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About Pine Mountain

This campground is on the summit of Pine Mountain, near Pine Mountain Observatory.

National Forest
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Pine Mountain is located in Oregon
43.791 N
-120.943 W
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From Bend, travel about 20 miles east on US 20, then 8 miles south on Forest Road 2017.
4 Reviews of Pine Mountain
It was nice and quite!

Not a bad place, the ground is sloped but very doable for tents. The road is really nice and car worthy. I was on my motorcycle and went off the back south side which I would not recommend for a family car.

Great campsite, but watch out for the ground squirrels.

We stayed here for three days, two nights. We took our 4 cylinder Hyundai up here packed full, and the gravel road leading up to the campsite was well maintained.

The campsite itself was clean and beautiful. There were very few people using this place, so for the most part we were almost totally alone. There is no garbage service; Plan on packing your garbage out. There was one restroom with a vault toilet. No water either, so bring plenty.

The wildlife was beautiful. There were chickadees that kept flying up to us, and these really cute golden mantle ground squirrels. They are cute, but watch out! One will distract you pretending to be cute and friendly, but then there's another one or two getting into everything you leave within their reach. They will steal your food. When you catch them, they'll run away with their fat little faces full.

They never really run far away either. They have tunnels and nests everywhere in the campground, so they'll hide and wait till you're not paying attention anymore. BAM, THEY'RE STEALING YOUR FOOD AGAIN!

There was a sharp shinned hawk who kept coming by our camp. My wife thought it wanted our small dog, but I think maybe it was looking for those chickadees that kept coming around.

The night sky was beautiful. Whether you're an astronomer, or just a casual star gazer, it's worth the drive down here. There's an observatory run by a local University here, and they offer tours to the public on weekends. You can call and inquire about how crowded the site is, weather, and other things.

There were some noisy campers having a party who arrived on our second day. They were kinda loud, and they kept walking all over the campsite which kinda distracted from the whole experience, but for the most part we were alone. There were fire rings and picnic tables at all the spurs. Some of the spurs we kinda close to each other, but there was hardly anybody here, so that made up for it.

We didn't get any cell service with Sprint here. That's fine with me though, I'd rather not use my phone.

Overall, I loved this place and I will definitely go back.

Beautiful and serene. Out among nature's natural elements and lovin it!

Keep it clean. Bring trash in bring it out too. So then everyone may also enjoy.

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Sitting at around 5000 feet Pine Mountain campground has around 10 campsite

Entrance is free. The sites are strung through the trees and overlook the Badlands of Central Oregon's high desert. Cool temps in summer