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About Jumbo Rocks Campground

Jumbo Rocks Campground lies amid the huge, steep rock formations for which Joshua Tree National Park is known. Close proximity to many boulders and rock formations, it is a popular camping location for families with kids. Jumbo Rocks is one of four campgrounds in the park that can be reserved during the busy winter season; it is open on a first-come, first-served basis from June 9 through August 30. Travelers who enjoy warm, dry winters flock to Joshua Tree from October through May, when temperatures hover between 70-90 degrees during the day and drop to a 40-60 degree range at night. Summer is the park's off-season due to the uncomfortably-high desert heat. Jumbo Rocks is at an elevation of 4,380 feet.


Rock scramblers flock to Jumbo Rocks Campground for the variety of geological formations and warmer temperatures that can be found in the interior of the park. Several hiking trails also leave from the campground. There is a short interpretive nature trail and plenty of rocks and canyons to explore within the facility. Clear desert skies are perfect for star-gazing.


This large facility has 124 individual tent and RV campsites. There are no hookups or drinking water in the campground, however the town of Twentynine Palms is 12 miles away and provides basic amenities. The park allows six people and two vehicles per site, however, some sites are small and may not accommodate the maximum number of people and vehicles. See site details for specifics.

Natural Features

Campsites are nestled on a flat, sandy surface between large boulders that tower in unique shapes over the campground and rise up from the otherwise uniform desert landscape. The rocks were formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago and have been exposed and shaped by wind and water over time. They brighten with soft pastel hues during the morning and evening sunlight and low with campfire light by night. Visitors may want to keep their eyes out for typical desert inhabitants such as lizards, rattlesnakes, scorpions, ravens, squirrels and desert tarantulas during the cooler months of the year. Bobcats and mountain lions do live in the park, however they are rarely seen near humans.

Charges & Cancellations

Reservation Cancellations & Changes

Cancelling a Reservation: Customers may cancel their reservation prior to arrival both on-line and through the call center. A $10 service fee will be withheld from any refund for a cancellation. Depending on when you cancel in relation to your arrival day, it may be considered a late cancellation (see below).

Changing an Existing Reservation: When changes are made prior to the cut-off window:

If a customer wants to switch dates that are entirely outside of the original reservation dates, there is a $10 change fee.

There is no change fee if a customer extends or shortens a reservation, as long as the change includes dates from the original reservation. If they choose to depart early, they may forfeit the recreation fee for the day of departure.

There is no change fee if the customer wants to switch sites that are the same price with the same reservation dates in the same facility.

If a reservation is made that includes dates beyond the maximum booking window, that reservation cannot be changed until 18 days have passed from the original booking date.

Late Cancellations or Cancellations within the Cut-off Window

Individual Campsites: A customer who cancels a reservation the day before or on the day of arrival will pay a $10.00 service fee AND forfeit the first night's use fee (not to exceed the total paid for the original reservation). Cancellations for a one-night reservation will forfeit the entire amount paid and will not be subject to an additional service fee.

Changes or Cancellations within the Cut-off Window: Once a reservation date has begun, customers cannot change a reservation using the online system or through the Call Center (see below for early departures). If the location is staffed, on-site personnel may or may not be able to assist with changes or cancellations (check with local staff).


Overnight and Day-Use Facilities: A no-show customer is one who does not arrive at a campground and does not cancel the reservation by check-out time on the day after the scheduled arrival date (or for day-use facilities, by check-in time the day of arrival). Staff will hold a campsite until check-out time on the day following the arrival date and will hold group day-use facilities until check-in time on the arrival date.

No-shows are assessed $20.00 service fee and forfeit the first night’s recreation fee for a campsite or forfeit the entire day-use fee for a day-use facility.

ADA Access: N

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No Drinking Water
No Electric Hookups
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No Firewood Available
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No Phone Service
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No WiFi
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Max Length: 45 ft.
Jumbo Rocks Campground is located in Joshua Tree National Park in California
33.9922 N
-116.0625 W
Get Directions
Take Interstate 10 to State Highway 62. Turn south on Park Blvd. Continue 5 miles to the West Entrance; Jumbo Rocks is approximately 18 miles from the entrance. If coming from the east, taking Interstate10, take the Desert Center exit north onto State Highway 177. Continue on State Highway 177 turning west onto State Highway 62 to Twenty-nine Palms. Turn south on Utah Trail. Continue 3.5 miles to the North Entrance. Jumbo Rocks is approximately 8 miles from the entrance.
70 Reviews of Jumbo Rocks Campground

This was one of our first camping spots as a family back in September 2020. We borrowed a 1985 VW Westfalia (now we own one). My sister and her family of four came in their suburban & tent. We shared a $20 camping spot.

We drove in from Orange County CA and reserved our spot online. The campground was 85% full and was a little loud with larger groups next to us, but was beautiful.

We brought our large golden retriever, which was great but they don’t allow dogs on trails so that was a bummer while we nicked during the days.

It was hot and there were lots of bee’s and no campfires but still worth it. Skull Rock trail was worth it with our five year old. Totally kid friendly.

We’ll come back for sure. Was a good intro to camping for us.

