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Top Dispersed Camping near Thatcher, AZ

43 Reviews

Searching for a dispersed campsite near Thatcher? Dispersed camping means that no facilities or amenities are provided, so that you can truly disconnect and get back to nature. Search nearby dispersed campgrounds or find top-rated spots from other campers.

Best Dispersed Camping Sites Near Thatcher, AZ (14)

  1. Camper-submitted photo from Haekel Rd Dispersed Camping


    Haekel Rd Dispersed Camping

    4 Reviews
    12 Photos
    31 Saves
    Safford, Arizona
    • Pets
    • Fires
    • Phone Service
    • ADA Access
    • Dispersed
    • Alcohol
  2. Camper-submitted photo from Tanque Road Dispersed Camping Near Safford
  3. Camper-submitted photo from Happy Camp Trail


    Happy Camp Trail

    22 Reviews
    77 Photos
    191 Saves
    Bowie, Arizona
    • Pets
    • Fires
    • Phone Service
    • Tents
    • Dispersed
    • Toilets
  4. Camper-submitted photo from Amigos Loop Dispersed Site


    Amigos Loop Dispersed Site

    1 Review
    4 Photos
    18 Saves
    Thatcher, Arizona

    You may camp outside of developed areas across most of the Coronado National Forest at no charge. We recommend that you stop in to one of our five ranger stations to pick up a free travel management map so that you are aware where vehicles are and are not permitted.

    Potable water, restrooms, and other amenities are not available at dispersed sites. If you choose to camp outside developed areas, be sure to bring adequate water or be prepared to purify any water source before drinking. No permits are required to camp in wilderness areas.

    The Coronado National Forest has a 14-day stay limit on all camping. Areas designated as “Day Use Only” are limited to posted hours, no overnight use.

    • Pets
    • Fires
    • Dispersed
    • Alcohol
  5. Camper-submitted photo from Tanque Rd BLM - Dispersed
  6. Camper-submitted photo from Black Hills Rockhound


    Black Hills Rockhound

    2 Reviews
    7 Photos
    62 Saves
    Morenci, Arizona

    This rockhound area makes a great day adventure for rock collectors. The principal attraction for rock collectors here is fire agate. Fire agate is a relatively new gemstone, only identified and formally recognized in the 1930s. It has the color play of precious opal with gem quality reds, greens, and blues.

    The desert regions of Arizona, southern California, and central Mexico are the only areas of the world where fire agate is known to occur. Although its origin is unknown, it is always associated with volcanic deposits.

    The site is open for digging by the public without fees or permits. Camping throughout the area is allowed for up to two weeks.

    • Pets
    • Fires
    • Phone Service
    • Dispersed
    • Trash
    • Alcohol
  7. Camper-submitted photo from Jacobson Canyon Overlook
  8. Camper-submitted photo from Clark Peak Dispersed Campsite
  9. Camper-submitted photo from Tanque Road
  10. Camper-submitted photo from Hog Canyon Camp

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