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Hungry Hippie Campground is located in Minnesota
47.8131 N
-90.1815 W
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4 Reviews of Hungry Hippie Campground
HIGHLY recommend

I would HIGHLY recommend this hostle either for the private rooms, shared rooms, glamping or tent sites. It is INCREDIBLY clean, with such nice people.  It is a perfect stop off for a break on the SHT. It has a big shared kitchen with a fridge that you can store food in over night. My wife and I got one of the private rooms for the weekend, and we will definitely be doing it again soon

Best budget experience on the North Shore

I love Grand Marais- and it has been made even better by the couple who started the Hungry Hippie Hostel and Hungry Hippie Tacos(made with fry bread). I have stayed in the private rooms, I have glamped, and I have camped on their property. Staying in the hostel building(downstairs is private rooms, upstairs is communal bunk beds) is a wonderful option for those who want a nice climate controlled and dry setting, but on our last two visits we have opted to stay outside. 

Amenities: Last fall we opted to stay in one of their three Frost River Company canvas tents- both the inside hostel spaces and the glamping tents are reservable on airbnb.    The view is incredible from these tents, and you have your own little deck with two chairs to soak in the view from the lake. The glampground is far enough away from the parking lot that you will want to make use of the available cart (stored by the shower house) to transport your belongings to your tent. 

We chose to stay in tent#1, which is the furthest tent on the property. The reason why I chose this tent is because it has more privacy- the front of the canvas tents are just a screen wall and since the other canvas tents are in close proximity you might have people walking in front of your tent to get to theirs. This also means that you need to be extra prepared for cold weather since they are missing a fourth wall. Note that canvas can and will smell depending on if it has recently rained and the temperature. Don’t leave anything leaning against the side if rain is in the forecast since that will allow water to seep into the tent. Bring a small table with you since the decks just have chairs and not side tables. 

One important thing to note is that the canvas tents are currently set up with air mattresses- which means you might encounter the traditional air mattress problems. With the temperature fluctuations(it gets chilly at night on the North Shore, even in August) we experienced mattress deflation both nights. Jeremy was very prompt on refilling our mattress after our first night, but if you have a manual air mattress pump you might want to bring it for non-disruptive middle of the night refills(unless pumps are provided in the future). Another option that I wish we had pursued would have been just to remove the air mattress and use our camping pad. 

Dogs are allowed if you are camping. Dogs at campground are always a gamble- one night there was a dog that barked incessantly every time you walked past its campsite, so that was a huge deterrent to use the restroom facility at night since I didn’t want to wake up the whole campground for my 2:00 am bathroom visit. Charlie is the owner’s dog and is a lovely sheepdog- friendly but not really up in your business. Make sure not to feed your dog if Charlie is out and about to avoid any food issues, simply ask the owners to bring him in. 

The restroom for the campground is really nice, I would recommend wearing shower shoes though because soapy wet concrete feels weird on your feet. Outlets are available in the sink area which is great since there isn’t electricity at the campsites. 

The campsites are nice, level, reasonably sized, and offer different pros and cons. Site 1 is the most private, but you don’t have a view of the lake. Sites 2, 3, and 4 are the closest to the bathroom and communal fire pit and are on the smaller side, are less private, and the view of the lake is obstructed. Site 5 is way off next to the glampground and it has the best view of the lake of the campsites. 


This is probably one of the most interesting places I have stayed at since you are aware of the comings and goings of people, and the guest turnover is much more apparent and can shift the mood of the place. The guests range from young dudes looking to find girls on the superior hiking trail to retired couples who are obsessed with Grand Marais. Quiet hours start at 10pm and so far every stay here has quieted down at that time. Bring earplugs if you want to sleep in since a lot of guests are early risers to start their hiking trips and you will hear their car doors slamming if you are sleeping outside or you will hear them making toast in the communal kitchen area if you are in the hostel.

Weekdays are generally quieter, but weekends will typically see the hostel and the glampground completely filled, just something to think about if you are trying to social distance during this pandemic. Currently the bathrooms are cleaned twice a day and they leave the cleaner out if you want to sanitize as well. 

There is one fire pit in the front of the hostel building and one fire pit in the campground area, so take that into consideration if you want to prepare your meals in a fire pit or if you are trying to social distance. It would be nice to have more fire pits for the camp/glampsites since some people aren’t considerate with giving you your social distance space, and sometimes I just want to be able to have a fire without socializing(even when there isn’t a pandemic). While you are here you might as well go to Hungry Hippie Tacos in Grand Marais and get a brisket burrito:)

New primitive campsites at Hungry Hippie

Great new option to camp near the Superior Hiking Trail and all the North Shore has to offer. We camped here just a weekend after staying in a State Park elsewhere. The Hungry Hippie was so much better because it’s SO QUIET. No screaming children on scooters, no RVs running A/C all night. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The scenery is great, it’s open and rural, they have horses to watch, a dog running around, and Lake Superior in the distance. 

They have five campsites for tenting and a really nice bath/shower house. There is one fire pit and one picnic table for all, we were busy elsewhere and did not use them. 

We are stargazers and really enjoyed the night sky, it was nice and dark, no light pollution. 

This is a beautiful, quiet, affordable place to camp, highly recommend!

First to Review
Hidden gem with a great hillside view of Lake Superior

Kate and Jeremy run the Hungry Hippie Hostel. It has been two years since we last stayed with them, and since then they have expanded their lodging options to three Frost River canvas tents and 5 primitive campsites. These additions were accompanied by the construction of what might be my favorite toilet/shower outbuilding that I have ever come across. Oh yeah, they also bought Hughie’s Tacos in Grand Marais. I’m excited about all of this because everything is enjoyable AND affordable- this is a hard combo to come across in the North Shore of Minnesota’s private sector.

Private rooms and bunk beds in the upstairs communal room in the hostel itself are rented out through Airbnb. The nice thing about the rooms are that they are clean, climate controlled, and cozy. However, you WILL hear your neighbors even with your door shut. If you are a light sleeper like me you can forget sleeping in because someone inevitably will start grinding coffee in the common room. This is always fine by me because THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO ON THE NORTH SHORE and time slept beyond what is necessary for a day of adventure is time wasted.

This is why I’m excited about the Frost River campfire tents (Duluth Pack is the ubiquitous canvas goods producer in Minnesota- but not for long!!). They go for $59+tax a night and you have an amazing panoramic view from your little haven. The tents are located a quick walk away from the communal fire ring and the new bathroom building. Bring your own linens for a queen air mattress. I’ve attached a video of the bathroom which has three toilet stalls and two shower stalls.