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Devils Kitchen is located in Canyonlands National Park in Utah
38.1359 N
-109.86 W
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Devil’s Kitchen

The Devil’s Kitchen is a “near” backcountry campsite. I say that this is "near" backcountry because the campsite is accessible with a 4x4 vehicle. Or one can reach it by hiking in. The main attraction of the area is of course a visit to the Devil’s Kitchen and the nearby needle formations in Chesler Park. The Devil's Kitchen is an natural alcove within some of the rock formations. You'll probably spot the latrine toilet before you spot the kitchen. Just past the latrine toilet is a huge rock overhang. Pass under the overhang and you'll enter the kitchen. It is an enclosed area shaded by the tall rock walls. The temperature and climate inside the alcove is cool and noticeably different than the temperature in the surrounding plateau area which is exposed and much warmer.

This is a backcountry campsite in The Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. This is dispersed camping so there are no services nor amenities once you leave the trailhead. Leave No Trace principles apply. WAG bags required. Carry in any water that you might need because water is scarce or non-existant.

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Secluded and Quiet, beautiful surrounding canyon walls

extremely tough drive and or hike in. ww took elephant hill road. this 4x4 is NO joke. high edges, steep cliffs, big boulders. tight squeezes. small wheel base lifted 4x4 preferred. we had an xterra, 08 runner, 03 tacoma (built) and 08 land cruiser. the cruiser had tough time squeezing through canyons walls. there was a section where you had to offroad backwards..wowz. wsooooooo glad to make it to camp safely. was so nervous through traversing the trails. took about 4-5 hrs to get through elephant hill road. arrived at Devils Kitchen camp 2 and 3. there are vault toilets at camp and pretty clean. took another 5 hours to get out through devils lane the next day. camped in late March, spring break week. temperature was chilly. 45 to 65 f