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Small tent or trailer sites

Great location along big hole river for fishing and hunting.Some rvs run generators all night long very rude, caused some tent campers to leave because of noise , I guess some people do not respect to space of others. This site is run by blm

and does not have hours posted or Regis posted as to noise.

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Butte, Montana

Cold, nice weather for hiking

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If you can, avoid it.

We stayed here in our TT with son and daughter-in-law, once we were able to find it. 30 minutes after setup, we noticed a horrendous odor coming through the campground. Strong sewer/sulphur smell, but the host couldn't find the cause in his 15 minute search, so he quit looking. Showers and restrooms were filthy; dirty, buggy, and hairy. Dog in the pool are. We bailed as soon as we could the next morning. This is the only campground (out of 6) we stayed at on this trip that did not ask us for a review, I wonder why………..

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Okay Campground, Great Hiking!

To me, the best part about camping is just being outside and also hiking! If the campground is mediocre but the hiking is fantastic, then its a win-win for me. This campground was "okay," nothing really special about it. It was clean, but a bit small. Thankfully we went during the late week, so it wasn't too busy. We honestly stayed here because it had the nights we wanted available and it was close to a few hikes we wanted to do. The campground, like I said above, is smaller but it was clean and well kept. We got in a bit late, and our campsite was tagged for us so we knew which one was ours. We got up that morning and did a great hike (can't remember name?) that was about 10 miles roundtrip. Some of the best views! Beautiful wildflowers throughout the hike, which I always love. The campsite is pretty basic, with a fire ring and table in your campsite. The table that was in our campsite was a bit beat up, we were a little afraid to all sit on it because we thought it might break! No water spigot, so definitely bring enough water and filtration system if you plan to do some hiking. We stayed here 2 nights, and did 3 different awesome hikes! Probably wouldn't stay here again, but definitely would come back to this area.

We didn’t stay

If you were getting ready to hike in from this trailhead the next morning it might be an okay place to sleep in your truck - or warily in your tent because there could be traffic. No picknic table or fire ring and maybe only one flat spot in the dense grass right by the river. It gets a lot colder in a riparian area at night. Decided to go to Big Hole campground instead.

Beautiful campground in a Montana State Park

This campground was a pleasant surprise. We had initially planned to camp at Glacier but were thwarted by fire and smoke. We booked this campground when we arrived at the State Park, no problem. The road circles the campground. There are five loops inside the outer road, with about 7 campsites per loop, and the playground and bathrooms in the center. The sites have electric hookups. We were able to fill our water tanks with spigots centrally located throughout the campground, but could not keep it connected. No sewer, but the bathroom is very convenient. The site was level with a fire pit and very spacious. The State Park was awesome. We went hiking and the cave tour was great. They have two souvenir stores and one cafe near the cave. We stayed there for 4 nights which was perfect for what we had planned. Would highly recommend.

Nice quiet campground in the Tobacco Root Mountains

Mill Creek is a nice 10 site campground along Mill Creek in the Tobacco Root Mountains. The campground is 7 miles from the town of Sheridan. Note that the sign in Sheridan says the campground is 6 miles away, however it is 6 miles to the forest boundary, then another mile to the campground. The campground features 2 double vault toilets and two hand pump wells for water. This is a well shaded campground due to the large fir and pine trees. In the mile between the forest boundary and the campground about 6 marked primitive campsites can be found as well. Between the 2nd and 3rd campsites is a short trail leading to a large group fire ring with four benches circling it. All the campsites have a picnic table and fire rings. Each site has a large parking area that can easily fit two vehicles. This is grizzle bear territory, food must be stored in your car or the provided bear proof foot locker at the campground.

Primitive campground on the Ruby Reservoir

The BLM's Ruby Reservoir is a disperse camping area. The only facilities at this campground is a double vault toilet. There is no signage on the highway to indicated the campground. After passing the dam look for the first paved turn with a stop sign on the right side of the road, this is your turn, the pavement will stop after a couple hundred feet. Lots of campsite can be found by following the web of roads once the pavement ends. Off road travel is not allowed. Their are no metal fire rings, all the fire rings in the area are made of rocks. Being a primitive camping area this is a trash-in-trash-out site, and you will need to bring your own water. This is a nice area, and I have camped here several times during hunting season. The fishing is decent as well. If you want to find garnets just head to the lake shore and start digging. Small ones can be found on the surface, bring a shovel and dig deeper if you want something decent. If you use a gold pan shake the gravel around for several minutes then flip the pan is the easiest way to find them as the garnets are heavy and will settle to the bottom of the pan. Site is free with a 16 day stay limit.


My family and I had such a blast here. We stayed at a different campground the last time we visited Montana and it wasn’t a very good place, so we definitely did more research beforehand and found that this place was a real gem and it truly was. The lake nearby was incredible. We spent a lot of our time here. We also found some amazing hikes that were less than 30miles away from the campground and they were incredible. Hiking in Montana is amazing and hands down worth it. I’m from Washington where hiking is perfect, but Montana gives it a run for its money. Worth the drive! The campground was clean and well kept. Decent size spaces which was nice. Lots of shade which was awesome!

