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Mexican Town , ARIZONA

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Most Recent Mexican Town Camping Reviews
Nice Winter Hideaway

Very nice location only 4.5 miles from town market. The sign entering the park says "Permits Required" but I spoke to some campers that came here every winter and said that stopped about four years ago and no one there that I spoke to had one.

There is and area for horses and a picnic area with tables and grills.

Nice place to stay when passing through or to stay awhile.

Twin Peaks is a beautiful campground

 Although it is in the desert, the sites are well spaced. No utilities at the campsites, but plenty of water faucets and the restrooms were very well maintained. We hiked the trail out of the group campground and also the Victoria Mine trail. Beautiful desert sun set and sun rise.


This is the most sterile and organized campground I've ever encountered, overall, it isn't my style of camping. There are plenty of RV sites with full hookups, spots are organized so it is simple to get the right size spot. If you arrive after hours, there is a list of assigned and available sites for the night. Bathrooms are full amenity and very clean. The area is remarkable however. Good for road and gravel cycling and very photogenic.

Calm and isolated

It is absolutely amazing here. Plenty of space for disperse, primitive camping. This seems like a popular place for primitive camping, but it is so easy to find a quiet private spot. The Ajo MTB trails are here and there is OHV.

It Is What It Is

We agree with the previous reviewer’s assessment of this place, however, we decided to brave it and stay the night anyway because we needed hot showers and to get caught up on laundry and this place is very cheap. It is pretty run down but we did not feel unsafe here. There are dog running around loose so if you have a pet watch out for them.

This is the kind of park where you just have to take things for what they are. When we arrived, there was nobody in the office, so I left a message on the machine and we parked and waited (we did not have a reservation and had not called ahead). Eventually a friendly guy came out, said he was busy repairing something and apologized for missing our call. He directed us to a spot and told us to pay later and went back to work. The cost was$25 ($12.50 with Passport America). We never saw him again and the office was never reopened so we slipped the payment through a slot in the door. 

We didn’t plug in to power here, as our surge protector’s lights indicated an open neutral. There are loose dogs running around all over the place, and nobody seems to mind. People obviously live here permanently, and you can tell they have been living here a long time based on the happy chatter and greetings, especially when the work day was over and people started coming home from work. Two young entrepreneurs came and knocked on our door and asked if they could clean up the cement pad outside our RV, which was very cute. 

Early in the morning, around 5am, we heard people getting up and leaving for work, and later in the morning we saw kids on laptops all over the place, doing their schoolwork. 

The night was loud here, roosters crowing (all night!), dogs barking, trains, and cars. The sign out front said they have showers, but we didn’t see any. The laundry room was functional. 

Good cell service Verizon and AT&T. 

Sofia’s Mexican food in walking distance was delicious, and there are several other fast food options in walking distance as well.

Good flat campsites.

Darby wells Rd. Has some good dispersed campsites right off the road. With flat cleared out areas. There isn’t a lot of traffic along the road either. So I would recommend this for an overnight.

Close to Town, Lots of Space

Managed by Lower Sonoran BLM Field Office 

Very quiet so much glass and old rusted tin cans, possibly from when mining was active here. Lots and lots of shards of broken glass, it’s part of the landscape almost.  There are open mine pits, some fenced off, some not so be careful especially if you let your pets run free. Constant sound of planes overhead from the nearby AFB, with occasional low flying jets. Overall a nice place if you can get past all the broken glass, some areas worse than others. 

Not too many chollas but there are some road in. Alley Rd was flat and level, some washboarding, ok for any rig just take it slow. Coming off of Alley Rd to pull out spots could be tricky for bigger rigs. There were a few nice looking spots that we didn’t attempt in our 26ft Class C because the road up was too steep.  Deep dip on Alley Rd coming in, about 1.8 miles from where the paved road ends, we scraped our bike hitch both coming and going. At around 32.355867,-112.884902. Any rigs longer than about 26ft probably can’t make it further in than this spot if coming in from the north, or you can enter from the other side of the loop and come in that way.

Good verizon 4bars on 4GLTE, ATT had 2-3 bars on 3G, very slow.

Stay here and explore the town of Ajo

This is a cozy (read: tight spaces) park to stay in to catch up on laundry and get your RV chores done. It’s also nice that it’s in town and you can easily walk or bike out and explore the small cute town of Ajo(pronounced Ahh-ho, not Ay-ho). Keep in mind that being in town on a main road, this is not a quiet serene park. The noise from the neighboring auto repair business was extremely loud during the day, and there is car noise from the road outside the park. 

Rates per website are$28/night but it says they offer Escapees, Good Sam, AAA, or Passport America discounts(though they do not appear not the PA website). Passport America is usually 50% off so we expected to pay $14, however, when we asked about it they said they offer too many discount programs to keep track and they simply discount everyone to $25/night. So in other words, the rate is $25. 

In all the BLM desert land we have stayed in, we have never heard coyotes so loud and close as we did at this RV park. They seemed to be howling from all directions here. Watch your dogs here, though the manager of the park has a small dog that runs loose with him. 

Park advertises itself as being pet friendly, but there is no dog park or dog walk in the park. We walked our dogs out to the street to go potty to avoid them going potty in front of someone’s space. 

Our spot only had a 30 amp outlet, but judging by the number of large 5th wheels and toy haulers there I believe 50 amp is also available. Pull through and back in sites both available. 

Park has wifi and cable. 

Bulk propane available at $3.50/gal. 

Laundry room was clean, one shower under construction and the other was dirty- would not use. Showers were 2.5 min per quarter, or 4 quarters at once for 10 minutes. No change or soap machine available, quarters available from manager per sign. 

There are water and sewer hookups at each site, or there is a dump and water fill available as well. If not staying at park, dump is $7, water is $5, or both for $10. 

Large trash trailer bin available, as well as a can for aluminum and a can for plastic beverage containers. 

Good verizon signal, though cell service almost unusable in the evening due to high usage in the area. AT&T signal was weak but usable. 

Pro tip: the Chevron across the street has a little separate food service establishment in the convenience store where you can get pizza, burritos, breakfast burritos, fresh baked cookies, etc to go! The pizza was surprisingly great! IGA grocery store also in easy walking distance.

Probably Not

CAVEAT: As a woman traveling alone, I didn't feel comfortable stopping to ask questions here, much less stay, but your experience and comfort level may differ.

Gila Bend is a charming little bump in the road between Phoenix and San Diego. It has a very Mexican feel to it, with souvenir shops and a good old-fashioned carneceria, and is also home to the Space Age Restaurant, which some consider a must-visit.

This particular RV park, however, would probably not be your first choice of places to stay, even though the other cheap choices here would be the parking lots at Pilot (east end) or Love's (west end). Someone has tried to liven up the fence line with new bougainvillea plants, but in general the place looks rundown/slumlike, and is mostly fixed-in-place mobile homes, not RV spaces. There are one or two places where mobile homes have just been left to decay where they sit, and there was a large trailerload of debris outside the office that looked like it had been there for quite a while. Given that the beautiful and pristine Painted Rock BLM park is only 30 minutes down the road and about a fifth to a third the cost, I'd give this one a miss.

Great dispersed camping. The farther from the highway, the better it gets.

Great dispersed camping 🏕. The farther from the highway, the better it gets.