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On the edge of the Alvord Desert

This is a fantastic stop whether you camp there or stay in the bunkhouses they have. There are 11 camp spots on both sides of the road. We were there in Apr. Tom the owner was manning the general store when we stopped in. He was great. He is very knowledgeable on the local area and his advice was welcome and spot on. He was very accommodating. He gave us some info on the nearby Pikes Creek trail and we were off. We came back after a 6 mile hike and soaked in the springs. The area is kept clean and the views of the Alvord have to be seen in person. It is a short walk from the camping area to the springs. There are two soaking pools at the springs. One is enclosed the other is open. The camping area near the store is basically a parking lot and there is one flush toilet for everyone. The store has all the basics you might need including ice. If you need more the Fields store is about 20 minutes away.

Small and sort of secluded

This is a small CG right off the McKenzie hwy. Road 900 to the CG can be rough. The CG has 12 sites, some drive in as well as walk in sites. Sites have the standard picnic table and fire pit. Pit toilet was in ok condition. Mosquitos are in issue at least this time of year. Bring bug spray. The CG is also at some elevation so it might be cooler depending when you are there. Lava Camp Lake is small but it has fish and its would be a great place to bring the family. You will need a wilderness permit. One thing about this CG is it is right off a spur that connects to the PCT so I suspect there might be some thru hikers there later in the season. The parking area for the trailhead next door wasn't but there were quite a few cars there. Good place to jump off for the Dee Wright Observatory, Obsidian Trail, Mathieu Lakes or Black Crater.

Sweet CG close to town

The Campground is located off the McKenzie hwy a few miles west of Sisters. The sites are  shaded by the Ponderosa,  with quite a bit of room and a good distance from each other. There is water located near site 5. There are 3 vault toilets located within the CG and and the northern most one was in decent condition. There is also an adjacent day use area. This is a good base for exploring the sites and trails of the McKenzie hwy and surrounding national forest. You'll want to make a reservation for a weekend or if there is an event going on in Sisters (when those start up again). It is nice that the CG is so close to town so you can go in for a bite to eat or pick something up you may have forgotten.

On the western edge of Oregon

A campground the has access for everyone. Vehicles, hikers, bikers, equestrians all have a place here. 50 sites have electric hook ups. They are kinda close together but there is some privacy in between too. Only the group site can be reserved. Great hiking, beach access down a road, and a light house will keep you busy here.

High up where the antelope roam

This is a sweet spot in the Hart Mt Antelope refuge. Camping is free and is slightly dispersed into three different areas. As you come in by the hot springs and make a right, those sites are closest to the hot spring itself. Rock creek runs through right behind those sites. However the other sites to the south are very nice. We were there in Oct, the weather cooperated and it was a very nice time. Although it was kind of windy. We used the walled or enclosed hot springs around 9PM and had them all to ourselves. The water was clean, you can actually tread water and not touch the bottom in places. The temp was nice too. Right around 100 deg. I wanted to check out the more rustic spring but the wind kept us out. This is also a good jump off point for other sites like Warner Mt., Petroglyph lake, and Flook lake(weird designs you can see from the air). And the drive up is really spectacular, worth it to stop on a clear day to see the valley below with all the lakes.

A high Cascade wonder

This is a very secluded campground in the Mt. Hood National forest. It is located down a bumpy NF road. It has nine sites half of which have direct access to the lake. Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. There is one pit toilet that was amazingly clean when we were there. The sites are dirt but are quite lovely. They are all heavily shaded. When we were there the Rhodies were blooming. It was pretty beautiful. There are various trails in the area and you can hike to another lake to the north. You can kayak or canoe on the lake. We saw some huge crawdads but didn't bother trying to catch any. You can fish the lake. You cannot reserve sites in this CG. Bring bug spray in the spring and summer.

A roadside campground with river access

This is a decent campground right off the highway. You will incur noise from the cars on the highway, even on the sites closer to the river. There are some sweet sites to the right as you enter the CG with nice river access. The sites to the left offer little access due to the high embankment on the river. We stayed at site 15 and climbed down to the river. The sites are nice, you might be able to see your neighbors on some, others are secluded. If you have a big RV this might not be the place for you. There are a couple sites that might accommodate 18+ feet but it will be tough. This CG is very clean. The 3 pit toilets are kept very clean, at least while we were there. We gave this CG 4 stars because of Tom the campground host. This guy works hard, is super cool and very friendly. We got there around 12 on a Friday and Tom really squared us away, showed us the open sites and was very pleasant. Its a good place to crash for the night in between Central Oregon and the Valley or Coast. There are 37 sites here and you can reserve them on recreation.gov.

