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About Dream Canyon Campsites

NOTE: Campers who build any fires face fines up to $5,000 and/or up to six months imprisonment for open fire violations.

In any season this area is prone to very strong dry winds that can pick up a hot coal from a campfire that has lain dormant for as much as three days and ignite dry vegetation, causing horrific devastation. People from outside Colorado may not understand how tinder dry this area can be. 197 homes in this area have been destroyed by wildfires. All of these fires were started by humans.

Local residents overlook this area and if they see visible flame or smoke they will call the Boulder County sheriff. Any campers who require a campfire are recommended to disperse camp near Sugarloaf Mountain where fires are permitted.

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Dream Canyon Campsites is located in Colorado
40.0206 N
-105.3662 W
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2 Reviews of Dream Canyon Campsites
Great free site

No true “sites”. Good spot to spend the night if you’re traveling through. Good views and lots of hiking spots.

Easy Get Away from the City

This si the place my friends and I go to just for a night away from everything. It is just out of reach of the city and far enough away where we can find some peace and quiet. The views are incredible!

Lots of climbing routes nearby and easy to find some good spots away from others.