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Park keep rude


Great little lake!!

We take our Kayaks and spend the day on the lake. It gets choppy in the afternoon so be aware. The campgrounds are set among huge boulders and can be very private. There are bears but they seem to keep to themselves but don’t temp with unstored food. Tables, bear lockers,fire rings are at all campsites. Trailers and RV are mostly kept to the boat launch. Closed from October till May

A Beautiful Treasure

This is by far one of my absolute favorite campgrounds in the Northern California area I have been coming here since I was a child. I love to camp here the prices are a bit high for camping, but handicapped discounts can be obtained. My mother has used the disabled pass for years giving quite the discount its very much appreciated to those who dont get to wake up in good health every day and thankfully get a little bit of a break on the price. I use to shower and camp here alot honestly even when I was homeless. The showers take quarters and have hot water most of the time. The showers are very big its actually quite peaceful and nice.The shower rooms have very high ceilings with thicker glass windows way up high as well. Almost like a spa experience if you ask me. Although i did get hit with a cold shower one time here during the winter. Quite unpleasant haha. Another fun fact is the big sinks outside the showers usually have little frogs in them. There is also quite a large squirrel population, which the campgrounds ask you not to feed, because the population will get even bigger upsetting the balance of everything there. Plus our foods arent good for their teeth or overall health anyways. The lake itself is beautiful! If not camping overnight i love to get a day pass and just hang out on the beach! Its a great family friendly area. I suggest staying on the main beach with the provided lifejacket area if with children as the other rock areas near the beach suddenly can drop off underwater very deep. Before i was a mother i would camp and swim out here for weeks during the summer. There wasnt alot of people and im very happy to say not a party area thankfully this makes the campgrounds so much more enjoyable. I litterly was given a waring ticket one time here because a helicopter spotted me with a mikes hard lemonade when i was 25 which was then followed by rangers driving up to me on the beach. Annoying but totally understandable now as I am older i understand. And like i said way nicer without all the partys or party people and garbage etc you can actually relax and enjoy nature here now. Plus its much more safer. And obviously no one should be drinking and swimming or operating a boat as a few summers ago some men died drinking and driving a watercraft after being knocked unconscious when the boat crashed and drowning Very tragic and unfortunate and sad. The lake is very beautiful my grandmother said during her divorce to her husband that passed away from cancer she would come to the lake during the day and just watch the lake from the beach. Its also fun to explore during the dry months when the lake recedes you can find rocks and driftwood etc. Shells. One more tip. I did one summer go collecting wood for a fire and not knowing that poison ivy was common in this campgrounds ended up unknowingly collecting alot of it setting it in the fire pit and the combination of the poison ivy branches and smoke covered my entire body in a very itchy painful rash for a couple weeks i would not wish that on anyone i had to be put on medication at the er. But overall i would say this campgrounds is by far one of the nicest ive ever been too. And the lake access area makes it so much nicer. Also the safeway and jack in the box are relatively close to the campgrounds just a quick trip dpwn the road.

Probably the quietest RV spot i have been to

Coin operated shower very nice and clean bathroom clean showers.

Folsom lake Rv spot

Very quite camping spot very clean.coin operated showers😭 lake is very close by.

Amazing campground with hiking

We were here during the off season in early March, it was cold, but the campsite was comfortable with all the leaves on the ground. The bathrooms were fine, nothing spectacular. The real draw for this campground are the hiking trails that crisscross nearby and that lead you to the Chawse Native American cultural/historical area. They have rebuilt Native American style dwellings and have placards to explain how the native Americans would grind the acorns to make a meal for their food. All in all a great spot to stop.

Everything you need

As disc golfers, of course we love camping here, having 3 courses to choose from. But there is something for everyone in the family here, there is amazing fishing, boating and swimming. The campsites are mostly level with a shared water source every site or two. Restrooms are basic and clean, no shower. There were plenty of campsites to choose from this weekend, but in summer we’ve needed reservations. The wildlife is RIGHT THERE! We saw a tarantula near the tee box on 2. I woke up with 4 deer casually strolling through our campsite, a huge group of turkeys were cruising around the whole weekend.

love lake tahoe

Lake tahoe is one of the most beautiful place in California. There are plenty of state parks and campsites around the lake, but D.L. Bliss is one of my favorite. Its nestled right on the lake, but some of the campsites are a little further back away from it. My favorite part about this campground is that it was pretty quite when I went. Not a whole lot of people there. The sites are a little small, but very nice. The beaches are great too and secluded.

The campground has all the amenities you could need. Hot showers, clean drinking water, nice bathrooms, firewood for sale, picnic tables. There are hiking trails right near the campground and, of course, the beach. There's also tons to do right around the lake. Scuba diving, biking trails, hiking trails, kayaking, whatever you can think of really.