Peaceful and spacious RV sites by the creek

We love this park on the south side of Dillon MT. Located in the neighborhood near campis you can walk to restaurants and the cite downtown area. The sites are spacious and level.

Get reservations to assure a site. Pull throughs or backins.

Wonderful Stay

Enjoyed our 3 nights there! Proximity to the Hot Springs nice, would have liked to see a little price break to use the spa facility. the sites were nice and large friendly staff

Great Historical State Park with two campgrounds

If you like history, ghost towns and camping then Bannack State Park is for you. Bannack Montana was the 1st Territorial Capital of Montana. The Ghost town allows you a look at how settlers and miners leaved in the early day of Montana. See the 1st Territorial Governors Manson (ok, small cabin). Almost all of building you can enter. The best times to visit is when reenactments are happening at the park. The state park has two small campgrounds, Vigilante Campground with 15 sites and one Tipi site. One of the sites at the Vigilante site is only for bikers. Vigilante campsites can be reserved. The other campground is Road Agent Campground. Road Agent has 8 sites. Both sites have Vault Toilets, water and trash bins.

Camp at Montana's First Capital

Camp at Bannack State Park, site of Montana's 1st Territorial Capital. Road Agent Campground is one of two campground at Bannack State Park. Bannack state park is a nice state park, see how the early settlers lived in this old mining town and former Montana Capital. Road Agent Campground has eight campsites with one vault toilet. Campsite sits among mature cottonwoods. Prices are a little steep, $18 for residents, $28 for non-residents.

Camp near a ghost town

Vigilante campground at Bannack State Park is perfect for those who like ghost towns. The Campground has 16 sites, one site is just for those arriving by bike. A tipi is available for $30 a night for Montana residents or $42 for non-residents. Sites are a little pricey starting at $18 for residents $28 for non-residents. Kids visiting the park can work on a Jr. Ranger program. Great time to visit is when they have volunteers dressed in period clothing. You can go in to and check out just about every building in the town. The state park has a second campground, Road Agent, near this one.

Very nice small campground

This is a very nice yet small campground. The campground has 5 sites, the best site is site 3 as it is next to the creek and has large logs around the fire ring for sitting on and enjoying the fire and plenty of flat ground for a tent or two. The campground has a hand pump for water and a vault toilet that has its own bridge leading to it. Most of the sites get plenty of shade due to the mature pines through out the camp. All fire sites have tables and fire rings. Site 5 has both a fire ring and a BBQ grill. The entire campground is paved including parking pads. Cost to camp is $8.

Quiet & spacious!

What a beautiful campground! Next to a Great Lake, lots of space & wooded tree area! We enjoyed a great campfire & only stayed one night but it was great & would have stayed longer if we weren’t moving on. We are in a 28’ camper. Very quiet and nice. Lots of wood for $6

Nice roomy campground

Lodgepole Campground is located about 13 miles south of Wise River on Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway Road. With the exception of sites 1 and 2, all the other sites are nicely spread out. Campground is fully paved, has two vault toilets and one hand pump for water, 10 sites total. Sites are $8 per night with a 16 day limit.

Nice small campground

Little Joe Campground is approximately 21 miles South of Wise River on the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway Road. Little Joe has 5 campsites nicely spread out. One Vault toilet serves the campground and the campground has a single hand pump for water.

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BLM Free camping Outside of Boulder, MT

I I initially found this on free campsites. Com. Though the official website is listed as BLM, BLM actually doesn't have Galena Gulch on their site. However, this is a clean and mowed campsite that is largely grassy field next to the boulder River. The mountainous and forested Recreation area surrounded it though.

There is plenty of space for RVs, though there are no hookups of any kind. There is no water and no electricity and no cell phone service. I have Verizon. I took a star away because there wasn't any water but added it back because it was free!

There were probably a dozen official sites that had fire rings and a parking spur. While there were a couple sizable rigs there, if your RV is so big that you must have a pull through, you will probably find this Campground challenging.

There was a large grassy area and another smaller grassy area that were simply open with no fire ring or parking spur. However, it was very easy to park on the grass and several people could pitch tents there if they wanted. I did this.

There are two side-by-side pit toilets and an information board in the center. They were clean and stocked. Once again, I want to emphasize that there is no water here. The boulder river is directly adjacent but locals in Montana don't consider any water safe.

There were multiple people there with their dogs and a great number of sites filled with RVs. At the time I was there there were only two of us tenting.

