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About Boxcar Canyon Boondocking - Lake Mead National Rec Area
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Boxcar Canyon Boondocking - Lake Mead National Rec Area is located in Nevada
36.121 N
-114.783 W
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Who doesn't like a FREE Campsite... But read the fine print!

As a budget travel blogger, you can’t beat a good find of a site. I tend to stray away from boondock camping because it isn’t really designed for the every day tent camper that I am looking to inspire to go on the road and try something new. Though I like primitive sites and will often do some back country camping, I also take into account that my followers don’t always. But this site was a bit different and made it worth checking out for my blog.

Free Camping usually doesn’t come with a functioning bathroom, but this one does along with lake access. So what is the kicker?? There has to be one right?

The first catch is free is only truly free if you have a National Park Pass, otherwise there is a day use fee which is charged as you enter the Lake Mead area. I have mine, so that means it was in fact free!! One of the only times this pass actually guarantees you any kind of camping related benefits.

The other, the road to the campsite is a little sketchy at times. When I went it was post a good rain which had settled a lot of the dust and while I was afraid it would have ruts from people driving out, it wasn’t bad, just a little washboard feeling. In a small car that carries very little weight I usually find these roads to shake and rattle me all over, however it was minimal so I made it down to the camping area.

This area is available to both tent and RV campers and is pretty open for those wanting to stay. When I was there I noticed there was no shortage of space available to me and I could select pretty much anywhere I want to be so I determined I would set up for my short daycation away from a couple of RVs which seemed to be traveling together.

I noticed that there were no other campers in tents but later after settling in and meeting my neighbors they told me there had been and those people had been a bit more noisy. I was happy to know that the RV group there wasn’t in that same mind set so it was going to be an enjoyable quiet time.

The outdoor space here is really nice. The beach is a mixed beach of harder sands and shells from when the lake used to be much higher and had a lot more life in the area. There are hiking areas all over Lake Mead so this is a great place to set your basecamp and move forward with adventures.


  • Bring a car if you are in an RV so you can disconnect and move around the entire Lake Mead area more easily. You can also look into a smaller motor bike, however these are not permitted in all areas.
  • Bring batteries since there is no power you will want to make sure you have lots of batteries for your lanterns and flashlights, this is a true dark space at night.
  • Get Your America The Beautiful Pass!! This is a park pass which allows you access to all national parks and recreation areas for one calendar year. They do have senior and military passes available as well but the standard pass is $80 a year. If you travel to even a couple parks you have more than paid for it in savings as it doesn't just allow you personally access but up to 4 people in your car!