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About Half Dome Village
$128.00 - $247.00
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Half Dome Village is located in California
37.7375 N
-119.5742 W
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7 Reviews of Half Dome Village
Love but

Absolutely loved it here minus them saying they’re were rats with diseases. Watch out with your pets. Otherwise it was an absolutely gorgeous place

“Glamping” in a magical place

Yosemite Valley is pure magic and Half Dome Village is no exception. It’s definitely more “glamping” than camping and the tents feel like cabins and are very close together. Bathrooms are nice and there’s a store, bar, cafeteria, coffee shop and pizza place to take care of your needs. It does have a bit of a party atmosphere at night as folks from other campgrounds gather at the bar/pizza spot but the tent area was pretty quiet (save for me hearing someone peeing outside my tent one night…). Dark at night, bring a headlamp or flashlight.

Biggest complaint is the price. Location can’t be beat but it’s so expensive for canvas tents that aren’t super clean and are smushed together. I love Half Dome Village but next time will probably camp elsewhere and shuttle in for pizza and beer.

glamping but with none of the perks

This place is good for giving non-campers a little taste of living in a canvas tent. It's not great if you are into camping and want to spend time in nature. The tent cabins are really close together so you def hear your neighbors domestic disputes, snoring etc. Walking around the area in the evening it is pretty magical feeling. +1 to whoever said to bring earplugs. Overall it does feel like a special place, and if I didn't love camping this would seem pretty sweet. Pizza place is always slammed do good for people watching. Support your local dirtbags and offer the climbers your leftovers :)

Way overpriced, dirty and full of people that have never camped...

***I start off by saying that the staff I did interact with were all very nice and it have a great mountaineering school with excellent staff and a nice camp store.

Also, this campground is definitely in a great location within the valley. However, for the cost you'd think they could do a lot more maintenance to these "tents". Similarly, not sure why they aren't all heated as they include a simple cheap heater that they could easily put in all of them.

When the campground is making about ~70K per night on the weekend you'd think they could easily afford to maintain the grounds. The tents are filthy, the bathrooms have graffiti in the stalls and there's no area for picnicking, fires, seating, etc. (things that you always get included at a standard campsite). My personal tent is way cleaner than these "tents" as it appears that they haven't cleaned out the dirt in quite some time…They simply (hopefully) just come in and change the sheets in between people and that seems to be about it.

Also, I can understand not having people cook/eat in their tents, but they should then provide a picnic area so you don't have to bus/drive to a different area of the park or eat all your meals in the restaurant (Another way they're making money) if you'd like to bring in some of your own food or sit around a fire and have a S'more. They do have a lounge with a fire place, so why can't they have an outdoor fire pit so you can actually be closer to nature? 

Stayed October 11-14th 2018 like another reviewer and couldn't believe how disrespectful so many of the other "campers" were during the quiet hours. People (not just the kids) were not only running through and disrespecting people personal space/belonging but they were up and extremely loud late into the night (at least 3am). Although isn't part of the reason to come to this incredible National park to get up early and explore the park? May people seemed to treat this "campground" as a party spot. People in true campgrounds are much more respectful of the others around them.

While, I'll definitely be back to Yosemite, I won't be staying here again.

Half Dome Village Tent Cabin

We went to Yosemite for our first time during Memorial Day Weekend. Thankfully we lucked out with being able to score a tent in the Half Dome Village. I think this was due to the 7 day minimum cancellation so there were quite a a few. Key is keep refreshing the page and keep trying all day.

Anyway, the tents were better than I thought! Certainly not as clean as pictured on their website but it's a step up from a camping tent. We flew to California so we didn't bring all our gear. The bad thing about the tent village is that you can hear everything- from a cough, sneeze, talking, whispers, snoring, babies crying, and a stupid jerk kid sobbing at 7AM for an hour. Bring some ear plugs!

The location was amazing - easy for beautiful day hikes. We hiked Cloud's Rest which was the most amazing, breathtaking view I've ever seen in my life. Really. In the Valley, you can find restaurants, groceries, and gear. There's also showers and wifi.

We prefer the solitude so we'll probably backpack next time or stay at a different campsite to try something new.

Yosemite is top notch.

Convenient and beautiful.

This campsite is great in that its conveniently located near a lot of the trail heads. Its definitely a bit jam packed with people, but that's also due to the increased population of Yosemite. I'm sure its overpacked everywhere.

While I was there, a fire surrounded the park making everything a bit hazy, but I can only image how beautiful the landscape would be on a clear day!

First to Review
Excellent location, close to shuttle to all the main trails

The location is perfect for all the Valley trails. There is a shuttle right outside. There are several campgrounds here. There is a space for tents and also a village of canvas tents for those who prefer glamping. For food there is a convenience store nearby, a restaurant and a pizza place.


Tent cabins are close together, you will hear your neighbors, bring ear plugs

Leave early, the trails get crowded very quickly

Lots of tourists so parking will be tight

Driving into Yosemite is horrible lately, especially into the Valley, CARPOOL!