Joffrey H.
Phoenix, AZ
Joined December 2017
I am a GCU student in Phoenix, AZ. I love the outdoors!
Great Hike with cool Views of St. George

I was able to hike up this mountain near St. George and it was quite amazing! We got good pictures over the town and it was a great leadup to Zion. Very easy access to hike.

great place for hammock camping

I have gone out to Prescott national forest for some hammock camping many times and it has always been an amazing night! I have also gone tent camping out in Prescott and it is also great!

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Great Group Camp Ground Area

It hasThis is another great group camp ground area. I have camped as well as particpated in events hosted here at this campground. It has beautiful cabins and a large eating space.

Great Cabin for Church Camp

My church took my youth group from my church to this campground plenty of times, and it is a great place to hold groups from 5-30. Multiple cabins, various sizes.

Beautiful forest area

I have camped out here in various locations, and it is absoluetly beautiful. I love to hammock camp, and that is what I normally do when I go camping.

Good Hike

This is a good hike. It has some great views of Prescott and the surrounding area. I didn't get any pictures while on the hike itself, but I got some on Senator Highway.

Nice and plenty of space

Had a blast driving up to Prescott for the weekend with friends, and we got lucky that we got to have a fire since Prescott has had a lot of fire problems.

Very nice and plenty of space

This campground is a great place to stay for cheap if you want to camp out near the Grand Canyon. It was only 20ish minutes from the canyon and it was a great place to camp out with a few friends.

Great nights of camping

even during monsoon season, we got lucky and barely got any rain! it was a very clean and nice campsite, although the neighbors were kinda loud because of their dogs. I would recommend finding a site a little further off the beaten path so you have a little more privacy, but in all, a fantastic site!

Very Hot

This isn’t a surprise for anyone who knows Phoenix weather, however when camping at night in Phoenix with no AC, the night was honestly quite miserable. however, boating and tubing on the lake was a blast and it made up for the heat experienced at night!

Great Hiking and Hammock Camping

I got to tryout my new hammock setup, and although it was very chilly at night, I was a great testing ground for my new gear!

A bit of a drive, but a fantastic time!

A group of college friends and myself stayed right outside of Joshua Tree and camped for a few nights. Although it was a bit chilly, I had the best sleep of my life, and was able to sleep right under the stars on crash pads, no tents! We went climbing and hiking, and was truly a great trip!

Beautiful Lake Area

I loved camping at Lynx lake due to the fantastic scenery and hiking trails that surround the lake.

Prescott Dells

Watson Lake is surrounded with great climbing areas, as well as beautiful hiking trails and fantastic photography spots!