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About Wilderness at Silver Dollar City
Wilderness at Silver Dollar City is located in Missouri
36.6631 N
-93.3288 W
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1 Review of Wilderness at Silver Dollar City
Camping In The Wilderness Never Felt So GOOD!!

As a person who has been to Silver Dollar City more times than a I can count, I never realized that the theme of the park was echoed in yet another location of Branson.   It wasn't until I visited the Wilderness at Silver Dollar City, a unique campground located just beyond the property lines of the park itself, that I was able to see just how fun it would be to stay basically in the park but also in the wilderness.

Let me explain, you are not in the park itself, rather on the border in a nice shaded and wooded area with some massive improvements for comfort.    There is a pool for those hot summer days, very nice bath houses and loops for both RVs and tent campers.   But the theme of Silver Dollar City is most prevalently able to be seen in the vintage style cabins they have on the cabin loop.   It is here that you feel like you are truly a part of the park still as the structures closely resemble those within the many streets of the park.   You almost expect to see some of the characters roaming around doing their daily tasks such as cutting wood or creating amazing crafts.   

The cabin area is hands above the rest, the best thing you will find for vintage country style vibes in this area!!  They come in many styles and sizes to accommodate any family, and they offer a variety of unique features depending on the selection.    Something I did notice was they do have old rockers on the porches for that perfect night in the Ozarks all the while offering a modern grill on each cabin to make a stay here both iconic and convenient.   

On the main camping loops you find many sizes and styles of camping sites.    Larger RVs have elongated pull ins for their rigs with large side yard style spaces while smaller rigs have just enough room to pull in and detach so they can go explore.    Pricing reflects the size of the spaces themselves as it does with the style of connections or lack there of.

As a tent camper I noticed the camping loop for tents specifically was very quiet and located slightly away from the RV campers.   A large field separated the two and it made all the difference in way of road traffic and also camping congestion.   Not as many campers come here to stay primitive in the tent only area and it cut down on a lot of the traffic near restrooms as well.

Tent camping loop is basic with fire rings and picnic tables.   There are common water spigots placed for usage but otherwise it is no frills.    Camping here you can walk throughout camp but it is the furthest distance from the main areas for recreation.

Something else nice about this campground  is the access you have to the park itself.  A dedicated shuttle runs to the campground from the park to pick up anyone who is wanting to visit so you do not have to worry about finding parking or driving at all once you arrive.    You can navigate directly to the ticket counter from the campground without lengthy lines waiting for trollies or having to walk further.   Additionally staying here you have additional discounts in the park itself, so keep that in mind if you are planning a trip!!!