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Alvord Hot Springs

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Welcome to Alvord Hot Springs, a unique camping spot near Andrews, Oregon. This place is a real treat for those looking to experience the rugged beauty of the Alvord Desert and the majestic Steens Mountain. The campground offers a mix of tent, RV, cabin, glamping, and yurt accommodations, so there's something for everyone.

One of the standout features here is the hot springs. These rustic pools are fed directly from the source, offering a blissful soak with stunning views of the surrounding desert and mountains. It's a great way to unwind after a day of exploring. Just be prepared to share the space, as it can get cozy with other visitors.

The campground has some basic amenities to make your stay comfortable. There are electric hookups available at some sites, and a small store on-site where you can grab food, drinks, and camping supplies. The staff are known for being friendly and helpful, always ready to offer tips on how to make the most of your visit.

However, be mindful of the wind. It can get pretty intense, with gusts reaching up to 60 mph. If you're in a tent, consider using your vehicle as a windbreak or setting up a windscreen. For RV campers, orienting your trailer towards the mountains can make a big difference.

The scenery here is nothing short of spectacular. The vast, open landscape of the Alvord Desert and the towering Steens Mountain create a dramatic backdrop that's worth the trip. Whether you're soaking in the hot springs, exploring the desert, or just enjoying the view, Alvord Hot Springs offers a memorable experience.

So pack your bags, prepare for some wind, and get ready to enjoy a unique desert adventure at Alvord Hot Springs.

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Alvord Hot Springs is located in Oregon

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42.54290240460719 N
118.53418076365125 W

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10 Reviews

Nicholas N.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jan. 7, 2023

Weekend stay at the playa

The camp ground was great. It has the basic needs for most camper trailers. There are a few sites there with shore power but I didn’t see any water hook ups. There is water there if you need to fill up jugs, tanks or water bottles. There is a single flushing toilet that is available for overnighters as well as small store with food and drinks for sale. The staff was very nice and helpful. Be aware of the wind! Our first night in our teardrop was pretty rocky. Almost lost our awning because the gusts were at or above 60mph. We talked to the staff and they said to orient the trailer front towards the mountains. It seriously helped a lot. If you tent camp, I would recommend some sort of windscreen or just use your vehicle to block it somehow. Overall the scenery is majestic and is worth the drive out there. 10/10

Month of VisitJuly
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Nicholas N., January 7, 2023
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Nicholas N., January 7, 2023
Reviewed Jun. 23, 2022

Perfect Entrance to Alvord Desert

This camp ground and hot springs is the perfect entrance to the Alvord desert. There are sites with and without electricity as well as bunkers if you don't want to camp. We were in a van and opted for a site with electricity. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area. Even if you don't stay here I would recommend using this paid entrance to the Alvord desert. They also have a small shop with food and camping supplies if needed. There is a rustic hot springs spot, which is very lovely. We used it twice during our one night stay. The second night we camped on the playa. I would highly recommend visiting the Alvord desert and at least stopping by this spot if you want to enter the playa.

Month of VisitJuly
Reviewed Oct. 23, 2021

Hot springs

Beautiful view of Playa!

Month of VisitNovember
Shay F.
Reviewed Jul. 6, 2021

Unique Hotspring Adventure

As I saw mentioned earlier, this is not for everyone.  The journey to get to Alvord was long.  We traveled Hwy 20 from Bend to Burns, 205 to Fields, Fields-Denio Rd to Alvord.  It was a long, very remote drive.  The road from Fields is gravel, so be aware.  Alvord is right off the playa.  You do get an access code with your stay to be able to drive out there.  We were warned to stay away if it rains.  It turns to mud quickly and you will get stuck.  The hotspring is pumped direct from the source.  It's murky, unfiltered, unregulated bliss.  There are two pools, so you have to get cozy with all the other soakers.  The wind was cold and fierce when we stayed.  I thought the trailer was going to tip over during the night.  We met a many nice people and had fun conversations.  Expensive for what it is, but certainly a memorable experience.

Month of VisitMay
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Shay F., July 6, 2021
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Shay F., July 6, 2021
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Shay F., July 6, 2021
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Rafael G.
Reviewed Apr. 21, 2021

Great little oasis!