Fantastic Location in Center of Joshua Tree National Park

Loved this location. Accommodates large RVs Trailers and Tents. Large camping areas isolated form other sites. Clean and fairly easy access. When you get to the end of the road, you can go Right or Left. There is a sign that says no Trailers, but doesn't indicate which direction it applies to. Left circles around, right is dead end. Be careful which way you choose.


Campsite was perfect, the site is for 4 people but easily could have fit 8-10! 3/4 folks in our group tent camped while I slept in my car along the road right next to the campsite. The site itself only had enough room for 2 cars so be sure to budget for that. We had two pit toilet stalls right next to our site, there were some bees around the front entrance but the bathrooms themselves were fine. We stayed at campsite 83, pictures below, on 12/5. It was COLD out as well, I am from colorado but the cold hit different out here! Bring plenty of wood and warm clothes :)

Crowded but great

Went back in June before it got too hot. Most of the spots in the rocks were taken so we ended up on the upper site propped up on a little hill and it was great and secluded. Down side was no protection from the wind. Which ended up intense that night. Still an awesome trip and awesome campground Bathrooms were really nice and clean. Always be sure to bring enough water for your trip.

Life on Mars?

the rocks at Jumbo rocks make you feel like your on another planet. My 9yo son loved the place and became a hiking enthusiast over night. This trip was my wife’s first camping trip and she loved it and that’s coming from a native Brazilian.

Favorite campsite by far

From the very first camping trip to the most recent, jumbo rocks has always been such a great experience. I love that it is out in an area with no cell service, and that it is far enough away from the city to enjoy amazing night skies. The bathrooms on site make it easy to camp with kids, and the landscape makes it so much fun to explore. It is still definitely my favorite campground up to date. Be sure to take plenty of water and check for weather conditions, when it’s cold its freezing, when it’s hot it’s HOT. There is no running water or electricity. (Photos are pre-Covid)

Scrambling galore

It's camping in J Tree. What's not to like? Cell service in the park is pretty spotty at best so take time to enjoy the landscapes and starry nights. Always bring lots of water to the desert.

The pit toilets do the trick, but bring shade and maybe a solar shower.

Incredible mosaic of nature!

Words truly can not do this place justice. Joshua Tree National Park is such a beautifully preserved mosaic of nature and human history. We only had two short days here but we can not wait to return and explore more. The ecosystems of the wetter Mojave Desert and the low desert of the Colorado yield differing plants, water canyons, twisted rock formations, and towering monolithic rock formations that are both beautiful and fun to climb. This is a boulderer, hiker and climbers dream. The Joshua trees in and of themselves are both dreamy and mystical. Although there are other camps in the park which seemed to be more remote, we liked the idea of securing a reservation instead of worrying about a first come first serve situation. Because of this, we found this to be an ideal camping spot for location, and proximity as well as eliminating the worry of not getting a site.

For us, the unseasonably warm weather for October affected the hikes we chose to do as we were not acclimated to the extreme and dangerous heat. Despite this, there are plenty of shorter hikes as well as an amazing 18 mile Geology self driving tour ( note you need four wheel drive) exposing you to diverse and gorgeous desert landscapes and even a hike up an extinct volcano.

We found Jumbo Rocks campground to be well kept, and clean. There are 124 tent sites and some RV sites. There are no hook ups or drinking water in the campground so all provisions must be brought in prior to entering the park. There is a small town called Twentynine Palms which is about 10 to 12 miles away where you can get water, firewood and your basic amenities. The campsites were rather close together but because of the beautiful rock formations it seemed like you were more isolated than what you were. As long as the neighboring tenters remembered that others were close by and kept voices down it was peaceful. The most amazing part of this park were the stars at night. They were unbelievably brilliant!

As an additional side note, any type of hanging lights, hammocks, clothes lines, bunting, etc. is forbidden in the park. Hefty fines are awarded to those who violate the rules and attach to vegetation, Joshua Trees, or the Junipers. Lastly, there is little to no shade here and the temps can get extreme. I’d suggest bringing an additional canopy tent for shade as until the sun sets the tent is a sauna sand does not provide relief from the heat.

Great Experience

I was surprise at how many spots there were. The sites were small and close together but plenty of parking and restroom availability. The outer parts were fun to explore with large rocks surrounding the area. There are picnic tables and a fire pit with a grill attached. Pretty great area!

Amazing Desert Getaway

Jumbo Rocks Campground is truly one of the best desert getaways. The rocks around the campground are fun to climb on and explore, plus they create an amazing show of light and shadow from sunrise to moonrise. This campground does have a bit of a party vibe and people stay up late, but everyone was friendly and respectful about it.

This is a clean campground with plenty of toilets and dumpsters, the toilets were cleaned daily. There is no water here, so bring more than you think you need. Also, not much shade, so plan ahead in case you have a site with direct sun all day.

Each site provides a charcoal grill and campfire ring. Unfortunately, fires were prohibited while I was there. Bring your gas stove just in case.

Hidden Springs picnic area is about 20 minutes west of the campground, we used it as a day camp. There is plenty of shade at some of the tables against the rocks. We hung out there during the hottest part of the day to have lunch and stay cool. Twentynine Palms is closer than Joshua Tree/Yucca Valley for groceries, but the drive to Joshua Tree is much more beautiful.

Dogs are allowed, but you can't hike with them anywhere in the park.