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Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area is located in Utah
37.0166 N
-111.5458 W
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43 Reviews of Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area
Beautiful views & experience - Noisy

Stayed 7/19/20 - $14/night

We setup just off the "main drive", between two bathrooms (12 &13) and next to a brush area.

BE CAREFUL IN THE SAND. It is easy to get your car stuck. There is a gravel path down the center, but non-4WD vehicles should turn LEFT on their way out, and not continue straight, beyond the gravel.

We had a sedan, so we took extra caution and setup camp further from the water.(Also because we didn’t want to be near people due to COVID). There was plenty of room to spread out.

We wanted to kayak Lake Powell, so afternoon setting up, it was easy to walk the kayaks down to the water and put in right on the beach. You might want to wear some type of shoes, the sand is HOT!! My friend burnt his foot and it blistered immediately. Although the views are absolutely beautiful, this campground is loud and noisy all night. Lots of ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. Cool experience, would have enjoyed it more being closer to the water and not during COVID.

13 bathroom areas with two vault toilets in each. (More than website says). Very little AT&T service.

Perception vs reality


  • Beach camping on beautiful Lake Powel
  • Close to numerous hikes and incredible destinations
  • Very fair price
  • Vaulted toilets, trash dumpster, dump
  • The lake is clear, cool and refreshing.


  • You will share the beach with 200 other campers. Weekends see very heavy use with RV’s and tents packed like sardines and stacked 2,3, and even 4 deep along the shore; weekdays offer a much more private experience but you will not have the beach to yourself, you will have neighbors. If you like privacy you can find it as long as you’re willing to find a site much further back from the water.
  • Do not attempt without 4 wheel drive, we’ve saw a dozen RV’s and cars stuck in the sand (the worst areas are the “roads” to/from the beach.
  • If it’s windy you are pretty much stuck inside as the blowing sand makes it unbearable. The lake really isn’t any better as the sand blows there as well. In almost a week we’ve been able to put our awning out twice for about an hour.
  • You will spend a lot of time cleaning sand out of your RV.

It is a unique experience and I would do it again, but know what you’re getting into. If serine and private are your thing I’d find another place, if you’re ok with the con’s you’ll have a great time.

Tenting can be great but we saw several tents blown over as well as several shade tents. Bring bags to fill with sand to use as anchors.

If you go, pause near the showers to watch others go up and down to find the best path. There is deep sand and big bumps.

Amazing views, lots of RVs and generators

This place was one of our favorites we stayed at while dispersed camping. We paid on Saturday June 12th $14, and our pass was good until the 19th. The following 2 nights there was no one at the booth so I think they may only charge on Saturday. Saturday night was PACKED so we couldn’t get a waterfront spot, but Sunday night we probably got the best spot on the whole beach. We parked on the far left right at the little cliff directly across from the Lone Rock. Since there was no one to our left we boxed ourselves in and it felt pretty private for how busy it was. The cons of this place is how busy it is and how many RVs there are with their god forsaken generators. Also that there were a few giant Trump 2020 flags which, I guess is petty of me to care but it’s annoying to see when you’re just trying to camp and get away from the world. pros are the waterfront views and there are bathrooms and rinse showers at the top of the hill where you enter. Last pro is that if you have an off road vehicle and keep driving over to the right you can avoid most of the RVs and generators. Which leads me to probably the most important point: DO NOT drive on the deep sand without an off road vehicle. We saw SOOO many little cars stuck in the sand. Some had to get towed by a tow truck. Others were lucky enough it seemed that some big trucks on the beach were nice enough to help them. We even saw one giant RV with a dude that drove all the way down to the right of the beach into the deep sand and had to have TWO big ass trucks pull him out. Just… don’t be that dude.

Amazing sunsets

I love primitive camping here. You camp right on the beach with the most gorgeous views. You’re super close to tons of amazing places like Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. There are lots of RVs and you don’t have privacy, but it’s worth it. Best to have 4WD.


This place is perfect if you have jet skis and off road vehicles and want to camp right on the beach for a few nights. Great access to the lake. It’s not too far from Page and there’s a gas station with supplies fairly close. It’s a great party spot, there’s plenty of room for big groups. If you’re looking for seclusion this is not for you. If you’re getting in late it’s great because you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a spot.

Ultimately Beautiful

Sandy Beach dry camping at its best. Great price and Beautiful views. Can't get much closer to the water. National Park pass works here. Fifteen minutes from lake Powell park.

Amazing views

Great spot will be going back. The views are beautiful. It gets packed, The toilets on the beach are not very often working and are mostly clogged up. There are toilets at the park and out side showers.

Beach camping

I've been coming to lone rock beach for years, its a good inbetween spot coming from canyonlands, monument valley and heading to Zion.    It is dispersed primitive camping and there are no trees so bring umbrellas and easy ups to protect yourself from the sun.   I do not recommend you camp at the beach if its windy unless your in any rv.   Be very careful where you drive it is sand and can swallow your car pretty easily, if you think your getting stuck stop immediately and dig out your tires.   Keep in mind if you are coming here on the weekend or holidays it gets very crowded and is known to the locals as party beach. 

There is water available and a dump station.   The water gets shut off in the winter months.   There is also vault toilets available. 

It costs $30.00 entry fee and $14.00 to camp.   If you have an annual national park pass the entry fee is free.

Beach Camping

First-time beach camping and loved it. I arrived at Lone Rock Beach Campground early in the evening after viewing the sunset at Horseshoe Bend. It was already dark, so driving there at night wasn't ideal as I drive over soft sand. Luckily, I have an SUV and a four-wheel drive. There are no designated sites as it is a primitive campground. Many of the larger RVs are parked along the shore with their noisy generators. I found a little spot next to the shore and was able to pitch my tent. There are no picnic tables or fire pits, but you may have an open fire within a four-foot square area. 

This campground does get very crowded. There are many boat ramps along the Glen Canyon Recreational Area, so water activities are very popular. However, there are no lifeguards on duty, so go in the water at your own risk. It didn't click to me why this place was called Lone Rock Beach Campground until sunrise when I actually saw a lone rock right in front of where I camped. It was an "AHA" moment. The weather was perfect the next day, as to suppose to the rain that added to the difficulty of getting to the shore. 

There were showers, toilets, and dump stations for campers to use. Pets are allowed. Page, AZ is about 15 minutes away if you needed to get supplies as there is no camp store nearby. The fee is free to get in if you have the America the Beautiful Pass but $14 dollars to camp there. It is a great location to camp out especially if you're visiting Zion NP, Antelope Canyon, Page, Glen Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend.

One for the books!

We lucked out with perfect weather! Drove in on my Mazda CX-5 got stuck more toward the far end while trying to scope out the whole area. I was able to easily dig out some sand and head back to the middle area. Parked the car about 120 feet from the water. Without issue. Unfortunately we were side by side with other campers but all friendly and no issues. Overnight camping permits cost $14 +. $30 entrance fee BUT if you have your national park annual pass entry is free:) 15 minutes from horseshoe bend and 1 hour from Zion. Gas up before heading to Zion when heading west the nearest gas station is 50 miles away! This beach is also doggie friendly