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About Vicksburg Mining Camp Interpretive Site

Vicksburg was founded in 1867 after prospectors from Leadville camping out in the Clear Creek Canyon lost their burros. The burros had wandered down the creek and when the miners found their pack animals, they discovered gold in the creek bed as well. In its heyday, Vicksburg had a post office, school, blacksmith, two hotels, two billiard halls, several saloons, a general store, an assay office, and a livery stable. Early miners packed in Balm of Gilead balsam poplar trees on the backs of burros and planted them to line the street. The trees still stand today and are watered by ditches leading from Vicksburg Creek into the town. The ditches were dug on either side of the street to provide a water system; wooden boxes were built in the ditches to keep food cold and provide water to fight fires. A daily stage ran from Vicksburg to Granite at a fare of 50 cents. Located near Vicksburg but dating to the 1930s is the Crescent Moly Mine and Mining Camp. However, the Moly mine was not a gold mine but was associated with the molybdenum boom and the nearby Climax mine phenomenon. Both Vicksburg and the Crescent Moly Mine are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A mile further down the valley Pine Creek empties into the Arkansas and evidence remains of prospecting and mining in this area as well. The Colorado Historical Society lists the Littlejohn mine camp on the north bank of Pine Creek: Located in the Pine Creek mining district, structures in the complex include a cabin, a burro shed/bunk house, a forge, and several related outbuildings. All date from the 1880s and are constructed of hand hewn logs with A and V joints. Low pitch gabled roofs were made of logs, mud, dirt, and grass. Such intact examples of early log mining camps are rare as many were quickly abandoned or replaced with wood frame or masonry structures. Harry Littlejohn, who acquired the property in 1920 and lived and worked there until his death in 1952, is credited with maintaining the integrity of the complex.

USDA Forest Service
Vicksburg Mining Camp Interpretive Site is located in PSICC in Colorado
38.9984 N
-106.3759 W
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Vicksburg Mining Camp is located 15 miles northwest of Buena Vista on State Route 390.
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