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    Last Chance Camp, Cheyenne

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    Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Rustic Ranchette (smaller Wyoming Farm and Ranch) with Dispersed Camping - No Office. Drive to the Prairie or the Shady Tree row and grab a picnic table of your choice. Message Christine when you arrive and depart.

    Exact location is displayed after booking for insurance and purposes. Please do not just show up without a booking.

    Check In 12-2AM Check out 1200ish- flexible! Late Arrivals are OK!, but! No calls after 9PM, (getting lost, does not constitute an emergency). All directions are given at time of booking, and there are lights with signage. Our house is Orange and we have 16 panels of Solar.

    Prepare to be Fully Self Contained and *Self Sufficient No Office to Check-in. Go to the Prairie and park at a picnic table. Normally, 1-6 parties camping per night.

    We Do Not have a dump station or hookups. This is Rustic, Primitive, Boondocking, Dry Camping. Whatever you call, "No Hookups", No Electric, No Water and No Dump Station. Although you can get water in your RV and fill your bottles. Dumping any sewage or grey water is Prohibited by Law and each carries a hearty fine of $500 dollars.

    ENJOY a Large fully equipped Community Kitchen, All water is deep well, fresh, cold, potable and very palatable. Outdoor shower (Seasonal, when the freezing starts/stops - Sept-June), One Large Community Firepit at the Kitchen, Internet and Camp tables. 20 acres of Prairie Land, Horses, Chickens, Farming and Gardens.

    Wander and allow your dogs and kids to run about - keeping in mind that we do have free-range chickens closer to the house. The back 10 acres is also available to run dogs.

    Our one dog Brandon is a black and white ranch dog that is super-friendly and smart too. The neighbor's dogs do not know their boundaries, they (including Brandon), listen to "Out" or "Go Home"!

    Short term 1 night = max is 3 weeks, must be fully contained with a Quiet Generator, 60 decibels or less. No Loud Gens allowed for more than 2 hours for charging batteries during daytime hours. If I can hear it in the house, I will be out to school you. (Gen off by 9PM on a 7AM).

    There is currently 1 Port a Pot on site dumped each Wednesday. Please guys and gals, don't piss on the floor. If you think you need to squat over the toilet, bring your sani-wipe and take a seat, no dribbles, that makes the place stink! CLOSE the LID.

    Please clean up after dogs. All trash goes in the dumpster on the way out. Kitchen TRash should not Contain dog or baby poo. Raking the ground free of ciggie butts and small wrappers is very helpful.

    2.5 Miles off I-25 - Look up Tractor Supply, Cheyenne.

    22 miles to Kurt Gowdy State Park where you can rent a kayak or go for a hike to the Hidden Falls, Vedauwoo (Vee dah voo) hiking trails. Check out the Bunk House Bar and Grill for a great food with a western experience.

    7 miles to Wyoming State Capital and the yummy Rib and Chop House, in the heart of downtown, Cheyenne

    3 miles to gas, 5 miles to Groceries and fast food

    2.5 to The Little Bear / The Brand Bar - the back of the Steak House. Local Beef n beer, great food!

    ASK about the Indoor shower at the Guest House ($5 bucks, includes towels and soaps, bring your own $3 bucks). Leave No Trace - Rinse Shower, sink, take trash with you, I cannot clean up after each person. Mindfulness is key to everyone's happiness.

    We also rent rooms in our Guest House, Horsebox Renovation and Guest House Lodging (Hostel Style). These are currently only available through another App starting with the letter A and ending with a B. See the main website, Last Chance Camp, Cheyenne for online booking.

    Let's Make it Great!

    Christine and Steve Johnson

    • Pets
    • Fires
    • Phone Service
    • Reservable
    • ADA Access
    • RVs

    $19 - $24 / night

    Camper-submitted photo from Laramie River Road Dispersed
    Camper-submitted photo from Laramie River Road Dispersed
    Camper-submitted photo from Laramie River Road Dispersed
    Camper-submitted photo from Laramie River Road Dispersed
    Camper-submitted photo from Laramie River Road Dispersed
    Camper-submitted photo from Laramie River Road Dispersed


    Laramie River Road Dispersed

    8 Reviews
    20 Photos
    612 Saves
    Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

    Located on the southern end of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range in north central Colorado, Rawah Wilderness was designated by the Wilderness Act of 1964 and now contains 73,868 acres. "Rawah" is a Native American term meaning "wild place."

    Elevations in the Rawah Wilderness range from 8,400 to 13,000 feet. The high peaks were carved by glaciers, resulting in spectacular cirque lakes and moraines. There are twenty-five named lakes, ranging in size from five to 39 acres. This high alpine area contains the headwaters of the McIntyre, Rawah, and Fall Creeks, as well as the Laramie River.

    The Rawahs are host to mammals such as elk, moose, mule deer, black bear, bighorn sheep, marmot and beaver. There are many species of birds including the red-tailed hawk, white-tailed ptarmigan, golden eagle, raven, Steller's Jay and a variety of warblers. Lakes and streams are inhabited with lake, cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout. Graylings are also found in this area.

    The Rawah Wilderness is very popular with summer backpackers, hikers and anglers. It is also popular with hunters in the fall. To encounter the fewest people, plan your trip for mid-week and use less popular trails.

    Always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep this area wild, clean and pristine.

    Motorized equipment, or mechanized transportation is prohibited, including motorcycles, chain saws, bicycles or carts. Wheelchairs are exempt. Group size is limited to 12 people and/or livestock combined. Camping and campfires are prohibited within 200’ feet of all lakes, streams and trails to protect water quality, sensitive vegetation and to help assure solitude. Thin soils and mountain vegetation are easily damaged by fire and fires scar rocks and soil. Use a stove, a fire pan or an existing fire ring when and where fires are allowed. Campfires are prohibited in the alpine areas above 10,800 feet. Campfires consume scarce vegetation and leave permanent scars on the fragile soils of the area. Pets must be on a handheld leash at all times if hiking. Equestrian riders can have dogs under voice control.

    • Pets
    • Fires
    • RVs
    • Tents
    • Group
    • Equestrian

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According to, the most popular yurt campground near Granite Canon, WY is Last Chance Camp, Cheyenne with a 5-star rating from 7 reviews.