Desert oasis

Goblin Valley State park is located on off of Hwy 24 between Hanksville and Green River UT, This is a 24 site campground inside the park. There are 14 Vehicle / RV sites and 10 tent only. There are also two yurts to rent.  The campground is in good condition, Each site has a paved parking spot, four are pull through ADA spots for bigger RV's. There are fire pits, picnic tables, and tent pads at each site. There are also sunshade structures at each site. Note: be careful when you pick a site online, a few structures face into the afternoon sun, we chose poorly, we had to put up a tarp for shade.  There are flush toilets and showers located in the one restroom. There is also a pit toilets up near the yurts The park is super family friendly and there are a lot of areas to explore. So the CG will have a good amount of families and kids. That didn't bother us, we enjoyed seeing all the kids explore the goblins and rock formations near the CG. There is a big group site too which looks to cost $100 on the reservation site. There is a dump staion and trash dumpsters located across from the rest room. There are potable water spigots located throughout the CG.

The CG gives direct access to the Curtis Bench Trail and the Entrada Canyon trail. You can hike and Mt. Bike right from the CG to all areas of the park. Some notable hikes are the Three Sister, Carmel Canyon, and Goblins Lair, which is actually the Mollys Castle overlook trail.

Incredible views

This is one of two CG's in Dead Horse SP. They are within walking distance to each other. Kayenta is the older one. The hosts take really good care of this place. The fire pit and grill were totally clean. The pad with sun shade was swept and the gravel was even raked. The sunscreen was nice to have and the pad was concrete with the picnic table. It was all easily accessed from the parking spot which was paved. The tent area looked nice to but we didn't use that. There was power at the site and water available around the CG. The restrooms were some of the cleanest we've ever seen. You will need to get a reservation for this CG. It fills up pretty quick during the high volume seasons. The CG has trails leading right from the site to the rim of the canyon. You can do 5+ miles if you wish all the way up and around the point. Like I said some incredible views of the canyon and Colorado river below.

Bucket list CG

We have always wanted to get to this CG. It has been on the list for a while. This is a primitive CG at the north point of Capital Reef. The drive here either by Hartnet Rd or Cathedral Valley Rd is an adventure with many sites to see and check out. 4WD not always needed but nice to have. The CG has 6 sites, we got the first one on the right as you come in. It had a really nice view. Standard NP primitive site, picnic table and fire ring with a pit toilet within walking distance. The toilet was in decent shape when we were there. 

Timing is everything I guess, We were there in late May and the gnats were horrendous. Even with head nets you couldn't concentrate let alone eat or drink. The campfire drove them off but they were right back the next morning. We were going to stay here 2 nights but decided to move on. The night sky is amazing here though. Incredible.

The CG is within walking distance to the Cathedral Valley overlook (which has a picnic table) and the Upper South Desert overlook. Definitely worth checking out. Cathedral Valley is a fantastic place. You can launch out to the Morell Cabin, Cathedrals trail, and gypsum sink hole. All within 30 min from the CG. We came up Hartnet and back using Cathedral Valley Rd. Make sure you stop and check out the Temples of the Sun and Moon. BTW there looked like there was dispersed camping there as it is BLM land right before you get back into the park. Make sure you pack out what you pack in. And watch the weather, rain could make some areas impassable.

Dispersed campimg along Temple Mt. Rd

This is a cool wilderness area. It is state land in between BLM land.  This is an area between the Temple Mt. Campground East and the Temple Mt Campground a few miles NW. We reconned up and down Temple Mt rd. and the campgrounds. The dispersed camping seemed to be the best option for us. The two CG's in the area do have pit toilets but that seems to be the only plus. The East CG is super open and seemed like a staging area. The other CG had some ruins but was also open with no cover. We found a little space on the northeast side of the road back in a canyon that was nice. Only bad thing were the gnats. Last part of May and early part of June apparently is a bad time for gnats in the Utah desert.  