My favorite hike in near Lake Tahoe is defiantly Mount Tallac. If you decide do to this hike, be prepared. Its about 10ish miles, pretty strenuous, and some of the trail can be covered with snow depending on the time of year.

Also, make sure to always store your food in bear safe containers. The bears can get pretty active around here depending on the time of year.

Excellent lake access, beautiful, spacious campgrounds

Lots of space to spread out under the trees, easy lake access from all campgrounds, great for boating if that’s what you’re into, could be a drawback if you’re a long distance swimmer as there are lots of boats.

serene and peaceful

great hiking trail and camping spot away from civilization.

Amazing access to the High Sierra!

Awesome spot! Great campground right on a creek, access to high Sierra hiking trails that put you right up at high lakes, and friendly park rangers/station.

Family time in gorgeous spot with perfect weather

Some sites are without water and power but we happened upon G loop and found a great full hookup site, where deer and turkeys roam through. The washers/dryers are brand new which is great, there’s a dog beach and lots of water from pool to the lake to have fun, rentable paddle boats, canoes and kayaks. We’d return again, absolutely enjoyed no cell service!

Great wildlife and views

Pros: Great views on first loop and wildlife throughout! Lake is beautiful too

Cons: No cell service in any of the loops and WiFi isn’t great.

A classic

Right on the lake and excellent camp hosts (Michelle and her husband)

Well maintained, but busy and lacks some key amenities...

The 13 sites of the first-come first-serve Bayview Campground are part of the well maintained US Forest Service property located in a prime area literally right across the street from the Inspiration Point Overlook of Emerald Bay State Park and is central to several awesome hiking trails in the South Tahoe area. Two of the hiking trails which lead into the incredible (and uncharacteristically names) Desolation Wilderness to Granite Lake and Cascade Falls start literally behind this campsite. Because of these trails and the crowded Vista across the street there are hordes of people coming in an out throughout the day looking for parking, especially during the weekend. Thus, do not expect a quiet/secluded campsite during the day, it does appear to become quieter after 6 pm as less people are walking/hiking around and staring at you while you camp.

The campsites have a decent amount of room between them and are nestled within a grove of beautiful trees, giving you plenty of shade during the day and a great place to put up your hammock. The sites also have all of the basic camping stuff like a fire pit, picnic table, and bear locker provided. Note that these sites are really tent only (No RV will fit in here, maybe a small 5th wheel) and parking spaces are pretty small and can probably only fit one car (or 2 tiny ones) in most spots, about 20 feet total length.

Bathrooms are decently maintained and for the amount of traffic that makes its way through the campground, actually clean! (Might help that the vista across the street also has a few pit toilets as well)

However, there is no running water, so make sure to prepare for your camping and any that you might need if you hike out into the wilderness and the weather conditions because when it’s dry you can’t have a fire and there won’t even be any water flowing in the stream that runs through the campground to even get some water to filter/boil.

The fee is $18/night - 6/people (1 car, $7 for a second) and 2 pets are allowed. Great place to stay if you are looking for a convenient location right off Highway 89 and central to a ton of prime South/East Tahoe hiking trails, but lacking in amenities and extremely busy with day trippers.

great and family friendly

It has free showers there and the campground are awesome and you can camp right on the water. They have boat rentals and a fishing derby every year too. It just great and has a beach and they lake is nice size and has a store on site but confusing on operation hours tho.

Place to get away and enjoy nature

There is no cell reception and the Navi will not work so be prepared and have printed directions/map. The signs to get there are limited so keep an eye out and follow the paper plates with the arrows on them. You will eventually arrive to this little oasis. Once you cross the bridge you will hear the sound of the water as it flows over the multi colored stones that shape this gorgeous river. The water is crystal clear….but it’s cold! We stayed at campsite #48 which was very roomy and had plenty of space to accommodate 2-3 tents. The site was close to the water but you could not see the stream from the campsite. At night we could hear the water as it flowed over the boulders. Very peaceful! All the other campers were all so friendly and nice. There is a walking path that follows the river through the campground which makes for a easy stroll along the river with some great lookout decks. We saw a lot of small trout swimming in the river. To small to catch. We even spotted a bob cat as it was crossing the river at sunset. Only downside to our stay was the yellow jackets. We got swarmed by them anytime tried to cook. No Exaggeration easily 100+ jackets swarming our bbq while tried to cook our dinner. We got relief from them down by the water so following night made sandwhiches and had picnic by the river. Come to find out there was a hive located in a stump in our campsite. Had we have know before setting up all of camp we would have moved to different site. Only suggestion is to scout out your site first before setting up and bring some yellow jacket traps just to be on safe side. Would like to go back again and next time get site #50 as it was closest to the water. TIP: Visit Cooks Station before getting to campground. Great food and best deal on wood. $25 for six bundles. It is located off main road 88 and is not to far from the turn off to get to pipi which is omo ranch road. Once turn onto omo ranch road it is another 5miles to the campground.

