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Hayley K.
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Incredible on all accounts!

The fields and trails that are near this campground are phenomenal. It's a short (but steep) hike down to the Giant Sequoia Grove. The bathrooms are not maintains outside of the season and watch out for black widows in the corners of the bathrooms.

There are yurts and information stations about the fields and local flora and fauna! The rangers are incredibly helpful and sweet!

Beautiful and Serene...but out of the way

While staying at this site I spent most of my time at the petroglyph site down the road playing amongst the igneous rocks. There are over 21,000 petroglyphs to be found. It is a beautiful view of Mt. Blanca and the White Sands in the distance. The hosts are very sweet and full of amazing information. The sites were comfortable and secluded (at least when we were there). It takes a drive to get to but you really feel like you are away for major civilization which is very nice.

There are tent platforms that are a bit small and bathrooms. No showers or additional facilities but there is a general store on the main road to the campground.

Beautiful but Loud

We arrived here late at night after we found out that Zion Campground was closed. It was an easy drive in but the only spot we found to camp was right off the dirt road so we laid out our tarp and hoped for the best. While climbing into our sleeping bags someone had a drone flying over our heads just out of reach and kept it there for about an hour. We yelled to ask them to turn it off but no one responded and it just kept buzzing overhead. Then about 12 am another group came barreling down the dirt road and set up shop super close to us apparently not seeing our cars nor us and proceeded to blast music and yell for about 30 mins until I flashed my headlamp at them and one of them immediately responded "sorry!" and got the group quiet. They must have thought they were alone.

The morning came and the drone was back for about 20 mins till I spotted the people up on the nearby cliff and asked them nicely to respect our privacy. They respected the request and took the drone elsewhere.

The view was incredible! If it weren't for all the ruckus it would have been a perfect start to the Zion foot of the trip. But unfortunately it is hit or miss with dispersed camping.

Easy Get Away from the City

This si the place my friends and I go to just for a night away from everything. It is just out of reach of the city and far enough away where we can find some peace and quiet. The views are incredible!

Lots of climbing routes nearby and easy to find some good spots away from others.

Crazy Hippie Commune

This place is hilarious. The pools are awesome, and the retro busses outfitted as campers are rustic. It has showers, bathrooms, and a gift shop. It has a stage on site where there are impromptu bands and yoga classes that take place. I love the wild feel of the place.

Beautiful Views

The camp host was fantastic. I got here after hours (not knowing that they lock the gates at 9 pm) and she let me in and gave me a space to crash. I was only there for a few hours and it was easy to get in and out without waking everyone else up.

Busy but Beautiful

We stopped here on the way into Sequoia National Forest knowing the Kern River sites would be full. There were lots of families playing by the water here and it was nice to have our dog out and swimming for a little bit.

There is only one pit toilet bathroom so that was rough waiting for the line to go down. Kernville isn't far away so you can go to town easily to get supplies and food.

Quiet and Easy to Find

We pulled into this spot right around sunset and were greeted with friendly bats and open rv concrete flat spots. It had a beautiful view of the Funeral Mountains and was just East of DVNP.

No bathrooms or facilities and hardly any shade but perfect for a free spot right outside of the the NP.

Easy Escape for 3/4 of the year

This is our go to campground coming from Denver. It's only 1.5 hours away and it offers biking, hiking, and climbing galore. We love to come in the Fall when the Aspens are changing and we always find ourselves pretty secluded here. There are other people in the sites but we haven't felt overrun yet.

Breathtaking and Serene

We came out with a bachelorette group and the rangers were so incredible and helpful that they switched us to a bigger site when they found out there were 7 of us in a site that was stated as being big enough but due to the water flow. It was vacated after the mudslides so they had the "penthouse" available for us to move to. We were sleeping under the Redwoods but we were only a 2-3 min walk to the beach for sunset.

The creek was flowing at full capacity so it seemed like we were the only people in the campground because all noise was drowned out by the lovely flow of the river.

Fantastic Quiet Space

We had a large group come out to camp with 3 dogs. It was a HUGE space and we had it all to ourselves! We were less than 1 hour from Great Sands but we could see the dunes and Mt. Blanca. Sunrise and sunset were amazing from this view.

Directions to get here were complicated at first because it is so far off the road and we came in at night but once we found it, it was easy to find again and the directions made complete sense!

It was perfect weather for this time of year because it wasn't super hot but if you are here in the Summer then be prepared for no shade.

Fantastic Basecamp for all points of Contact in GNP

The camp hosts were incredibly friendly and accommodating. One of our crew arrived a day early to scout the place and ended up asking if we could switch to another site that was on Lake MacDonald. It was fantastic! The access to the lake was 20 feet from our tent site and it was serene and private on Labor Day Weekend. It was about 10 mins form Apgar Visitor's center and easy access to the exit of the park and Going to the Sun road. We stayed for 5 nights and barely heard any other campers. The campground is HUGE and there is ample space for spreading out.

Huge Campground with Scenic Views

This is a great site. All the spots are separated enough to give you privacy. It is near the beach that has the best sunset views and pace to play in the water.

Great site for Meeting friends

This is a wonderful campsite for meeting people and having a large group in one area. You can't stay together at a campfire but the turnoffs hold 4-5 sites so you can take over an entire loop if you're able to. The hiking from there is great and the scrambling is good for all ages. There is a great nature trail that takes you Skull rock that is right next to the sites and it is centrally located in the park. Perfect site!

Flowing River and Flowing people

Fairview is a great site if you just want a place to put your tent for when you are heading out for the day. There is little shade and the water is moving too fast to take a dip in the water. The trailer park next door frequently lets their dogs out of the yard and they roam around the sites covered in fleas. The camp hosts are very friendly and the bathrooms are kept up pretty well. The campground leads right into packsaddle trail which is cool for a nice challenging hike to a pretty awesome cave.

Beautiful Gypsum Sunsets

I love this campground for the primitiveness of it all! I was the only one fore what felt like miles. It was super easy to get a permit at the office and find a way into the dunes. The sand felt like heaven and the stars were incredible!.

Beautiful Green Meadows and Big Trees!

This is a stunning campground. It is just a short (very steep) hike from The Wheel Meadow Grove of Giant Sequoias. It is great for large groups of students and lots of opportunities for wildlife viewing. The trail going from the campground down to the trees is a great Mtn Biking trail. Loads of turns and beautiful views. The bathrooms sometimes have black widows so be careful! But the sites are great and there are even yurts if you are interested in that.

Tucked behind a hole in the rocks

I spend a lot of time in Joshua Tree and I haven't found a site better than Indian Cove for getting away from the crowds. Lots of hidden sites in this campground and loads of climbing and tortoises. You can even hike up Gunsight Canyon and come out on Boy Scout Trail in the park. There is a secret underground maze that only the rangers and experienced guides know about. Please don't try and find it without one of those people! Lots of people get lost in the beautiful rocks trying to find their way around.

Clean Campground and Friendly Host

We happened to come across Rainbow lakes campground in a google search of nearby campgrounds. Upon arriving during the middle of the week in the first week of July we found it to be completely empty and super clean. We met the camp host, Rick, and he introduced us to the area by explaining the trails and where to go for what purpose. He was incredibly helpful and the site was stunning. He even gave us free firewood in return for helping him with keeping the dumpster area clean. The lakes next to the campground are beautiful and the train is easy to follow. Lots of wildlife and beautiful flowers. He even came around to the Free sites and helped us put out the fires when there was a fire ban.