There are quite a few spots on either side of the road that are kind of established with fire rings made from rock that people have put together. You can scramble over the rocks and hike through the washes. Some attractions near by are the pictograph panel, Temple Mt. ,Wild Horse Window, and Goblin Valley SP. There are also antelope in the area. This is a good place to stage out of if you can't get a spot in the Goblin Valley CG.  Remember there is no trash bins so pack it in and pack it out. Bury your poop.

Primitive camping along a hot spring with grand views.

This is a fantastic place with huge views of the Pueblo mountains as well as the Black Rock and Pine Forest mountain ranges. Sunsets are amazing here. We have been here before this latest time. I was reluctant to review or ID the place because it is such an awesome place or it was anyway. The first time we came here in 2018 we had the place to ourselves for hours and then just one other couple showed up. This latest time there were 3 fifth wheels, 4 RV's, 3 trailers, various other tent and truck campers. It was super crowded. So i guess the word is out. It is on google and noted in various books.

One sad note was as we walked around there was a fair amount of trash and toilet paper. It was incredible how much human poop was just left on the ground in the surrounding desert. Total bummer. Bury your stuff!

This place is located a few miles off Hwy 140 near the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge. The hot water actually flows down a creek from the spring. People have used rocks to make various pools and courses. The water is obviously hotter closer to the source but the main pool is right around 98 to 95 degrees. The temps vary along the creek. The camping is dispersed and primitive with no amenities what so ever. Pack in and pack it out.

In OHV base camp

This Oasis CG is part of the Little Sahara Rec Area and should not be confused with the Oasis CG in Yuba State Park. We stayed here as a quick overnight stop on our way into southern Utah. And it was Memorial Day weekend. There were thousands of people here. We showed up, paid the fee at the main entrance and were lucky enough to get one of the last two actual campsites. The sites are not numbered. This CG is made up of 4 loops with approx. 85 actual paved sites. Each loop has two restrooms. The sites vary in size. Some can accommodate big RV's, some are pull through, and some if not most are ADA compliant. They have fire pits, grills, and picnic tables. 

There is also dispersed camping down the dirt road from the CG if its full. There is actually quite a few dispersed camping options as well as the other 3 campgrounds in the area. 

This is an OHV paradise, dunes, hills, and a large amount of tracks for dune buggies, ATV's, four wheelers, razors, whatever you have. It was fun sitting by the fire and checking out all the rides. It is noisy but that's to be expected. Mostly died down by 10pm. Most people had RV's and trailers for their rigs. The info said there was water available in two spots but we didn't see it. There were dumpsters for trash and a dump station for the RV's. No showers that we saw. That being said, the restrooms which had flush toilets and a sinks were in extraordinarily good shape. Very clean for the amount of people using the CG. 

If you have an OHV this would be a great place to spend a weekend or a few days.

High elevation CG with a view.

This campground sits at about 9900 ft. It had 37 sites when we were there in June 18 and we stayed two nights. If you stay in Great Basin NP this CG should be on your list. In 2018 you could not reserve a site. We got there in mid afternoon and got one of the last remaining sites. We were in 11 which was next to the pit toilet. The toilets weren't in very good condition, at least the women's wasn't according to my partner, which is why the 4 star not 5 star rating. It does get chilly at that elevation so bring appropriate clothes.

The incredible views, wildlife, and access to the upper trails in the park really make this campground an amazing place.  The views of Wheeler and Jeff Davis peaks are amazing and the night sky is brilliant on clear evenings. .

Each site has a picnic table, fire pit and were paved. There is trash cans and dumpsters available. The sites were fairly spaced out and most afforded a bit of privacy. The CG was definitely used and had some wear but was in pretty good condition. There is also water available.

We came purposely to hike Wheeler Peak and it did not disappoint. Amazing hike and views. We also hiked the Alpine loop as part of that hike. The CG gives great access to Stella and Teresa Lake. The Bristlecone pine trail is worth it too. This is easily accessed from the CG.

Note, this CG is closed for the summer of 2020. Apparently the NP service is making some upgrades and improvements.

Dispersed camping along the Burr Trail Rd

This spot is just before you head down into Long Canyon on the Burr Trail Rd. Approx 30 to 45 min from Boulder. There are various sites scattered around. Some have fire pits that previous users have built. There are absolutely no services or amenities here. Great views into Steep Creek Canyon. The weather was amazing but a little windy as its on a bluff. Check out Singing Canyon and Lower Gulch trail while you are in the area. Pack it in pack it out, make sure your fire is out.