Sugar Pine Reservoir

very kind grounds keepers. bear boxes at every site, and not too close to your neighbor. nice and close to the lake

Awesome and Uncrowded

Ice House is a great family friendly campground. The camp hosts are really nice and helpful. They keep the campgrounds and restrooms clean and ready for the next guests. The water is freezing cold all year long but everyone still gets in it to either ski or fish. On holidays the lake is never crowded, but the campgrounds are full. When our kids were young we were up there every holiday weekend. Great place to camp for all.

Jenkinson lake labor day

We stayed at the group site at the event center. It was more like clamping than real actual camping. At the event center theres a full kitchen and a bathroom. It was super clean and nice. If i had known that before going I would packed better for that kind of camping. The sites were mostly all at a slant so it was a bit uncomfortable in terms of the sleep situation. There may have been some that were on normal level ground but from what we experienced and the ones we mainly saw they were not. There was a nice pretty steep but short trail that led from our site to the lake which was gorgeous as we sipped on our coffee and the pine tree covered campground was a dream.

Gold panning!

If you ever want to experience the thrill of gold panning, and California history go here!

You will not strike it rich, but with a couple hours of effort you can get a nice little bottle of gold flakes to take home with you.

Campground “resort” caters to the cabin and RV crowd. Very pleasant, with a cool old bridge to cross the river. If it’s hot outside, you need to be in the river!

Ranger Review—Matador NanoDry Shower Towel & Nature’s Coffee Kettle

Campground Review

Loon Lake is a large reservoir in El Dorado county located in the Crystal basin. Boasting a large 52 site campground, Loon Lake is a great option for large groups, horses and boating. While the campground is large, it was quiet and peaceful-you’d never guess it was as large as it is!

Late July had the ground pretty dusty so be prepared for that but overall great campsites with decent fire rings. The picnic tables are a little worse for wear, so bring a table cloth. Water faucets for drinking/cooking water are plentiful and the water is cold!! The pit toilet bathrooms have definitely seen better days, so practice your hover stance and being hand sanitizer. Bear boxes at each site for food and large bear proof trash cans.

Product Review

I spent the hot afternoons out on my SUP and lounging around on the rocks and when it was time to dry off, I grabbed my Matador NanoDry Shower Towel—I opted for the large size and I’m glad I did because when I wasn’t using it as a towel, it made the perfect sarong! The fabric is buttery soft and dries you off like the most plush cotton bath towel would. When I was done with my towel I simply hung it up to from my hammock strap and it was dry within minutes (it was pretty hot with a breeze). This towel packs down so small into a little case that actually allows for the towel to dry if you don’t have time to hang it up. I’m so impressed with this towel, I’m going to take it on my next backpacking trip! Put Yourself Out There

Nature’s Coffee Kettle

We all know how important that first cup of coffee is in the morning, especially when camping. I was stoked to try out Nature’s Coffee Kettle for a few reasons: ease of brewing, no mess, quick clean up and reusable “kettle.” Sadly, when I went to pour my first bit of hot water into the “kettle” there was a gash in the side of the kettle and my precious coffee spilled out onto the ground. So unfortunately, I can’t speak to the functionality of Nature’s Coffee brewing method, but let me tell you-they make some damn fine coffee. Quickly, I threw the prepackaged coffee filter into my pot of hot water and let it boil away for a good 5 minutes and then let it “steep” for another 10. Great tasting cup of joe! The rest of the coffee pouches I’d received I decided to do a cold brew test on—threw the pouch into a mason jar and filled it with cold water and let it sit at room temp overnight—another great tasting cup of joe! And iced coffee definitely hits the spot when it’s 3pm and you’ve been playing all day!

City Camping

This campground to us is city camping. The spots are right next to each other and there are a ton of people. The only good thing it has is the lake. You can just play in the water all day and it is right there. If you want to be close to the water and don't mind people then this is the place for you. **the ice cream is sooooo worth it!! DO IT!!!

Small campground overlooking the meadow within the trees.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a bar any family, miner, 4-wheelers, motorcyclist, hunter or explorer would feel at home in. Has been referred to as: It’s as rustic as it gets, Norman Rockwell flashback, jewel of the Sierra, an anomaly on its own and my favorite Best Mountain Bar Ever!

Stop in for a drink or snack from the simple menu of Cold Beer, Soda, Water, Hot Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, Candy and Chips. The bar is old dates back to 1864 and looks it, THIS YEAR 2018 MARKING 154 YEARS, come celebrate with us. Bring a picnic use one of the many BBQ grills and tables. Play a round of horseshoes or bring a tent and stay the evening. Enough room and beautiful scenery for a wedding or group gathering.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin welcomes 4-wheelers year round. Snow never being an issue for the true winter adventurer knowing their arrival at the cabin will be welcoming and warm with the fireplace that’s always being stoked to dry the boots or little ones mittens. In the winter have the kids bring a sled or utilize one that may be hanging around.

