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2H1 - Y.N.P. Backcountry Campsite is located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
44.9746 N
-110.4751 W
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1 Review of 2H1 - Y.N.P. Backcountry Campsite
2H1 - Y.N.P. Back Country camp site - camp in solitude

Site 2H1 is a five star back country site, 100% privacy and quiet due to the distance from the main trail and the proximity of Hell Roaring Creek and the Yellowstone River. The first thing we noticed on arriving to the site was the large collection of Elk antlers surrounding the campsite sign. The camping area is broken into three sections. The first is the area for you tents, located around a huge fir tree with plenty of flat ground to choose from. Setting up our tents were a breeze as the ground was soft and the stakes went in with out a problem, no pounding with a rock was needed. Down below the tent area is the cooking and eating area. The cooking area has several flat rock for placing your stove on and rocks and dead trees to sit on. No campfire are allowed at this location. To the left is the location to hang your food and a path to access the junction of Hell Roaring Creek and Yellowstone River to filter your water or give fishing a try(caught a huge cutthroat trout in a matter of minutes. This location is just beautiful. Rain wasn't a problem during out stay, there are plenty of large trees that shielded us from the rain while we ate our dinner. If you sit quietly you will notice a few visitors, several Yellow-belly Marmots live in the area, and will vent as close to 20 feet away from you. The marmots are fun to watch as they go along eating the vegetation in the area. Remember, this is a back country campsite, no outhouses and you need to pack out your trash.

Yellowstone National Park back country campsite 2H1 is located along the Yellowstone River Trail. Yellowstone River Trail can be reached from the Hell Roaring(2K8) trail head or Black-tail(1N5) trail head. Closest trail head is the Hell Roaring trail head. Back country campsite is located about 3 miles from the trail head if the ford across Hell Roaring Creek is possible. If the ford crossing is not possible due to high water then you will need to hike to the Hell Roaring Creek bridge adding 3.7 miles to the hike to the campsite. Campsite 2H1 is located 1.1 miles down a side trail from the Yellowstone River Trail. Being 1.1 miles from the trail means you will not have any visitors to your site as only one group is allowing in a campsite per night. It is a flat hike from the Yellowstone River Trail to site 2H1. The site is located at the confluence of Hell Roaring Creek and the Yellowstone river so you can't hike past it.

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