Primative but a great location

This campground really exceeded our expectations. Its a typical primitive site. No water, bring your own wood, and a pit toilet. The sites and toilet were in pretty good condition. We were there on Memorial Day.  2 of the 5 sites were occupied when we arrived at approx. 1130 am and the other 2 were taken by 1pm. They are doing some recovery work at the CG and have put areas and trail between sites off limits. If you stay here, take the time to do the red canyon trail. The trailhead is on the west side of the canyon and the hike is worth it. Exposed for the first mile or so but great views of the waterpocket fold. Once you get into the wash there are amazing rock features and colors up the canyon. This is also a great base to do the Upper and Lower Muley Twist trails, Halls Creek or the number of washes you can hike. All in all this CG was not a disappoint and its sits in some amazing country.

Right on Paulina Lake

This CG is right on Paulina lake in the middle of Newberry Crater. There are 50 sites along the shoreline. They all have the standard picnic table and fire ring. We had the first site on the left as you enter the CG. It had a great view of the lake and surrounding ridgeline and Paulina Peak. It also allows for a wonderful sunset.

The campground is generally crowded. The sites are decent but you will have other campers relatively close, The CG is easily accessed by foot, car or boat. It does have a boat ramp. RV's / Campers can get into most sites. There are 5 Vault toilets, drinking water, no showers, no hook ups. each site is in close walking distance to the lake. The CG is accessible to various trails in the area including the Big Obsidian Flow trail. A bonus hike should be taken to the Paulina Lake hot springs on the north side of the lake. You can also get to the hot springs by boat.

First to Review
Good campground, easily accessable

Sunrise CG is located right of hwy 89 about 10 minutes west of Garden City.  The CG sits above Bear Lake. The sites are pretty spacious, heavily wooded with good shade. There are picnic tables and fire rings at each site. There are 27 sites available. There are no hooks or dump stations. There a vault toilets and no showers. there is drinking wager available. This CG can accommodate walk in tent camping to RVs. You can reserve some sites on rec.gov. 

This was a good stop that was convenient on the way through northern Utah. The camp host was awesome and funny.

Right on the Metolius River

This CG, like most on the Metolius is a hikers or fly fisherman's dream. The CG has twenty sites along both sides of the CG road next to the river. There are two vault toilets both with M/W. There is also water spigots located along the road. Each site has a fire ring and a picnic table. You can make reservations on recreation.com. There are also walk up sites too. However it might be tough on the weekends or during the summer to score a site. All the CG's along the Metolius are pretty popular. Stay away from site 7, its too close to the northern vault toilet.  The CG can support RV's, trailers, and tent camping. I didn't see any hook-ups for power, and there is no dump station.

The CG gives you immediate access to the river. You can hike the various trails leading up or down the river. The Wizard Falls fish hatchery is less than 3 miles away and is worth the trip. The Metolius is supposed to be tricky for fly fishing (the only kind of fishing you can do) but if you do a little scouting you will find a good spot. Most of the CG's were teeming with fly fisherman. You'll find rainbows, bull trout, cut throat, and Kokanee to test your skills. 

Make sure you bring everything you need. We brought wood and it was a good thing, the camp host was sold out.

No Frills Campground

This is a great out of the way CG with a fantastic hot springs close by. Definitely off the beaten path. Have a decent map. The CG has a vault toilet but no water. Sights could be tight or dispersed depending on how many cars are there. There are two areas to set up camp. There is the area at the end of the road with the toilet. This is near the hot springs and can support four or five cars. The other spots are located on the road leading into the campsite / hot springs, there are five or six sites close enough to walk to the springs.  These areas are mostly located on the west side of the road. There are fire rings previous campers have built but no dedicated ones. There are also two picnic tables. 

This is a good place to go to chill out and unplug. Make sure you bring everything you need with you, the fields store is a bit of a drive. The hot springs are well kept. They have a sandy bottom, relatively clear and not a strong sulphur smell. There is a hotter pool and a cooler pool. The divider is handmade. People take good care of the place. Make sure you pack out all your trash. This is a great place to soak, have a beer, and relax under the stars.