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Backcountry Campsite – Yellowstone River is located in Wyoming
44.9935 N
-110.5469 W
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1 Review of Backcountry Campsite – Yellowstone River
Camp along the Yellowstone River free from bugs

Yellowstone National Park back country campsite 1Y9 is a nice pleasant campsite shaded by trees along the Yellowstone River. You'll relax in solitude at this campsite due to if being a full day hike from the trail head and being a couple 100 yards offs the Yellowstone River Trail. The camping area like most of the back country sites is broken into three sections. The first is the area for you tents, located around a huge fir tree and juniper trees with plenty of flat ground to choose from. Setting up our tents were a breeze as the ground was soft and the stakes went in with out a problem, no pounding with a rock was needed. Upstream to the left of the tent area is the cooking and eating area. The cooking/eating area is a large area cleared of vegetation. We sat on the ground as their was no other option. A short distance from the cooking area is the area to hang your food for the night, this spot did have a nice tree to sit on, and several flat rocks if you wanted to cook and eat hear. No campfire are allowed at this location, but you could tell that previous campers had made a fire at the location. When we registered for the camp site at the Mammoth Visitor Center the Park Ranger said that they have had difficulties with people making fires at these site and then leaving them burning when they leave. So please do not make campfires at back country sites unless it is one of the few that do allow them, most like this one do not allow them. A small fishing hole is near the campsite behind a couple of rocks in the river. Caught a cutthroat trout and white fish at the location. Bugs where present at the campsite but compared to the clouds of blood suckers and flesh eaters we backpacked through to get to the site, this was a oasis where the DEET actually worked and we could relax with out being bitten. Yellowstone National Park back country campsite 1Y9 is located along the Yellowstone River Trail. The Yellowstone River Trail can be reached from the Blacktail(1N5) trail head or the Hell Roaring(2K8) trail head. Closest trail head is the Blacktail trail head. The Back country campsite is located about 5½ miles from the Blacktail trail head. Campsite 1Y9 is located a few hundred yards down a side trail from the Yellowstone River Trail. You should not have any visitors to your site as only one group is allowing in a campsite per night. As with all back country be sure to have a way to filer water, carry bear spray be prepared to carry out your trash, and remember there are no out houses out here.