I didn’t camp at the hot springs this time around, but last June (?) I did come and I enjoyed my visit. I wanted to come back to see this area again, and although I didn’t stay at the hot springs, I did stop at the front office to ask a few questions. The lady who was working was very pleasant-she was so accommodating (and also very gorgeous)! I’m definitely looking forward to coming back a third time, when I have a little more time on my hands to take a dip in the hot springs again

Month of VisitMay
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Rafael G., April 21, 2021
Emma A.
Reviewed Mar. 26, 2021

Nice Hot Springs in the desert but rudicoloualy overpriced hi

We made the mistake of choosing the Alvord Hot Springs resort for camping by the Alvord Desert. The place is basically a giant gravel parking lot with a few picnic benches and fire pits strewn on the sides. There is a single very dirty bathroom right next to the general store and no other services at all. The people at the store were friendly (but no one was wearing masks in COVID time). But the real issue is that the prices they charge are truly ridiculous for what is offered. The whole place revolves around the hot springs which are nice and have very hot natural spring water collected into two cement pools. It was very crowded and we had to go back to find a time there was less busy. With camping fee $40 for two adults and 30 for any additional adult, campers have unlimited access to the hot springs (which is $20 per soak if you are not camping there). They also charge $10 to give you access to the Alvord Desert floor. But there is few access road just a few miles south of the resort. Marginal cell phone reception on AT&T. Full menu of charges in the photo attached. Unless you are really into the hot springs, do yourself a favor and save yourself some cash and find unlimited dispersed camping just a couple of miles south of the resort.

  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Emma A., March 26, 2021
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Emma A., March 26, 2021
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Emma A., March 26, 2021
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Marc H.
Reviewed Mar. 22, 2021

Childish Joy

Not everyone may feel like I do, but I loved it. The hot springs are not fancy by any means, but 3 hours from the nearest from town (of 1500 people) fancy is not what one should expect. The pools are simple concrete with a ramshackle tin structure blocking the wind, and the cabins, if you rent one, look like the soviet army built them. I camped. It was cold, but the access to the spring, speeding at 120+ mph on the desert playa, and the majestic Steens Mountain peak towering above you, makes for an unforgettable desert experience.

  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Marc H., March 22, 2021
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Marc H., March 22, 2021
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Marc H., March 22, 2021
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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2021


The gal running the place was a gem! Couple friendly kitties and a pooch run around to greet you. Hot springs are nice and hot. Beautiful place. Late check-ins are cool and the are on an honor system.

  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Brittany P., January 14, 2021
Sarah W.
Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

Can’t rave enough

When I lived in Portland, I went to the Alvord desert three times... it is a 7 hour drove, but I wanted to see it in different seasons. Each time did not disappoint.

I stayed here twice of the three times because I was with a group and the $50 bunker was not bad split up. And this got us access to the hot springs... no brained.

It was also super nice to have a heater.. while this is a dessert, the winters are so cold.

The Steens range was just dusted with snow, so we were very lucky. It was presidents weekend for reference.

Bathrooms, but not showers.

The bunkers are old military converted into a living space. Small, but really fun to stay in.

Road is easy to get to. Dirt for a few miles off the highway, but super stunning.

Worth the long haul. Every time.

  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Sarah W., August 31, 2020
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Sarah W., August 31, 2020
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Sarah W., August 31, 2020
  • (11) View All
Pat S.
Reviewed Jun. 21, 2020

On the edge of the Alvord Desert

This is a fantastic stop whether you camp there or stay in the bunkhouses they have. There are 11 camp spots on both sides of the road. We were there in Apr. Tom the owner was manning the general store when we stopped in. He was great. He is very knowledgeable on the local area and his advice was welcome and spot on. He was very accommodating. He gave us some info on the nearby Pikes Creek trail and we were off. We came back after a 6 mile hike and soaked in the springs. The area is kept clean and the views of the Alvord have to be seen in person. It is a short walk from the camping area to the springs. There are two soaking pools at the springs. One is enclosed the other is open. The camping area near the store is basically a parking lot and there is one flush toilet for everyone. The store has all the basics you might need including ice. If you need more the Fields store is about 20 minutes away.

Month of VisitMay
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Pat S., June 21, 2020
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Pat S., June 21, 2020
  • Review photo of Alvord Hot Springs by Pat S., June 21, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to camp at Alvord Hot Springs?

Camping at Alvord Hot Springs can cost between $50.00 and $110.00 depending on the site.

What is the elevation of Alvord Hot Springs?

Alvord Hot Springs is located at 4035 feet.

Are fires allowed at Alvord Hot Springs?

Yes, according to campers on, fires are allowed at Alvord Hot Springs, although make sure to check current fire restrictions in the area.

Does Alvord Hot Springs have wifi?

No, according to campers on, Alvord Hot Springs does not have wifi.

Is there cell phone reception at Alvord Hot Springs?

According to campers on, Verizon signal is available, AT&T is unknown, and T-Mobile is available.