Grace M.

Helena, MT

Joined July 2018

I love horseback riding, hiking, camping, cross country skiing, running, biking, and spending the day on the lake or river. I take any and every excuse I can to be outside, especially in my happy place: the mountains.

Fun area

Beautiful and fun area to explore.


I love this area. Highly recommend!

Amazing area

I absolutely love camping and hiking in this area, especially in the fall. Keep an eye out for the elk too! If you go the right time of year, you can hear them bugling. 😍

Love this area

Great camping and hiking. Often very quiet and not a lot of people.

Great hiking

An awesome place to hike especially, but good camping too. Climb up into the firetower if you get a chance too!

Family Favorite

I’ve loved camping and hiking and deploring Devils Lake since I was a little kid. Incredible views and great swimming and lake activities too!

Great spot

Another wonderful area. Especially love camping and hiking here in the Autumn.

A personal favorite

I have so many amazing memories from camping, hiking, and exploring all over this area. The best time to go (in my opinion) is in the fall. Not as many people and incredible foliage if you time your trip right.

Gorgeous area

Love camping here. Beautiful and quiet, you can go for hours without seeing another soul. More of a wilderness experience though, for sure. Not many bathrooms. 😉

First to Review
Pretty area

Lovely and quiet.

Beautiful & Quiet

Another family favorite. Whether you’re hiking to Midnight Hole (and amazing swimming hole where you can jump off the huge boulders next to a waterfall), or up to Mouse Creek Falls, or camping, or simply having a picnic and sticking your toes in the cool mountain water, it’s an incredible place. Usually pretty quiet and not too many people - except on the hottest days of summer!

One of my faves

Beautiful camping, hiking, and incredible views and overlooks. My favorite time to camp or spend time in Elkmont is definitely the fall.

Gorgeous area

I love this area for camping and hiking.

Beautiful & Quiet

Lovely area to camp and hike. Not as many people usually on this side of the park.

Nice spot

Lovely place to camp and hike. Usually very quiet and not a lot of people.

Great camping & hiking

Amazing place to camp and hike, especially in the spring or fall. The falls are beautiful, and it’s one of my personal favorite hikes!

Great campground

Beautiful, usually quiet, and lots to do in the area.


A wonderful spot. Especially if you come early.

Beautiful and quiet

A great place to camp, hike, and horseback ride - not to mention cross country skiing!

Party spot

If you like a party spot to camp, it’s a fun option. Often crowded.