Curran S.
Philadelphia , PA
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History and nature

It's a quaint historical area kept green and nature friendly. Good for biking and dog walking.

It's pretty nice

A lovely pocket of nature with some interesting features near the high rocks vista.

Absolutely Stunning, mind the goats though...

One of the most beautiful places on this Earth. Be mindful of mountain Goats. They're mostly harmless but keep food sealed away and don't get between them and their babys or they might get pissed. Speaking of piss, they LOVE it, something about the salt, I don't know, but they will, no joke, fight each other over your pee spot.

Nice place for the family.

It's a great place to take the kids for a night or two of lovely moderate hiking and outdoor experience. Except I don't have kids and the people I tagged along with didn't read the rules, so we brought a bunch of alcohol and had our selves a blast until the rangers showed up.