In the warmer season stage a tent in the available campground then check out the local lakes, trails, and waterfalls.

When you visit be sure to bring one dollar bills, you will see when you get here as have the thousands of visitors from around the world.

Wentworth Springs Road is the traditional Rubicon Jeep Trail but the 4-wheeling doesn’t begin until the road reaches the old Wentworth Springs town site north of Loon Lake. A connector 4-wheelers route connects from the Lake to the historic route that is legendary among extremist jeepers. The historic “road” continues east until it climbs over the Sierra Crest and drops down to Lake Tahoe near Tahoma. In several places along the route, you can walk faster than the 4-wheelers can drive it. The annual Jeepers’ Jamboree is an ultimate driving experience for passionate 4-wheelers.

Stumpy Meadows Lake is the perfect location for a day trip or overnight camping in any of the three campgrounds. Great for boating (5mph limit), fishing, swimming or just a quick stop on your way to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Union Valley Reservoir located on Ice House Road is popular for all water activities, camping, hiking or bicycling on the paved route that skirts the shores of the reservoir between Jones Fork and Wench Creek campgrounds.

Loon Lake is one of the prettiest reservoirs in the Sierra Nevada. Campgrounds are designed for RVs, Trailers, Equestrian riders, 4-wheeler groups, tents or a bag on the ground. Trails radiate several directions from the lake.

Hell Hole Reservoir has to be a close in the rankings of great back-country reservoirs. The Hell Hole hiking trail along the south side of the lake is one of the best in the Georgetown area.

The Middle American River provides some of the best whitewater action of any river in California. However, the easier access is from the north and the Foresthill Divide.

The upper (eastern) end, that provides some of the most remote sections of the Auburn State Recreation Area in the Middle Fork of the American River, lies north of Georgetown. OHV routes behind Volcanoville provide access into the canyon that can’t be readily reached from any direction.

On the other side, south, of Georgetown is the Rock Creek OHV Area that is one, if not THE, best in our area. The huge area has well over 115 miles of trails, most of which are available for motorcycles or ATVs – but not 4-wheelers. Several trails are popular with mountain bikers and still others for equestrian riders. Maps available at the local Ranger Station located on Wentworth Springs Road.

Equestrian riders also enjoy the Dru Barner Equestrian Campground and the Donadlson Campground that attracts enthusiastic trail riders. Loon Lake also has an equestrian campground with popular rides leading into the Desolation Wilderness.

A hidden gem

This is a small hidden little gem of a campground. They have flush toilets and bear boxes which makes it nice for those of us that tent camp. Close to the water and sites have plenty of space.

Lake Jabu in Desolation Wilderness

Camping here is magical! The 5-stars are not for facilities or accessibility, as this dispersed camping experience is really in the wilderness. You can hike in for 6 miles each way (12 miles round trip) via the Echo Lakes trail, or park and take the water taxi ($12) to cut off 2.5 miles of the hike each way. You must obtain an overnight wilderness permit, year round. The permits have quotas enforced April through September. Permits cost $5 per person per night for first night, or $10.00 per person for 2+ nights (14 day max). Campfires are prohibited, so bring a camp stove. They are serious about no trace here, to conserve the amazing beautiful of the area. So pack out your trash, and bury your poop deep!

Crowded but good location

Crowded site in emerald bay, often filled with Jerry and his family. Not as expensive as other sites, good trail access and good attendants.

Close to the lake!

Beautiful campsite. Trees were pretty bare so not a lot of privacy from neighbors but a very spacious site. The campground is off of the main road so you could hear cars and motorcycles driving by. However, you have lake “beach” access and it’s a perfect spot to post up for a beach day!

Family, right at the water!

This was a really comfortable campsite! Bathrooms were single person with lights and a mirror! Lot's of families camping, but we were a group of 4 college age students and it was just fine for us. The families were respectful and seemed to be knowledgeable campers. BEST part about the campsite is that it's a 2-5 min walk (depending where your site is) from the lake!! Lake has the CLEAREST water, and if you go out 5 boueys to the left from the bouey furthest right right, you can see "TAHOE" spelled out on the floor of the lake with big rocks. Pretty cool.

Camping tradition

We love this campground in south Tahoe by Emerald Bay! We have come every summer for the last five years with my growing family. This year it was colder in June, but we still swam in the icy water.

This campground has beach lake access and the views are spectacular. There are accessible hiking trails on the premises and easy to drive to trail heads, which you can get to before the other summer visitors get there. We usually bring our rafts and hang at the beach all day and go back to our site and relax.