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Decent hiking. Trails aren’t very difficult, pet friendly.

Super site!

We were right on the water (11 sites are) lots of things to do. We learned a lot and our youngest earned to Jr. Ranger Patch. Buddy sites to share. Lots of Geocaching!

Rude employees

Chewacla State Park near Auburn, Alabama was a nice place with some old architecture and nice mountain bike trails.

At the front gate the employee was so busy talking to his friend, possibly another employee, that he couldn’t be bothered to answer any questions. Then his friend felt the need to tell me make sure my dogs were on leashes in a totally snarky voice/attitude. When I stated my dogs would be leashed she said “yeah that’s what they always say”. That could have ruined the whole visit.

I attempted to have an enjoyable time exploring the trails and area and soon forgot about the evil female at the front gate. I really like the old bridges along the roadway and trails. I missed the falls :( The original CCC cabins are renovated and still in use.

The lake is pieceful due in part to only non-motorized vehicles permitted. There is a nice beach area with sand and pavilion.

The campground has an old showerhouse but it was in good repair. Not totally creepy at night. The sites are level and shady and depending on which site you get mostly private. The tent area sits between the two RV loops.

Bring your netting

White Oak Creek Campground, is in Alabama…..I obviously missed the State Sign when I crossed the border;)

This was a quiet, low populated area when we traveled through. I should say low people populated, the bug population was booming! Gnats and mosquitoes, I can see why the frog population is so high.

The lake had several signs denoting the presence of alligators. I didn’t see any, but there in lies the problem! I’ve seen to many National Geographic shows where the unsuspecting gnu gets grabbed while try to quench its thirst. So my dogs were not happy with me because they were not permitted in the water. There were people in the beach area and their kids were playing in the water. There were plenty of people out fishing too.

The campground was shaded and I liked the double spots available for people traveling together. Some sites definitely had more privacy then others. When you don’t reserve ahead you get what’s left if anything. The facilities were not new but they were clean and the park was well maintained. This would be a water recreation style camping trip but you could walk or bike the road.

Little Canyon

Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area is called Georgia’s “little Grand Canyon”.

There is no regular campground but there are 6 backcountry campsites and three pioneer group sites. We visited the pioneer site #3 with enclosed pavilion , grill, picnic tables and restroom facilities. Excellent for large group outings. Reservations online can be for specific pioneer sites. If you reserve a backcountry site it is not specific.

The Canyon offers a lot to explore. Realize you will have sand in everything by the time your done ;).

The Canyon was created by bad farming practices in the 1800 but it now offers some picturesque views. While your hiking the rim you will see some of the “refuse” left on old homesteads, (ie rusted vehicles).

Some of the canyons open up into barren “valleys” others have a LOT of vegetation.

There’s not much nearby so make sure you pack what you need the first time. Bug spray is a must and mosquito screen or netting.

I completed the Canyon Climbers Club this year and this was one of the four canyons to hike.

Secluded yet convenient

Even though you are technically within the city limits of Auburn, you really feel like you are away from it all. Perfect for camping with the Boy Scouts or just a day of hiking with the family, there is something for everyone here. Covered pavilions, fishing, hiking, camping, bike trails, you name it, there is something for everyone. My preference is to hike, but if camping is your thing, there are plenty of options, from primitive camping to RV spots. Try this hidden gem!

Quiet and Serene

This was our first trip to Kolomoki Mounds State Park. It was a beautiful quiet park. The walking/hiking trails are nice and relaxing.

The only negative was ants. Be sure to take ant spay with you for your camper tires, etc.

simple and sweet

This place has just what you need. Full hookups and a creek near it. The people that own it are very courteous. It’s affordable.

Beware of the abundance of ants

My husband and I stayed here in May. They weren’t very helpful at all when we got ants from them. They just sprayed even more chemicals that we already tried and called it a day. We had to leave 2 days early. We were staying here to celebrate our marriage with friends and family so we were already stressed. This wasn’t at all what we call a good time.

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Very large sites, on a cow farm, quiet and mostly full-timers

Each site is quite large, I’ve never seen such large campsites before. There is a bathhouse and two laundry rooms. It’s on a cow farm, and sometimes the cows get lose but are sweet and generally stay right by the fence anyway. The owners live on property and are very helpful. If you live there full time you can set up your space however you can wish as long as it’s neat.

Providence canyon

The trail started off through a small river, which also looked like a watering hole for the wildlife that lives there. The trail was eey clean with limited people on the trial, we only saw three the entire time there. This is a state park so they have 6 primitive sights with pre-constructed fire pits. This is a great trail for people starting out. The only downside was how many hogs we saw on the trail. We saw a prints and them off in the distance quite a few times, but the morning we were packing out we had to hogs on the trail that seemed pretty aggressive and made us turn around to pack out the other way. I knew there would be a lot of wildlife down there it was in multiple reviews, but the one thing I did not ever read was the viewpoints are only seen from a small section of the trail, I was under the notion there would be a spectacular view for more than half of the hike.

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Every morning for a week we were woke up by lawn crews for during our 4 night stay. Every morning at 8 at they were blowing off the roads, cutting random patches, and other things. The laundry facilities were very convenient. The shower house was clean. We had issues with ants.


This is a wonderful place to camp with kids!!! So many things for them to do. From climbing the mounds to the awesome playground. We love this place. The staff is very friendly and helpful too.

