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We were travelling through in late September and the camping appeared to be shut down for the season. No one around and just a few back in sites for RV's. Picnic tables were in a grouping and not site specific. Didn't appear to be campfire rings.

Beautiful Area, but no campfires!

We had Bottomless Lakes on our radar to stop for the night as we left Santa Fe to head to Carlsbad Caverns. Looked like a nice enough place, but no campfires were allowed due to a burn ban (didn't even look to be rings) so we opted to continue heading south to see what we could find. Turns out not a lot as we ended up at the Carlsbad KOA, but it was an hour closer to the park the following morning AND they allowed campfires!

Ok but

Nice small lake,but has a Big Racoom troubles.

So cool

Camp ground is nice. Not much shade but the lakes are really cool to explore. Very nice facilities.

Tuesday July 9th 2019

It was hot but not much humidity. Only flies were a nuisance, not many mosquitoes or anything. Campground hosts were a very friendly elderly couple. Price was $14 a night or $40 a week. Older, reasonably clean bathrooms with showers. Water and electric hookups. We could not use the charcoal grills on our visit due to a no burn advisory. Water was cool and amazing, great cliff side scenery, we even hiked. Clean beach to swim at as well.

Kind of boring but not busy

We decided to take our girls tent camping for the first time here. Had a nice spot (D4) and some shade. Was too hot to stay the whole night so we went home. Saw some cool animals and had a raccoon raid the garbage can. Definitely will camp again..during the week of winter in January or February…

Nice place very beautiful

This is a great place drove up for a day. Nice open area to camp. Clean area and freash air it was great.


Friendly and helpful owners. Bathroom and shower just like home. Close to town and attractions.

Crowded and unkept

The sites are nicely spaced, close to the water, tables and shade. okay bathrooms and visitor center. It's a place that locals visit frequently. I went on a Saturday, both the campsites and lake were packed. There was litter EVERYWHERE. I usually bring a trash bag and pick up items along my hikes. Not something I could of done here. It's such a shame to see a beautiful park trashed. It made it really hard to enjoy the park. There was a hiking trail that went out the the other 'lakes'. Doesn't seem like anyone goes for the hikes, cause I didn't see anyone the whole time. The 'lakes' are just small murky ponds. Some have campsites next to them. Several folks have died jumping in the smaller lakes, so please refrain the urge! It's an okay place to stop if you are just passing thro and it's the only other thing available. I wouldn't recommend it as a weekend trip.

Loved it

It rained the whole 3 nights I was here in October, but that isn’t the campgrounds fault! It was beautiful and not terribly busy which I liked. I got the bejeezus scared out of me by what appeared to be maybe a bobcat walking back from the bathroom to my campsite—never saw it but it sounded like a crying baby?! Which, honestly, just made it all more awesome.

Awesome dessert site

Great views lots of trails and perfect for motorcycles or atv s

Clan and nice and quit

Watch for snakes

First to Review
Clean well maintained

Great fishing and camping right in town

Not a camp ground

Really cool place they supply alot of stock fish for NM

Rv oark

Not great but not bad kinda set aside from the city

Clean nice area

Nice place quit area

Storage parkinh

Sfe place to store rv s or cars

Clean in city

Rv park basically nice area buy the zoo

Clean and cool

Hot! Great place to ride atv s lots of sand and trails. Bring plenty of water

Dessert with a view

Watch for snakes

Very clean. Nice dessert atmosphere. Lots of water and places to adventure.

Summer is hot out here bring sunscreen. Watch for snakes as well but overall safe.

Fun group trip!

Super fun day trip with friends. You can rent paddle boards for cheap, and the water is surprisingly clear and blue. It’s a kind of oasis for people surrounded by dirt and cacti. Also have covered picnic tables to eat and outdoor shower heads to rinse of the salt water.

Great weekend getaway

Fun place to spend the weekend, we tent camped at D4 and it was quite and peaceful, great bike trail leading to the big lake too!

Just go, nevermind the UFOs!

Beautiful desert landscapes littered with deep lakes ranging from small to rather large. Public swimming area in one of the lakes, and it has saltwater in it… the water is ice cold and super refreshing, once you get acclimated to it, lol. There’s hiking trails, ports-johns, and RV hookups. Be ready for flies in the summer though. At night, make sure you take the time to see how many stars are really up there, because the light pollution is very low at this sight.

One of my Favorites!

A fun lake to snorkle! Not many trees at the sites. Great wifi with a booster (at&t and verizon). Pets allowed. A lot of places to walk.

My favorite place

This is by far one of my favorite places to camp. We got here late at night and the people were so nice, even willing to help set up our camp. The lake was absolutely beautiful the water was perfect we got to see a lot of wildlife and our campsite was really close to the water. The weather was perfect and we were only about 15 minutes outside of Roswell. Can't wait to do it again.

Interesting geography

Plenty of level sites, all within walking distance of the lake. Great wifi! Iffy AT&T service.


The state park boasts several lakes, a mountain bike trail, views, playgrounds in the day use area, and many campsites. There is a RV area at Lea Lake, which is half reserved and half first come. There are tent pads in that area also, showers and flushing toilets are there also. If you are tent camping you are missing out if you stay at lea lake, camp in the primitive areas around the smaller lakes. They are isolated, and have abundant wildlife. Vault toilets are nearby, nasty venomous spiders hide in the vaults but like all unpleasant creatures they dont like the light, so take a flashlight. If you come with pops you should consider footwear for them, the goat heads prevent them from going off road otherwise.


There are some really beautiful sights at this campground. Be prepared for a rocky and long drive in. You won’t have much signal and there might be an echo of voices from all the open space. The stars are great and the lakes are really neat. Lots of bats!