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Dixon Lake is located in California
33.162 N
-117.047 W
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8 Reviews of Dixon Lake
Constant miss communication

We really did try to make the best of the situation. The lake is beautiful but that’s all this place has going for it. There was constant miss communication with the staff and rangers. We got one of the tent sights and ended up about 25 feet away from a raccoons nest they are very bold and will try to get your food right in front of you. The yellow jackets come out during the day and we got stung multiple times. But truly it was the staff that was right up our back side the entire time making us feel like we were doing something wrong. The park host even came over at one point to bugs us about a paper not being posted that no one told us about. She asked in a condescending tone if we paid for the extra car we had with us and I said of course we did. Her tone quickly changed after that. That evening I hear my name being called with an authoritative tone it was the same ranger that let me in at 7pm the previous evening. He was scolding me for not going down and registering my camp sight. I in fact did go down to the guest service to let them know I was there and pay for the extra parking and got food and a boat pass. The next day around 11am buy a fishing pole and to all day fishing permits for the lake thinking I was going to be leaving at 7 PM so we have plenty of time to fish. At 1 PM a Ranger came over to our camp telling us we were supposed to leave by 12 pm so yet again more miss communication. I felt like I was being discriminated. If your a young family with crazy working hrs don’t go here they treat you like suspects.

Adequate Adventure

This was my lady’s and I first camping trip and it was memorable. We enjoyed the scenery and views from our camp location. We were at site 38 and we had a view of Escondido. The rangers were very helpful and accommodating. The only thing I would have done differently was go during the cooler months. Overall decent experience. Pros:

  • Nice view
  • Good privacy between camps
  • Helpful rangers
  • Clean campsite Cons:
  • BAD yellow jacket problem during this time of month (very aggressive and got into your food/face)
  • Critters heard roaming around campsite at night (either a raccoon or coyote came within 5 feet of our tent while we were sleeping)
  • No shade at most campsites Recommendations:
  • DO NOT cook meat during the day because it will attract a lot of wasps
  • Make sure to keep trash secured
  • Keep a light on over night at camp to deter critters
Hidden gem

Rangers keep things respectable. Lake is well maintained, good looking place. Nice camping, just do a little research, some spots have great privacy and shade, some less. Great views in the camping area. Stayed with my son, we had a great time. Bonus: No CA fishing license needed! Just the lake permit of $7 per adult. Big fish in this lake. Warning: Beware the Poison Oak. If you’re hitting the trails or fishing the bank, there’s a lot of it (June 2019). Also popular here is boat rental. You can rent a “motor” boat (really a trolling motor attached) for all day rate or half day. If it’s summer and weekend, you’d have to get down there early to rent though, they’ll sell out. They also have paddle boats and peddle boats.

Great but no fires

I first started coming here as a Boy Scout and now I life just 5 minutes away and my wife loves to come up here, sometimes a few times a week, to go fishing. I’ve camped here only once in the last few years because not being able to have a camp fire really takes away from camping to me

Great for hiking/camping

You can camp here if you’re a beginner at it! You can drive right up and park and camp! Nice beautiful lake to look at and fish. You must purchase a license, which they sell there for a few bucks. Bon fires allowed as well. Great for hikers, runners, and bikers! Dog friendly.

Dixon lake campground

simple campground. they only have a few sites. ive camped here twice a few years apart and nothing much has changed. you can’t swim in the water but you can get on a boat and go fishing.

Lake views & private (mostly) camp sites

This past Memorial Day Weekend, my family and I escaped the city to Dixon Lake for a 3 day camp trip. Dixon Lake is the perfect campground for newbies who want to experience the outdoors, but don't want to sacrifice the simple comforts of life. 

  • Super clean showers that are FREE! Leave your quarters at home! The water pressure is fantastic and it takes no time for the water to get HOT. Make sure you bring a shower caddy and some water proof laundry bags because there aren't many wall hooks to hang your towels or clothes.
  • Flushable toilets with drum roll SEAT COVERS!! If you've ever been camping, you'll know that this is a luxury that you probably won't ever see at any other campgrounds.
  • Relatively pretty harmless insects. There are the occasional ants and honey bees that hang around, but I've rarely gotten insect/mosquito bites in the 10+ times that I've camped here. Normally I'm a mosquito magnet.
  • Not too removed from civilization. It's an easy 15 minute drive to get to gas stations, large markets (Ralphs), shops, and breweries (pssst. Stone Brewing Co. is nearby if you needed to pick up a growler!) I like to set up camp when I arrive, and do all the grocery shopping at a local market so that we get everything fresh.
  • Fun activities for everyone. Just below the campgrounds is a very popular lake park. You can do anything from hiking, fishing, pedal boating, row or motor boating, picnicking, to bird watching. Just no swimming or wading in the water. Bummer, I know. But this lake is a reservoir so the park rangers strongly enforce those rules. The pedal boats are only $12/hour to rent (plus $12 deposit). Make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and umbrella with you. Yes, I said UMBRELLA! I'm Asian! There is no relief from the sun on the lake. You'll thank me later!
  • Concession Building by the Ranger Station. You can pick up bags of ice and fishing bait, as well as ice cream, popsicles, candy, chips, coffee, drinks, and some hot food items. How often do you get to enjoy COLD POPSICLES when you're camping?! It's such a treat for a hot day on the lake.
  • Amazing lake views with beautiful hills in the backdrop. Nothing gets better than this. Sunsets are spectacular here, and the evenings are full of shooting stars. My favorite time of day is at dawn when the fog rolls through the hills and over the lake. The Snack Stand by the Ranger Station opens at 6AM so you can pick up a hot cup of joe and soak in the still and calm of nature.
First to Review
Nice Secluded Campsites

Nice, well maintained sites. Very well taken care of. They clean the fire pits out etc. Some of the 40 series sites are very secluded and have excellent lake views. Recommend seeing the sites to get an idea of where you would like to stay prior to staying. Some sites are completely open to traffic.