Scenic great hike

Lots of picnic areas mild hiking. This place is absolutely stunning. You can hike all throughout the canyons. The trails are not really marked but are easy to follow with the trail maps provided in the modest camp store. You can camp in the camp sites or even in the canyons if you pack in. It is a mild to moderate hike and usually a good many people around. The canyons are breathtaking and well worth the hike down to the bottom.

Game day camping

This is a popular RV campground for football fans coming to Auburn Games in the fall. There is very little shade and it is on a busy highway but up off the road a bit. Football fans are notoriously rowdy but this is a more civilized group. Close to the interstate and across the road from Chewakla State Park

Great for a weekend getaway

This campground is great for people that like to fish. Providence canyon is close by which is great!

Is this place still open?

I went here as a kid and the water was as frozen as anything I have ever felt. There was a great old home that served as a centerpiece but then I heard the sprig dried up due to increased development . I would love to hear what others have to say about this place

Backcountry spots available

This is known as the little Grand Canyon and has a few hike in spots. It's very far south so it can get really hot in the summer but a gorgeous destination in fall/ winter

Rent a fishing boat

This is a good fishing destination. Campground has a sandbox and playground but for a little more you can get a hotel room. Boat rentals available for fishing and close to the museum of wonder in seale, alabama

Avoid during football season

This is a great campground just off the interstate with great swimming, biking, and a waterfall. It has a lot of history related to Auburn University and is popular with students as well as past generations of students. But it continues to be a good family friendly destination. Flat campground with good services.

A must stop on the way to the beach

This is a gem in south Alabama with the most perfect cold water to cool that Alabama heat. The cabins are more like FEMA trailers but they have some sort of AC. Consider yourself glamping Alabama style and you will be fine

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Oh Deer!!! Everywhere!!

Was amazed at how many deer there were!!

Mini Grand Canyon

Definitely worth a pit stop! We didn’t camp but we hiked around the rim it was really neat to see, the Canyon was formed from poor farming techniques! There were also a bunch of cats! We stopped here on the way back from Pine Mountain, GA

Unique views and hot weather

Providence Canyon is one of the most unique areas in the Southeast thanks to its red and white canyon walls, a look far more akin to the West. While this canyon may be dwarfed in size by its Western counter parts, it is still a gorgeous area to explore. visitors can walk down into the canyon in order to see the red clay walls. The trails themselves follow creek beds until they reach the destination. With 9 separate canyons, visitors can explore the area for some time. Canyons 4 and 5 are certainly the most popular due to their larger size and great beauty. Along with the short trails around the canyons, visitors can spend the night in the back country of the park as well. Along a 7 mile loop, there are 6 primitive campsites, each with a fire pit, logs for sitting, and cleared out space for tents or hammocks. The hike in can be difficult due to the heat and humidity common in South Georgia. Also be wary of the bugs (many spider webs wIll be in the path). After spending the night, campers can complete to loop to get a handful of views from the rim of the canyon before making their way back to the visitor center. Over all, this Park has some amazing and unique views for this part of the country and is a quality spot for camping as well.

love it

Quiet and clean!!!

Small, intimate setting with decent trails and great history

We love this park. There are only a few sites, so even if everything is booked there is not a crowded feeling. The pads are gravel, so if you are tent camping, it can be difficult to get stakes in. The sites are well placed and easy to get into; both the pull through and back in sites. The staff drives through the grounds regularly to check on things and are very pleasant and helpful. The bath house and showers are clean and well maintained. There are several easy hiking trails and the Native American mounds and museum add some interesting history to any camping trip.

Bring Your Insect Repellant

I camped in a pop up, so it was a higher end experience than I’m used to haha

Be prepared for heat and mosquitos. It was a small campground, but still offered an enjoyable experience.

Mountain Biking!

As a first time mountain biker, this park was tough! There were several hiking and bike trails to choose from, and they were clearly marked. This is a great place to start mountain biking and there are increased difficulty trails for when you get confident!

One of Georgia's Hidden Gems!

We were looking for something to do this weekend and we decided to camp at Florence Marina State Park and explore Providence Canyon.

First off, Florence Marina is beautiful from the time you drive through the entrance to when you reach the campground! There's a boat ramp, fishing pier, a private fishing dock for campers and mini golf.

The campground is a bit small and some sites are close together but not too cramped. There is a camp store, located in the park, with many items that you may have forgotten to pack, as well as fish bait and fishing supplies!

The bath house (comfort station) appears to be recently renovated and is cleaned multiple times per day. The bath house has several showers, including ADA accessible shower stalls.

The campground host was constantly cleaning the bath house and picking up trash around the campground. The Ranger patrolled the campground on a regular basis, as did the Stewart County Sheriff's Office.

The only downside to our weekend camping trip was the gnats!! The campground host told us that the gnats aren't usually as bad, however, the recent heavy rain is the cause of them being so bad this particular weekend.

Other than the gnats, this is the perfect place to pitch a tent or set your travel trailer up!

Providence Canyon State Park is only 9 miles from Florence Marina and it is a must-see!! We spent Saturday morning hiking there before returning too our site.

FYI: There isn't much, as far as shopping goes, in the area so grab your groceries before you arrive! If you must go shopping, Eufala, AL is approximately 24 miles away and that is your closest large store (other than a Dollar General in Georgetown…approximately 16 miles from the park).

We have Verizon Wireless and we had 1-2 bars of LTE during our stay…sometimes our signal would revert to 3G and be painfully slow!!

Another perk, if you just can't go without, is the sites have cable TV connections…we did not use this service but some campers did.