Your GPS will get you here, nearly. Take the exit it tells you and follow the directions. However, my GPS told me that I had arrived and I was looking at the boulder River on the right and houses on the left and no Campground. What you have to do is go up the road another hundred feet and follow the sign to turn right to Galena Recreation Area. This takes you on an underpass under the freeway and immediately becomes a gravel road that goes over a one-lane bridge. You can't make any wrong turn here. As soon as you cross the bridge you will see the campground immediately on your right. From the time you make the right hand turn to the campground it is probably a couple hundred feet.From getting off the freeway to the campsite is probably less than a mile

I was there for 3 night and it was full every night. However, the turnover seems high as it appears most people use it as an overnight on their travels, especially since there are not any services there. But it's a pretty area. Some people bring their ATV and use the dirt road that runs through the recreation Area to drive around. You can use that road to hike to , also the radon health mine is right up the road.

Bring water and food as you would have to drive 20 minutes back to Boulder to get services. Boulder's a cute small town with a few restaurants, a grocery store, gas stations and a very wonderful Hot Springs Resort.

Hot Springs and Primitive!

This campground is centered between a bunch of private land, but we are lucky enough to have found it. We heard about a hot spring called “Pony Potosi” in Madison County and that is exactly what it is. The campsite we chose required driving over a small creek, but no worries to those of you who don’t drive a Jeep or a truck- we saw people drive over in small cars with campers too! You have to hike about a half mile to access the hot spring but it is definitely worth it. On the way to the campsite is sort of scary in some spots but very beautiful. A narrow dirt road will lead you to one of the most beautiful sites in Montana! Here, you have the reassurance of other people around, but it is still very quiet. There’s also a lot of boy-scout traffic but they keep fairly quiet. There are sites on either side of the creek but we preferred to drive over. Great trees to hammock from, my friend actually slept in her hammock all night with no issue. Just the stars, a babbling brook and the moon all night! Highly reccomend.

Great campground for lake access

Clean campground and bathroom facilities. Most sites offer ample privacy and direct lake access. Great campground for 4wheeling base, but the attendant can be pretty grumpy

Great Time at Georgetown Lake

We had a great vacation in Montana. Campground was $15 per night, better than spending $40 in WA. First long trip with the new 3 Feathers MFG Pinecone teardrop trailer. We love Georgetown & Anaconda!


You can stay in a teepee. Excellent campsite right next to a ghost town.


The road is pretty long, and narrow. Not advisable for pulling a large trailer. Every time we have went there is only one other occupied site. The lake is for non motorized water crafts only. Perfect for first time swimmers. Very quite.

Quick stop in a quiet local

While driving across the country I was looking for a place to camp between Yellowstone and Butte, MT and this campground came up. It was a little pricey for my needs (just somewhere to stay a night with a shower) but I also didn’t get a chance to fully enjoy the park. The campground is in an open field with few trees near a large river and train tracks cradled by mountains. There are readily available amenities but few stores of gas stations nearby. The drive both in and out were incredible!

Beautiful all around!

This campground is probably one of my favorite places to visit in Montana. My family makes the trip from washington to Montana once every summer, since I was little. We have stayed here a few times because it is so pretty and great hiking!! The campground is pretty basic, but the views make it great! Each campsite has its own table and fire ring and is separated by trees from the next campsites. Sites are a little on the small side, but we don’t spend much time in the campsite because we are out exploring. Bring bug spray because the mosquitos are out of control! Highly recommend doing some hiking nearby! Great trails with beautiful views!!!

Great, easy, inexpensive National Forest campground

Located in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest near Butte, Montana, Delmoe Lake was a beautiful place to camp for a night. The area is popular with OHV’s and you will pass multiple staging areas on the drive up as well as many others camping along the way up to the campground. It’s a ~10 mile drive on a well maintained gravel road that is accessible from I-90 by taking either exit 241 or 233 (we're driving cross country so it was important to find some place that was easy to get to yet far enough away to feel like we were out in nature). There are two camping loops as well as a day use area. Sites cost $5/night plus $3 for any additional vehicles (we had 2 cars so it was $8 for the night). Sites include a picnic table and fire ring, and there was ample firewood left by others for us to use. Pit toilets are also available. We were here in late July and there were a decent amount of mosquitos. Echoing the previous review, there was a fair amount of trash around but it was still a pleasant place to spend the night.

Great for kids

Campgrounds are right by the creek, awesome 100+ year old buildings. Check out Bannack Days!

Great views, shade structures, and V clean outhouse

This campground is easily accessibale of the I-15 just outside of Dillon located on the Clark Canyon Resouvoir. It offers picnic tables, fire rings at each established site, trash cans, and very clean and not smell restrooms. There are also about five spots that have shade structures which we were grateful for in the July MT heat.

You can a panoramic view of the lake, access to beach front, and tons of different kinds of birds to watch. These sites are well maintained and free for 14 days.

Wide open spaces

Cool campground but extremely flat with very little trees to provide shading. Campsites are very close to one another and without trees or other shrubbery on campground itself, there's not a ton of privacy. Right at the base of cave, makes it a comfortable stay right before any cave tours begin. Convenient spot with power & water hook up.