t many power boats out on the lake. Check out Land Between the Lakes next time you’re passing through the area – it’s got a lot to offer. I simply recommend doing you’re homework and picking a campground that suits your needs, as there’s great variety depending on your recreation adventures.